Treason used to be frowned upon

When Justin Trudeau retires do you suppose they will build a monument to him in Beijing?

I have written several blog posts about the “special” relationship China has with Canada and in particular with the Trudeau liberals.  The Trudeau liberals pursue policies that benefit China at the expense of Canadians.  While there is no benign explanation for this, there is a very rational one.  It is obvious China controls Justin Trudeau and several other influential Canadian politicians.

Of course I have no proof to substantiate my conclusion and that is hardly surprising since Justin Trudeau controls any agency that might investigate treason.  That is why when police stumble upon evidence of treason it is quickly returned.

They said that digital video evidence seized from 5 Decourcy’s owner, a politically-connected Toronto real estate developer from China’s Anhui province, revealed that local politicians could have been recorded in compromising sexual acts.

They said CSIS’s opportunity to obtain technical evidence from YRP collapsed in early 2021, when illegal gaming and weapons charges against Wei Wei unravelled bizarrely, allowing the mansion casino owner to recover his digital content from YRP.

So the police raid an illegal gambling den, find evidence implicating prominent politicians, and promptly return all the evidence.  That is not suspicious at all.  Especially when you consider the people running the illegal gambling operation also happen to be liberal party fund raisers with ties to the communist party of China.

An examination of hundreds of federal election campaign documents and Chinese media reports reveals sprawling fundraising networks emanating from a circle of directors in the Canada-Anhui Friendship Association that is named in CSIS’s 5 Decourcy warrant application.

In addition to Wei Wei, these directors include several prominent Liberal Party officials and fundraisers close to Justin Trudeau and his power circle of senior aides and cabinet ministers.

But the Toronto Consulate’s tentacles of financial support — clandestinely through “community leaders” — appear to have encircled Justin Trudeau six years prior to the October 2019 contest.

The Chinese owned Justin Trudeau before he even became Prime Minister.  He was picked, promoted, and financed by Communist China.  It is good business for China to own the Prime Minister of a NATO nation.  For Canadians and our NATO allies it is treason.  I am old enough to remember when that was a bad thing.

They really did all know

The video below is a short interview with Chris Cuomo and Deborah Birx.  Chris Cuomo like almost everyone who calls themselves a journalist is a liar.  You can’t believe anything Chris Cuomo says but it is not what Chris says that I find interesting.  It is not even What Birx says that is important.  The important part of this brief interview is what Birx is very careful not to say.


Chris Cuomo asks the same question several times.  Although he worded the question differently what he was essentially asking each time was “are the COVID” vaccines safe?  Each time Birx avoids answering and even tries to steer the conversation back to long COVID.  Birx is evil but she is not stupid.  She knows the jabs are not safe and that long COVID is a common jab injury.

All of the prominent jab advocate/sales people know the Jabs are not safe and this is not some new revelation.  Every one of them knew it was not safe while they recommended it in the first place.  mRNA has always failed in the lab.  With animals it caused serious health issues and even made them more susceptible to Coronaviruses.

Every previous attempt at Coronavirus vaccines failed due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  This is a curious phenomenon seen with some viruses where a vaccine causes your own antibodies to help the virus rather than destroy it.  We had every reason to expect it with these treatments and we are now seeing it in the data.

In human trials mRNA caused such serious side effects that Moderna considered abandoning the technology 7 years ago.

So in 2017 and 2018 researchers found marginal benefit and large safety concerns.  Fast forward to 2021 and governments were trying to force mRNA into every arm on earth.  Do you think the technology changed that much in a few short years?  Of course not; the jabs were just as dangerous as they were in 2018 and everyone involved knew this.  This was a huge criminal conspiracy for profit with no regard for the lives of others.

Messenger RNA has not become safer for humans.  The only thing that has changed is the legal environment.  It is now safe for Pfizer and Moderna to sell mRNA; it is still not safe for you to take mRNA.  Birx knows this.  They all know this and they knew in before the first needle went in to the first arm.  Every single vax advocate is guilty of premeditated murder.

