Justin sets the stage for more Tyranny

For the first year of the great COVID plague I did not even know anyone who had it.  The media assured me that COVID was highly contagious and deadly but that was hard to reconcile with my own observations.  Fast forward one year and I now know several people who have had COVID, almost all of them vaccinated.  In fact after 2 years I only know 2 unvaccinated people who had COVID.  One of those 2 did not even know they had it.  It was only discovered after they took an antibody test out of curiosity.  This pandemic of the unvaccinated strangely included very few unvaccinated.

It turned out that COVID was not nearly as easy to catch as the media wanted us to believe.  I have previously posted studies that documented high levels of natural immunity from previous coronavirus exposure.  Most people simply could not catch COVID from routine exposure.  In fact as this study shows most people can’t get COVID even when they try.  Researchers tried to infect young healthy volunteers by having them inhale high viral loads.  They were unable to infect 50% of the volunteers.

Because COVID is not easy to catch it took 2 years but now I know several people who had COVID yet I still don’t know anyone who had a serious problem with COVID.  I wish I could say that about the vaccines.  I have 2 members of my extended family that I suspect died from vaccine injuries and a former work colleague with pericarditis.  Just yesterday I spoke to a man who’s 2 brothers developed prostate cancer within 2 months of vaccination despite no family history of prostate cancer.  I have friends with similar stories about their families.

With or without a vaccine you are unlikely to ever get COVID.  Despite that, governments are determined that you be jabbed multiple times per year.  Eventually you will have a serious problem from the Jabs to avoid a relatively mild disease you would likely never get.  There is no logic to the Jabs for anyone who is not immunocompromised but the Jabs have never been about COVID.

Governments have their own reasons for mandating vaccinations and those reasons did not disappear when the public objected to mandates.  We have been granted only a temporary reprieve.  I would wager the mandates will be back with a vengeance next winter.  In fact Justin Trudeau is setting the stage for that now.

The NDP has no desire for an election.  Under Jagmeet Singh’s Leadership in 2019 they lost 40% of their seats and did not recover any in the 2021 snap election.  Jagmeet is a dud and the voters know it; the only direction the NDP can go is down.  Justin did not need to promise Jagmeet anything for his cooperation, so why did he?  I think the answer is obvious.  Justin is preparing to do things that even Jagmeet will find hard to stomach.  Things like a federal vaccine mandate and permanent vaccine passports.