It is going to take a long time to deal with the guilty

As expected Covid 19 has become one of the central issues in the US presidential election.  The Democrats are hoping to convince voters that Donald Trump’s past actions led to higher deaths and that his current actions are ineffective.  Joe Biden claimed that if Trump had acted just one week earlier no one in the US would have died of Covid.  That is a very outlandish claim; if there was even one honest journalist in the world, they would have asked these 2 follow up questions

1                     Which countries enacted restrictions sooner the US?

2                     How many of those countries have 0 covid deaths?

Of course, there is no such thing as an honest Journalist so that did not happen.  I am told that there were 2 honest Journalists admitted to the arc but since one was actually a male identifying as female they were unable to reproduce and honest Journalism was wiped out by the flood thousands of years ago.

The dishonest Journalists that we are left to contend with have done a masterful job of keeping the Covid panic alive.  They were so successful that Donald Trump was dragged reluctantly into the madness; at times even appearing on camera wearing a mask.  The deceitful nature of the media has served Joe Biden well.  Joe Biden has been a politician for his entire adult life, 47 years now.  The only time during that period that he has not been in Government is the last 3.5 years that Donald Trump has been president.  In 47 years Joe Biden has done the same thing as nearly every other western politician during that time; absolutely nothing other than enrich himself, his family, and his friends. It is Difficult for Joe Biden to campaign on issues that existed prior to 2016.  It would be laughable for him to say he will solve those problems now when he did nothing about them for over 40 years, 8 of which he was second in command.  Joe Biden desperately needs Covid 19 because it is the only issue he has not failed at it yet.

Since the media has succeeded in making Covid a campaign issue, both sides must have a Covid 19 plan as part of their platform.  Trump is touting his efforts to make a vaccine available in record time.  Joe Biden says that he will make all Americans wear a veil mask.  Joe is convinced that if every day looks like Halloween the virus will get confused and stop making people sick.  In November Americans get to choose between vaccines or masks.  No one is offering a 3rd option of not wasting any more money on testing and just get on with life.  Americans must choose between the lesser of 2 evils. 

Joe Biden has an uphill battle on his hands because the public has been told for decades how important Vaccines are and just months ago they were being told that masks did not work.  It has only been quite recently that masks have been promoted as a cure for everything and delightful little devices during foreplay.  The Director of the CDC saw the problem immediately and jumped into the fray to give Joe a helping hand.  The video below is him touting how masks are more effective than vaccines.

In a desperate attempt to get rid of Donald Trump, this deceitful waste of human flesh is using his pulpit as head of a major health organization to implore people to be anti-vaxers.  After decades of being told about the absolute effectiveness of vaccines, and laws mandating that we get vaccinated, the CDC is now claiming that vaccines are far less effective than a piece of cloth.  I need to check to see how high the life expectancy is for Muslim women; they must live well past 150.

Why is the CDC so willing to go out on a limb, they may never be able to get back from, to help Joe Biden?  Let me Jump to the answer before I get to the explanation.  The CDC is concerned that if Donald Trump gets elected that there might be repercussions when the CDCs involvement with Corona Virus development comes to light.  With Joe Biden they know it will never become known and they won’t have to worry about possible criminal prosecution.

A couple days ago I mentioned a debate my brother and I are having.  He does not think I am concerned enough about the origins of the virus.  My brother has always been reluctant to accept the wisdom of his older brother, so he was not about to give up on this one.  He sent me a couple of videos of an interview.  The person who was being interviewed brought up some very interesting points and dates.  The CDC patented the corona virus in 2007.  You can find the patent document here

This is very curious since the CDC was able to patent something that technically can’t be patented.  The US courts do not allow patents to be issued for things that occur naturally.  If they did, I could patent sunlight and force everyone to pay a royalty for using it.  Just think how much money I could make off farmers and resort hotels.

The other curious thing was how desperate the CDC was to get the patent.  They tried multiple times starting in 2003.  They were turned down several times because you cannot patent nature.  Then somehow, they were able to get the patent in 2007.  There was, no doubt, a money poultice applied somewhere.  I have no doubt that there is now a former patent clerk living well beyond his apparent means.

Why were they so desperate to patent a virus?  In the mid-2000s the US department of defense was very interested in using viruses as a weapon.  They were very interested in the corona virus because it was quite common and quite contagious.  Patenting the corona virus gave the CDC control.  Now no one could do any research on the corona virus without paying the CDC and getting their permission.  The department of defense had to pay the CDC a royalty and could only use companies that were approved by the CDC.  At first the research was done in the US but in 2012 the CDC realized that doing germ warfare research in the US had poor optics.  The research was sent to a third party outside the US and the NIH controlled the flow of money.  It is worth repeating the CDC had to approve of the lab, so they were OK with doing the research overseas in a foreign country as long as they got their cut.  They were also OK with the Department of defense funneling the money through the NIH.  We have talked a lot about the NIH since St. Fauci is one of the highest people in that organization.  So where did they third party the research to?  You might be able to guess where this is going.  The research was being done at a lab in Wuhan China a couple miles from the infamous wet market.  St. Fauci was cutting the checks to a Lab in Wuhan China so they could work on manipulating the corona virus.  The CDC was taking their cut off the top.  Do you still think covid came from bats in a wet market?