What they don’t steal they waste

Have you noticed that no matter how high taxes go we still have deficits?  The more money governments have access to the more they spend; none of it wisely.  Of course some of this money is just stolen but the larger problem is simple incompetence.  Politicians are smart enough to steal but even smart criminals are really not that smart.

A study of Texas inmates who entered the prison system in 2002 indicated that approximately 23% of the inmates scored below 80, almost 69% scored between 80 and 109, and only 9.6% scored above 110 (Ellis & Walsh, 2003).

I would be willing to bet if you did mandatory IQ testing in parliament you would get about the same distribution.  So our economic woes stem from a combination of immorality and stupidity endemic to modern governments.  Quite simply politicians are not that bright and neither are the people who they turn to for advice.


He advises Biden on economic matters and he does not know how monetary policy works.  Modern western government is the stupid advised by the clueless.  This situation would be humorous as it was in the movie “Idiocracy” if the result of their incompetence was not so tragic.

Brand new survey results from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey Interview (conducted from January to June 2023) has revealed that 22.9%, or 8.7 million, Canadians reported some form of insecurity in the previous 12 months.

This has exploded upwards by 1.8 million people from the previous year’s survey results.

Canadians are finding it hard to pay for food.  The government could act virtuously by allowing people to keep enough of their income to feed their families but that is not how they roll.  Instead they opt for fake virtue.  Why let people feed their families when you can take their money to build monuments?

Construction is now underway for a national monument in downtown Ottawa recognizing the discrimination faced by 2SLGBTQ+ people across the country. 

I don’t know about you but I am sure I could find a better use for taxes than monuments no one asked for.  The problem is that our governments cannot.  They cannot even figure out they could save money but not paying people who previously worked only 2 days per week and are now threatening to not work at all.

Canada’s largest public service unions are threatening a “summer of discontent” after Ottawa mandated that federal civil servants return to the office three days a week.

But unfortunately for taxpayers the solution is never to stop wasting money.  The solution is always to raise taxes.  And, once you have taken all that you can, import more people to tax.  The small flaw in that plan is that for it to work you must import people who actually pay taxes.

Jason Richwine of the Center for Immigration Studies dug deep into a National Academy of Sciences report on the issue, finding that in the U.S. “a high school dropout immigrant who arrives at the age of 25 will generate a lifetime fiscal cost of $186,000.” George Mason University economist and open-borders advocate Bryan Caplan agreed with Richwine’s assessment, also noting that so-called native high school dropouts—a group that includes second-generation immigrants to the U.S.—have an even bigger lifetime fiscal cost, $388,000.

If politicians were not quite so stupid they would realize unrestricted immigration is draining public treasuries.  It is making an already bad economic situation worse but politicians are all in.  Newcomers who burden taxpayers are so important we will do anything to keep them in the country.

Non-citizens who commit crimes in Canada shouldn’t get discounted sentences simply so they can avoid deportation. But in the Canadian justice system, that’s exactly what happens. We are beholden to judges who believe the rules apply differently to everyone.

Everyone knows that newcomers who immediately break your laws will start paying large amounts of income tax when they are released from prison.  If you don’t know that you don’t care as much as Justin Trudeau who cares a lot; just not about you.

Trudeau knows it, too. That is why it’s a waste of time to tell him his latest tax hike will hurt wages, productivity and jobs. It’s like telling a pyromaniac that fire is dangerous: he doesn’t care.

Stupid, corrupt, and indifferent, if parliament had a coat of arms that would be the moto imprinted upon it.

Throwing AZ under the bus to save Pfizer

One of the 4 main safe and effective COVID vaccines is being pulled from the market because it is not safe.

AstraZeneca is removing its Covid vaccine worldwide, months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effect.

AstraZeneca admitted in February that the vaccine can, in very rare cases, cause Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome – which has been linked to more than 80 deaths in Britain as well as hundreds of serious injuries.

