Rationing Medical Services to Ramp up the Pain

I found this article a couple of days ago.


Alberta doctors have been well conditioned by Government.  After 2 seasons of COVID they know the drill.  The government wants crowded hospitals and high body counts.  This year the government did not even need to pick up the phone and make the call.  In anticipation doctors are already rationing services.

If you show up at an Alberta hospital with COVID you will be placed in a regular room.  This helps spread the virus to as many other patients as possible.  Once in this room you will be ignored until you are critical and transferred to the ICU.  At that time they decide whether you get ventilated.  A decision that no doubt hinges on your vaccination status.

This is a well-established protocol.  Unfortunately the protocol lacks one very important step.  TREATING YOU FOR COVID BEFORE YOU NEED THE ICU.  This is quite the oversight when you consider that COVID might be the most treatable disease in medical history.  Here is a Spanish study published 9 months ago.


Two nursing homes run by the same corporation had 84 patients.  100% of their patients eventually tested positive for COVID.  They had 0 deaths.  Nursing home patients are elderly and in poor health.  That is why they are in nursing homes.  Statistically speaking they should have seen 15 or 16 deaths yet they had none.  They successfully treated every patient with Azithromycin and antihistamines.

The list of effective treatments for COVID continues to grow.  Ivermectin, HCQ, asthma medication, Vitamin D, Azithromycin, and Antihistamines have all proven effective.  We apparently don’t use any of these things in Alberta.  Hospitals treat patients just the way our government wants them to.  We use very high doses of neglect.