When the Media are not Ignoring Sweden They are Lying about Sweden.

I ran across this article this morning.


I was taken back for a brief second because Sweden’s policy of not behaving like covidiots has been an unqualified success.  See below

Like many countries Sweden saw a surge in infections and deaths as winter approached.  The surge is already over.  Sweden still has a lot of cases per day but no one is dying from Covid 1984 anymore.  Sweden never bought in to the unemployment as an anti-viral.  They keep their country open with very few restrictions and some common sense guidelines.  Why on earth would Sweden change now?

The first clue that this was not true was that it came from a major mainstream media organization.  The odds of it being true where then infinitesimally low.  I went to a couple Swedish government websites to confirm that the media was lying again.  One website had an English option the other I had to use google translate for.  I found that the only change is that the Swedish government has asked people to keep social gatherings under 8 people.  There was no mention of fines or enforcement.  Bars and restaurants are still open and their guidelines have not changed.  Bars and restaurants are asked to eliminate congested areas like people standing at the bar and to avoid over-crowding.  Those are very simple guidelines that restaurateurs in Canada would kill for.

As per usual with the media they pretend they are not lying by telling half truths.  Yes Sweden added to their guidance, but to say they have joined the lunacy of the rest of the world is a lie.  There were of course other half truths in the artcle used to convince you that Sweden has finally come around.  They trotted out the old argument that Sweden did not avoid economic problems by not shutting down because their GDP dropped by 8.5%.  Think about that for a minute.  This reporter wants you to believe that shutting down businesses will not impact your GDP any more than keeping businesses open.  If that were true why don’t we just shut down every business, you know like that evil troll Jason Kenney just did.  Sweden’s GDP dropped by 8.5% because their economy depends on exports.  All of Sweden’s customers shut down their economies.  That generally makes it very difficult to export, and it is not Sweden’s fault.

The reporter pointed out that Sweden had more deaths than their neighbors.  This is correct.  The table below shows all the countries that border Sweden by land or ocean.

Sweden is the second highest and much higher than most of the others.  What the reporter failed to point out is that the second season for Covid is already over in Sweden while for some of the countries on the list is far from over.  The second season for the countries below is much harder than the first season and their death totals get closer to Sweden’s every day.

The Reporter did interview some bureaucrats that were in favor of lockdowns.  Somehow we are supposed to take that as proof Sweden was wrong for not locking down.  All it really proves is that Sweden is just as infested with left wing lunatics as Canada.  The left is a very homogenous group; regardless of what country you find them in their attitude is the same.  To the left the solution to every problem is the same, the government must eliminate rights and destroy lives.