Russia and China both know the West is all hat and no cattle

Volodymyr Zelensky made a brief stop in Canada this week and left with his usual bag of Canadian Taxpayer money.  The Canadian Media declines to say whether Trudeau took his usual cut before the money went in to the bag or if Zelensky wires him his share later.

It is a good thing for Zelensky that he can still count on Canada because the rest of the world is starting to change their position on unlimited handouts for the Ukraine.  Poland has just announced that the well is now dry.  There will be no more money for the Ukraine.

“Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense,” Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine’s ambassador related to a fresh war of words and spat over blocked grain, according to the AFP. Warsaw has throughout more than a year-and-a-half of the Ukraine-Russia war been Kiev’s staunchest and most outspoken supporter.

Reality always intrudes.  Poland has finally realized that they cannot produce weapons as fast as the Ukraine is using them.  NATO is a paper tiger.  High tech weapons are an advantage in short wars against poorly supplied enemies.  They are useless in a protracted conflict because they take too much time and money to replace.  Protracted conflicts are won by the side that is able to build the most stuff. The west used to be very good at building things until corrupt, under-intelligent politicians signed agreements to offshore the production of everything.

In 1942, Admiral Chester Nimitz fought on the Midway Islands with only three aircraft carriers at his disposal. Less than three years later, he commenced operations against the Marianas with 15 new, larger, and faster carriers to feed into the fight. China has built a defense industry capable of such rapid production—but today, the United States couldn’t pull it off.

Most NATO nations are slowly coming to the same realization as Poland.  If they continue to support Ukraine soon everyone will understand how incredibly weak we are all thanks to greedy and short sighted politicians.  There is not a politician in the world that wants to forgo the lucrative kickbacks but laundering money through the Ukraine is becoming too dangerous.  Many have decided it is time to take the money and run.

You did not need to be a genius to predict how this would end.  I warned in April that we cannot defeat Russia.

To win a protracted war you need 2 things, a strong manufacturing base and a strong military.  The west has neither.  The US did not win World War 2 because they had the best military.  They won because they were able to produce more bullets, bombs, planes, and tanks than the Nazis.  For every one that was destroyed they built 2 more.  Germany’s superior military had no chance.

And then I repeated those warnings again in July.

The west cannot win a war against Russia because China will not allow it.  Large conflicts are won by the side that can produce the most weapons and China can produce a staggering number of weapons.

We wasted billions on a lost cause and Politicians are bailing before the public finds out.  If the public finally realizes how vulnerable these greedy idiots have made us it won’t end well for the politicians.  God I hope to live to see that day.