How Long Can We Continue to Ignore Sweden?

Sweden is very interesting; they chose to treat Covid 19 as a simple viral infection. Instead of lockdowns, masks, and ridiculous, arbitrary, destructive restrictions they kept it simple.  Gatherings of over 500 were banned and people were asked to behave like responsible adults.  When the rest of the world decided to use Covid 19 as an excuse to turn hard left to total, tyrannical, government control Sweden went hard right advocating for personal responsibility and minimal government interference.

Sweden has been an independent country since 1523.  For some reason most reporters are unaware that Sweden exists.  This is an interesting collective amnesia that started to afflict Journalists about 30 seconds after Sweden Decided not to trample people’s rights as a pandemic response.  Every now and then a reporter clicks the wrong button on the airline website and finds himself in Sweden instead of Switzerland; like this NBC reporter.

 He seems to be shocked by what he finds.  The Swedes are shocked to see the only man wearing a mask in the country who is not robbing a bank.  To be fair the first half of his reporting is honest.  He interviews a few people who are eager to tell him why it is so much better to be in Sweden than it would be to be practically anywhere else in the world where terminal Covidiocy has infected the entire population. 

I am sure when he submitted his article with interviews of happy, sane, rational people his editor explained to him how career limiting it would be if they published the article as is.  As we have seen through this fake pandemic the truth will not be tolerated by the media.  I am sure it was made clear to him that if he could not show a reason to panic he may as well apply for asylum because he can’t come home.  His only choice was to tack on to the end of the article anything he could find to cast doubt on the first half of the article.

He goes out of the way to find anyone who will say they are nervous yet none of them are nervous enough to wear masks.  He does find a group of protesters demanding lockdowns but it is so pathetically small it looked like a Biden rally.  Not to worry though when the media can’t find anything to support their narrative they always have an ace up their sleeve.  They just make shit up.

First he shows an empty hospital room and makes the comment that the hospitals are empty now but they were overwhelmed in April and a second wave could fill them again.  This must have come as quite a surprise to the Swedes who never reported overwhelming hospitals in April.  I am sure they just smiled and nodded at the confused Covidiot in the mask.

He then states says there are signs that masks could be compulsory; what signs?  Does he mean when Sweden’s chief medical officer Dr. Anders Tegnell said this about masks in August?

“The findings that have been produced through (the use of) face masks are astonishingly weak, I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have. Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks but their infection numbers have still risen. The belief that masks can solve our problem is in any case very dangerous.”  Or is he referring to all of the times Dr. Tegnell stated that Sweden would not make masks compulsory?

So is everyone in Sweden Insane and this lost NBC reporter the only sane person in the country?  Should Sweden have followed the rest of the world, locked down and trampled people’s rights?  Sweden did have a lot of Covid fatalities.  At one time Sweden had the highest death rate in the world.  But as you can see from the plot below Covid is over in Sweden.  Very few people are dying from covid anymore and other countries that used harsh lockdowns have passed Sweden in deaths/million.  A month ago Sweden was still 10th highest in the world now they are 15th and falling as more countries pass them.  For total infections Sweden is 49th in the world as infections are soaring everywhere else in Europe.

Sweden was right and the rest of the world was wrong.  That can’t even be disputed any more so the media has instead chosen to just ignore Sweden as they cheer on lockdowns all over the world.  With how hard the media is working to ignore Sweden you would think the entire country is the drug addled son of a corrupt US politician.  If you shop at Ikea in Calgary you must wear a mask.  That furniture was packaged in a factory in Sweden where no one wore a mask.  Is that Ironic or tragic?  In the time of Covid that line is very hard to see.

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  1. Tim Szott
    Tim Szott says:

    I refuse to wear masks unless its at a medical facility and it is required so I get medical attention. If people are so worried they will catch covid they should stay home and let the rest of us live our lives. This Covid scam is all headed down a dark and nasty road. It will not end nicely and I can see politicians losing their lives over it. Yesterday Trump stated that people are getting tired of Fauci and this covid thing. If he wins you can bet Fauci will soon be nothing more than a regular contributor on MSNBC and CNN.

  2. Brent Morrison
    Brent Morrison says:

    Was just wondering the other day what ever happened to Sweden? The mainstream liars sure told us all about how it had such a high death rate back when, hmm? It’s obvious why they suddenly cannot find Sweden on a map.

  3. Stewart Purvis
    Stewart Purvis says:

    As of October 16th Sweden has had 580 deaths per million, the UK (masked) 649 per Million; The USA (masked) 662 per million; Spain (masked) 717 per million; Belgium (masked) 904 per million. I pointed this out to a mask supporter and also noted that Edmonton (where she lives) numbers are on the rise with mask mandates in place. Her response was it’s because not everyone was wearing them. I couldn’t prove or disprove what she was saying but I asked her if she thought the number of cases mattered or the deaths and hospitalizations numbers which are continuously dropping? “masks stop the spread” was the answer… oh boy…

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