The reality is that none of the COVID vaccines are safe and the regulators are throwing AstraZeneca under the bus.  The regulating organizations have a real conundrum on their hands.  They took kickbacks and approved treatments that should never have been approved.  I am sure they hoped to ignore the problems but there were way to many injured people for that to happen.  If they had any integrity they would have banned them all but that would end the kickbacks.  Instead it looks like they are trying to convince the public that all the problems were due to AstraZeneca.  The regulators are sacrificing AstraZeneca to save Moderna and Pfizer.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine while Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA.  They are 2 slightly different technologies that do the same stupid thing.  Both teach your body to produce spike proteins.  The difference is how they deliver the instructions.  AstraZeneca uses an adeno virus to carry instructions in to cells by infecting them.  Moderna and Pfizer use lipid Nano-particles to get the RNA instructions in to cells.  The fact that AstraZeneca is a different technology makes this ruse possible.  The public is to believe adenovirus vaccines are dangerous but mRNA is perfectly safe.

Of course that is not true but the truth has never been important to government.

Plumbing the depth of the Dumb Ages

When exactly did we become stupid?  That is a question I am sure will perplex historians when they look back at our current era; a period I refer to as the dumb ages.  There might be a better way to describe our current times but I simply cannot think of it.  I mean what else would you call an age when a study that concludes exactly what anyone with common sense already knew, is described as a bombshell?

According to the bombshell report, which spans 400 pages and includes several systematic evidence reviews, the research in support of transitioning youth is “incredibly weak” and globally influential treatment guidelines are “not evidence-based.”

This is how far our society has been dumbed down.  Plainly obvious things are now bombshells and fiascos are now shining accomplishments worthy of praise.

“I’d like to introduce them to the talented tradespeople and brilliant engineers who, last Thursday, made the final weld — the Golden Weld — on a great national project: the Trans Mountain pipeline,” Freeland said in the House of Commons. “It took our government to get it built”.

After 9 years in power this is the only accomplishment of the Trudeau liberals.  They created a business climate so toxic that private investors were no longer willing to risk capital.  Then in response they took over a project put it behind schedule and quintupled the cost.

The Liberals didn’t propose the Trans Mountain expansion (TMX), of course. They never planned to develop it. But they were forced to buy the project, along with the original Trans Mountain pipeline, in 2018 when Kinder Morgan, the Houston-based owner, said it couldn’t continue putting investor capital at risk in the face of relentless court battles and opposition from politicians — particularly those in B.C.

The question now is what the Trudeau government does with it, and whether it can recoup the $34 billion it ended up spending, nearly five times as much as the original $7.4 billion projection.

Several buyers, including some groups including First Nations as well as Alberta’s investment fund, have expressed an interest in buying, but industry analysts are pessimistic that the government will ever sell it at a price sufficient to cover the sunk costs it spent to finally get a pipeline to tidewater over the finish line.

The Federal government under Justin Trudeau took an economic project that would have been completed without any tax money and turned it in to an uneconomic project that taxpayers were forced to pay for.  Now they stand up in parliament and demand praise for their destructive actions.  It really will take divine intervention to save us from the dumb ages.

Moderna and I agree on one thing

Moderna had never sold a product before COVID but their major shareholder, Bill Gates, has purchased enough friends in high places that Moderna was given contracts to supply COVID vaccines.  Moderna is a one trick mRNA pony.  Granted it was a very lucrative trick but it is over.  The fear is gone.  Despite constant government encouragement almost no one is taking COVID boosters anymore.  As a result Moderna’s cash flow is in freefall.  Their Q1 2024 cash flow is down 94% from Compared to Q1 2023.

the company posted a first-quarter loss of $1.2 billion.

The huge losses are down to dwindling demand for the company’s Covid mRNA injections.

In the first three months of 2024, sales of the company’s Covid shots were a mere $167 million.

During the same period last year, however, Moderna took $2.8 billion in profits from the experimental injections.

