COVID Jabs are Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain

What the government gives they can take away.

I have discussed Israel before.  They pursued vaccinations more aggressively than any other major nation.  Israelis dutifully lined up to “do the right thing” and quickly more than 80% of adults were vaccinated.  Israel was also the first country to introduce vaccine passports.  They call it a green pass.  If you get 2 jabs you get a green pass.  The green pass gives you privileges that the dirty unvaxxed don’t get.  Most western countries no longer have rights; just privileges granted by government for being obedient.

The Israeli government has re-defined “vaccinated”, now it is 3 jabs.  If you do not get your third jab within a specified time after your second jab you are no longer “vaccinated”.  On October 3rd 900,000 Israelis will pass their “due date” for receiving their 3rd jab. 900,000 green passes will be cancelled.  This number is bound to grow as other green passes reach their expiration date.  5.6 million Israelis took the first 2 Jabs.  So far only 3.1 million have taken the 3rd.

So why have 900,000 Israelis decided that the green Pass privileges are just not worth it?  Maybe it is because they have become pin cushions.  Their government intends to jab them multiple times per year.  Or maybe they have figured out the Jabs just don’t work.  Something that they are starting to discuss on Israeli television.


The COVID Jabs provide short term temporary relief.  The cost of this fleeting benefit is long term health issues.  People are finally starting to figure that out.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    That’s a great article you posted. It will be interesting to see if those 900,000 people get the shot. But there are another 4.6mm people who have not gotten the third shot whose green tag expires later. Assuming that the 3.1mm that did get the third shot we’re all approaching the deadline, that means only 77% of those eligible, 3.1mm/(3.1mm+0.9mm), are up for the re-jab. At that rate, there are a further 1.1mm people yet to not take the jab. With the 0.7mm that have never taken the jab, that makes 2.7mm total that will eventually not have a green pass. There are about 9mm people in Israel (varies by website). I found the demographics that show 2.3mm under 14. Let’s use 2mm for the under 12 group. That leaves 7mm that could be jabbed. So 2.7/7.0 or 39% of Israelis will not be allowed to work or buy groceries in about 3 months time. If these numbers hold out, the economy will collapse before then. Or they will have riots. Or the government will have to relent. The first two are likely which will dictate the third.

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