It is Halloween, Go Ahead and Wear Your Mask

It is Halloween the one day when it acceptable to wear a mask; except this is 2020 and it has been Halloween now for 8 months.  This guy likes Halloween so much he wants us to wear masks forever.

He also wants us to download a tracing app so the government will know where we are at all times.  I guess he thinks if the government knows where we are they can bring us candy directly which will greatly simplify trick or treating.

From the title of the organization I assume this guy is some sort of medical doctor.  I don’t know what his specialty is but he is very concerned that the government has not done enough to protect prisoners and homeless people from a virus that has not produced any excess deaths in Alberta.  My guess is he is an urologist; he probably went into medicine to figure out why he wet the bed until he was 13.

Masks have become central to covid response almost everywhere mostly because Donald Trump rarely wore one.  In the time of Covid the effectiveness of any medical intervention is inversely proportional to Donald Trump’s interest in it.  It really does make policy decisions easier because you don’t need to test or even have medical knowledge you just need to advocate for anything you think makes Trump look bad.

In the first couple months of our 2 weeks to flatten the curve it was not always that way.  It wasn’t clear how Trump felt on a lot of things so policy makers had to take their own position.  Of course when you ask a useless career bureaucrat like Theresa Tam or Anthony Fauci to take a position on anything they will always come down on both sides so that no one can say they were wrong.  They both told us masks did not work until suddenly, miraculously, mask were the only thing keeping us from dying while we hid from the virus.  Being useless is not career limiting in government especially when the media will provide cover for you like this.

Now that masks are the cure du jour it is not just the media that is concerned that you might question the mask wisdom of their favorite bureaucrat.  Even medical journals are getting in on the act.  A group of Danish doctors have completed a study of the effectiveness of mask mandates.  They cannot get it published.

There could be reasons that they will not publish the study but ask yourself this, if the study confirmed that mask mandates work do you think they would turn it down?  One of the medical journals that declined to publish the study was the Lancet.  The Lancet could not wait to publish a study that said hydroxychloroquine did not work right after Trump mentioned it in a briefing.  That article was pulled less than a week later when other researchers showed the data was completely fabricated.

There is no way the study could confirm that mask mandates work.  Just weeks ago the CDC confirmed that 71% of all the recent covid cases confirmed they always wore masks in the 14 days prior to their infection.

Masks have been shown to be useful while performing surgery.  In the lab masks have been shown to reduce spread of pathogens.  Unfortunately the real world is not an operating room or a controlled laboratory.  Outside of the lab masks have not worked anywhere they have been tried.  There are scientific reasons why masking the general public does not work and once again the media has been hiding those reasons from us.

The Media loves to tell us about the lab tests that show even cloth masks are able to catch viruses when you exhale.  What they don’t tell you is those numbers are the initial readings right after you put on a clean mask.  I found a paper where they measured the effectiveness of cloth and surgical masks with time.  You can find it here.

Humans are basically an internal combustion engine, our muscles get energy by combusting the carbons in sugar.  As with every internal combustion engine the exhaust is full of CO2 and water vapor.  The water vapor you exhale makes the mask moist which reduces its effectiveness.  Even surgical masks became completely ineffective after 2 hours of continuous use.

Masks would only help if people changed them multiple times per hour.  To do that and still keep everyone safe you would have to go outdoors to change your mask.  Try doing that on a 5 hour flight.  The only time masks are truly effective is Halloween.  Traditionally on Halloween masks were used to scare people.  It is ironic that this year the best way to scare a covidiot is to approach the door without a mask.