But Moderna does not want their investors to worry about their 1.2 billion dollar quarterly loss.  They have a plan.  Massive profits are on the horizon.

Pharmaceutical giant Moderna has promised investors that a coming “next generation” of vaccines is going to reward them with massive profits.

The article author, Frank Bergman, believes he has found a flaw with Moderna’s comeback plan.  How do you sell a new vaccine without a new virus?

However, the company didn’t explain why new vaccines are needed for a virus with mild symptoms that most of the world now has natural immunity against.

My bet is that Moderna did not answer that question because no one including Frank bothered to ask that question.  Not questioning government or big Pharma is the hallmark of modern journalism after all.  Even if some rebel had bothered to break journalistic protocol, I am pretty sure Moderna’s answer would be “what difference does that make?”

Moderna made billions on their first vaccine for a mild virus that 80% of the world was immune to.  Vaccine profits are not driven by need.  They are driven by government mandates.  Low risk people were forced to take a treatment they did not need.  A treatment that even if it had worked as designed offered very little protection.

The Jabs were unnecessary in 2021 yet Moderna made billions in profits.  Moderna is obviously counting on the same level of government cooperation in 2024 that they received in 2021.  Their business plan depends on it and they have no reason to believe it will not happen.

It has been more than 4 years since the start of this debacle and no one has been punished.  More than 20 million people were killed for profit.  I have been saying this for years now.  If we do not punish the people responsible they will do it again.  Moderna apparently agrees with me.  Their entire business model is based on the assumption that they will do it again.  The question is will we let them?

The politics and economics of green energy

There are 2 good reasons why politicians should never be allowed to make important decisions.

  1. They are stupid
  2. They are corrupt

No matter how slowly you explain anything to them politicians are simply too stupid to understand the ramifications of decisions they make.  And, because of the level of corruption inherent in modern politics, for a few dollars they will not care how much damage their decisions make.

Case in point, green energy; green energy is an incredibly stupid idea supported by almost every politician in the western world.  Windmills and solar panels are not new technology.  They have been around for a very long time yet we were not using them on a significant scale.  We did not use them because we had better more reliable technology.  Solar and wind have gained popularity now only because western society has become as stupid as the politicians we vote for.

Electrical grids are very difficult to manage.  Because there is no practical way to store large amounts of electricity the grid must be carefully balanced.  Great care is taken to ensure that the amount of power put on to the grid balances with the amount of power taken off the grid.  The grid is monitored 24/7 and any change in supply or demand must be reacted to immediately.  That is what makes wind and solar such a bad idea.  Wind and cloud cover can change quite quickly causing sudden grid imbalances.

Sudden changes in weather make the grid hard to manage and unstable.  The more green energy you add to the gird the more unstable it gets and it very little green energy to put everyone in danger.  Alice Springs in Australia only has 13% and their grid is near collapse.

Yet the bare truth is that solar energy provides just 13% of Alice Springs annual electricity, and fossil fuel based generation, they admit quietly near the bottom of an FAQ page, is, shhh, 87%. Only one in four houses has solar power, yet the grid is already overloaded when it peaks, and unstable when a cloud comes over and the whole towns solar power goes down. (As it did in 2019 leaving many homes blacked out, as the engineers predicted would happen).

The public does not want windmills or solar panel they just don’t know it yet.  There are people who do want these technologies though.  Everyone who makes money from windmills and solar panels loves them.  At the top of that list are communists.  No one makes more money or derives more benefit from green energy than the communist party of China.

About 90% of solar panels installed in Germany come from China, and earlier this year one of the last solar panel manufacturers closed in Germany. Last week, what was left of the industry begged for mercy (and subsidies) which they didn’t get. Now another German solar panel manufacturer has closed down.

For some cruel reason German factories which are close to their customers, can’t compete with distant foreign factories which have access to slave labor, fossil fueled shipping and cheap coal fired electricity?