What does this have to do with Joe Biden?  The research was moved to Wuhan China in 2012 when Joe Biden was starting his second term as vice president.  The CDC wants Joe Biden because he is already aware of the CDC’s involvement, he is not about to call them out on it.  Joe Biden refuses to call China an enemy, he refers to them as a competitor.  It is very hard to explain why you would pay a competitor to do research on your behalf.  It is impossible to explain why you would pay an enemy to do weapons research.  If Trump gets elected People at the CDC risk Jail time.  If Biden gets elected everything will be swept under the rug and it will be business as usual.

This is very damning for the CDC.  I think there is a good chance that covid 19 is manmade and came from the lab in Wuhan.  Whether it was released intentionally or by accident we don’t yet know.  The origins of this virus are important.  But I still think it is of secondary importance.  If it is manmade my guess is still that the release was accidental.  As we have already discussed if this was to be a weapon it turned out to be a very poor one.  I don’t think they were done playing with it.  It certainly not ready for prime time.

Whether this virus was released accidentally or on purpose makes no difference to me.  We did not have to play this stupid game.  We could have treated this virus for what it really was, a bad Flu.  We could have investigated and held people responsible if it turned out to be manmade, but the inescapable fact is that all the damage was done by the politicians and not the virus.  The virus itself did very little damage.  So I will concede to my brother that this virus is probably manmade and could have been released intentionally but I won’t be concerned with that until we hold all of the politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their destructive, irrational response to the cold and flu season of 2020.  Every single politician in this country needs to be run out of office.  Every bureaucrat that had anything to do with developing or enforcing covid regulations needs to lose their job and pension.  After we deal with the people who caused the problem then we can deal with the people that caused the virus.

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  1. Brent Morrison
    Brent Morrison says:

    I am just curious what your view is of the theory about it being released at that Military Games that took place in Wuhan, I believe in October of 2019. Perfect time to release it, would it not be? I believe that was the case, just curious what your thoughts are on this.
    As for anyone ever paying for this crime against humanity? The kind of people that even contemplate this sort of thing never seem to bear responsibility for their criminal actions. But if we all rose up … nah, we already have enough to keep us DISTRACTED, with all the Black supremacists and Marxists and their pet politicians and lawyers, don’t we. What a great ‘coincidence’ that St. Floyd’s martyrdom occurred just in time to keep the mainstream slugs ‘too busy’ to investigate where COVID really came from.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      I have heard of the military games theory but I have not looked in to it. I do know the virus was in north America long before march 2020 because it has been found in sewage samples dating to November 2019. Also if you look at deaths in BC they spiked before they had their first official covid death. Something caused those deaths. I have said many times if we did not know how to test for covid we would just think we had an average cold and flu season. It is interesting that we are going in to a new season and we are keeping a running total. we don’t do that with influenzas. the clock resets every season. if we did not deaths due to influenza would be in the hundreds of millions.

  2. Brent Morrison
    Brent Morrison says:

    Yes, it sure seems that there is plenty of evidence that this bug was all over the planet long before the official narrative would have us believe. There are so many things that have been ignored, or supposedly ‘debunked’ and silenced, that sure seem to show that the official narrative is a bunch of BS. And yet many people still just meekly go along with whatever they are told. If nothing else, 2020 has shown me just how bad our complacency as a culture has gotten. I’m old enough to have seen the steps as they happened one by one as we were turned from a relatively free country into … whatever this is now. It’s scary how easily the left has basically just bullied and intimidated their way into now being the ones calling the shots in most ways, whether elected or not. Bad times. Traitors in leadership positions, a corrupt media, a handful of billionaires owning all the global tech and information … and this isn’t even considering that two huge dangers also lurk in the shadows, Islam and China. Not a great time to be a rational ‘small c conservative’. But we can either give up and roll over, or we can fight back in whatever ways we can. I refuse to roll over. Nice to see others who obviously feel the same. PS I’d send you a great video that was on YouTube, about the Military Games connection, and Fauci’s connections to that lab and the university there as well. But like so much other info, I waited too long and when I went to download it, it was of course GONE. ‘Misinformation’ of course. I’m sure there must be other videos or articles though on this angle, it was pretty convincing and very damning to Fauci and Gates.

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