Fake Pandemics are a Great Cover for Evil

A friend of mine asked me last week “why does Alberta have so many cases compared to the other provinces”?  My quick answer is because we test more.  I showed this plot several posts back.

I have discussed this before.  The more you test the more cases you find.  The more cases you find the more panic you can spread.  There is only one reason for the panic; ignorance.  There are many reasons why increased testing always finds more cases.  All of these reasons have the same root cause; we are not testing for the virus we are testing for a strand of RNA that we believe belongs to the virus.  You read that correctly, we are testing for a piece of RNA that we are not even sure is part of the virus.

No one can be certain that the strand of RNA belongs to the Covid 19 virus or the virus that is causing the disease because no one has purified a sample of the virus.  That means no one has taken that purified sample, introduced it to a lab animal and observed the disease manifest.  This uncertainty causes the following errors.

  • Corona viruses are very common and related. This strand of RNA might be common to more than one corona virus.  I found this on the CDC’s website about a coronavirus discovered in Malaysian animal.  “genome of the coronavirus isolated from the Malaysian pangolin (Manis javanica) is less similar to SARS-Cov-2, with only 90% of genomic concordance”.  So here is a corona virus that shares 90% of the genome.  How much do you want to bet it has the same strand of RNA?  In the spring I saw an interview with a virologist who said, “If I wanted to create a pandemic I would use a corona virus, you can find them anywhere”.
  • People who have recovered and are now immune can shed pieces of the destroyed virus for up to 2 months. They can test positive at any time during this period.
  • Because corona viruses are similar many people have cross T cell immunity. If they encountered a Covid 19 virus their body would get rid of it quickly but they would still test positive even though they are immune.  Remember 90% of all people who test positive have no symptoms; THEY ARE NOT SICK.

Even when the tests work properly they are highly unreliable.  Unfortunately a high percentage of the time the tests don’t function properly.  In the first season of the virus the president of Tanzania sent samples from fruit and farm animals for testing; they all came back positive.  Then 2 days ago this Austrian politician did a rather dramatic demonstration in parliament.


Sorry there are no subtitles so it might not be clear what he was doing.  When he begins speaking he takes a few drops from his coke and puts them on the new rapid test.  By the time he is done speaking his soft drink has tested positive.  Pretty ballsy demonstration.  You know he must have tested this enough times to know that he could do it in front of an audience and camera.  That means these tests come out positive almost any time no matter what they test.

The massive testing we are doing accomplishes nothing other than fueling panic.  The main reason we have so many cases is that we are manufacturing them.  Testing is not the only way that the government can manufacture cases.  Have a look at this video of a nurse speaking at a rally in Edmonton.

Edmonton Nurse on Her COVID Experience (bitchute.com)

Our government is so concerned about the virus that you can’t go to work but we can’t seem to find the time to separate covid patients from non-covid patients.  This is the same thing that went on in New York under the angel of death, Andrew Cuomo.  As the nurse points out this would be very easy to fix but they don’t.  It is not hard to conclude that it is purposeful.  But why would the government want to increase the number of cases?  The only answer is that they need to be able to justify the evil things they have already done.  If people ever wake up and realize that none of this government imposed misery made any difference the excrement will really hit the ventilator.  Remember Alberta is now shut down for the second time over a virus that has produced no excess deaths; see below.

This current shut down is right on track to be as big a fiasco as the last one.  Even worse that evil little Troll Jason Kenney wants you to cancel Christmas.  5 days ago I posted that the surge in infections in Alberta was likely already over.  It is a little early to call but with 5 more days of information I am going to go out on a limb and tell you the surge peaked on December 3rd; 6 days before the evil troll cancelled Christmas.

Alberta has put laboratory testing back on their website.  Our % positivity peaked on December 3rd.  This is usually a very good indicator of the “pandemic” peak, see below.

Seriously, are you tired of the evil Troll and his Dominatrix Deena yet?