Green energy is a double benefit for China.  They make money selling windmills and solar panels.  Then when their products make power unreliable and expensive for their customers, China wins again.  Factories in the west close which pushes more manufacturing to China.  China is playing the long climate con and it is working fabulously.  Soon China will own everything; not just the Liberal party of Canada.

Follow the money

Justin Trudeau has ramped up immigration in all of its forms to ridiculous levels.  Canada always accepted a lot of newcomers but under Trudeau we now accept 6 times as many people per year.  The net result has been a housing crisis.  He has also dramatically increased the size of government and government spending which has fueled inflation.  His economic policies have driven investment out of Canada so lately he has resorted to bribing companies with tax money to start businesses in Canada.

The Trudeau Liberals have overspent and overtaxed for years, creating an uncompetitive business environment that drives out jobs. Then, to make matters worse, the government “bribes” companies with subsidies and grants to create jobs. This perpetuates a vicious cycle: subsidies are paid out of high taxes, which in turn increase taxes, necessitating more subsidies in order to maintain levels of employment.

If the Government of Canada were a publicly traded company, it would have no shareholders or investors.

As Diane Francis points out there is no way this ends well for Canadians but the point of my post is not to discuss again how big a moron Justin Trudeau is.  The point today is that no one voted for any of this.  Not a single person went to the polls thinking I want the government to destroy the economy and my children’s future.  Yet that is exactly what we got.

Remarkably, even after all the damage he has done, Trudeau still has supporters.  A couple of days ago I pointed out that Trudeau’s policies have fueled inflation and immediately a misguided supporter pointed out that Canada’s inflation is the lowest in the G7.  Let’s set aside for a minute that the official Canadian inflation number is completely fictitious.  Anyone who spends money can tell you inflation is not under 3% as the government claims.  Instead let’s look at the strength of the defense.  After 9 years in power the only positive thing you can say about Justin Trudeau is that he has been no worse than the other globalist idiots; most of whom have already resigned.

It is true; however, that Justin Trudeau is not really doing anything different than other progressive politicians.  They are all following the same agenda.  An agenda full of things that no one voted for; like tracking when you leave or enter your own town.


So who sets the agenda if it is not voters?  Why is the political leadership in every western country reading from the same script?


No one voted for what is happening because the decisions are being made by people no one voted for.  I do not know who is actually in charge but it seems they have endless amounts of money.  It can’t be cheap to buy as many politicians as they have.  To unravel this we must follow the money.  Starting from Justin Trudeau’s bank account and working backwards to the origin.


Skepticism was the only positive from COVID

Yesterday I posted videos from 2 oncologists calling for mRNA vaccines to be banned due to the risk of cancer.  Turbo cancer is a terrifying COVID vaccine injury but it is unfortunately not the only deadly side effect.  Blood clots are also a deadly and sadly common side effect of these injections.  AstraZeneca even admits their product can cause blood clots.

AstraZeneca has just admitted IN COURT that their covid injection can indeed cause a deadly side effect that causes blood clots.

The COVID jabs have thousands of side effects.  One that has just developed recently is actually a positive development for public health.  People are now questioning vaccines.


It is ironic that products that are not really vaccines have caused people to question vaccines.  Maybe if the government never lied about what the jabs really were this would not have happened.  But the government did lie and when the Jabs failed so spectacularly it caused people to question all vaccines and that is a good thing.

I have discussed my journey in to vaccine hesitancy many times on this blog.  My journey was very similar to the one the gentleman in the video took but I am not quite as far down the road as he is.  I don’t think all vaccines must be banned but I do believe most of them are unnecessary.

My generation took only a handful of vaccines and we were perfectly healthy.  Children now are given dozens of vaccines and their health is not as good.  Judging by the difference in health outcomes I think it is safe to say most of the added vaccines are unnecessary.  Some are likely even dangerous.  So why do we do it?  Why don’t we cut vaccines for children back down to a handful?  Are pharmaceutical profits more important than the health of children?