COVID causes Hysterical Blindness in Canadians

I saw this article by Brian Lilley.  Brian Lilley is marginally better than most “journalists” in Canada.  For the most part Brian Lilley behaves like the rest of the herd.  He publishes what he is told to publish with no real attempt to verify information.  What makes him marginally better is that sometimes he steps out of line.  In this article he questions the necessity of vaccine passports.

It is good to see a prominent journalist questioning the vaccine passports.  Unfortunately the only reason that he believes passports are unnecessary is because he believes so fervently in the vaccines.  Brian thinks eventually everyone will accept the vaccines without coercion.  I don’t know why he believes this.  In his own article he quotes Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical officer who says this.

“There is currently no scientific evidence of the direct impact of COVID-19 vaccine certificates on SARS-CoV-2 transmission”

Dr.  Moore is keenly observant.  He has noticed that government issued documentation has no effect on Viral transmission.  I don’t know about you but his observation was a wakeup call for me.  All this time I believed my driver’s license was preventing me from getting COVID.

Vaccine passports do not prevent transmission for 2 reasons.

  1. They are a piece of paper not a magic amulet.
  2. The Vaccines themselves do not prevent transmission. In fact the data shows the jabs accelerate transmission by turning people in to walking petri dishes.  Every vaccinated person is a potential super spreader.

Both of these men are willfully blind.  They should not be questioning the necessity of the passports.  They should be questioning the logic of subjecting every human on the planet to an experimental treatment.  A treatment that was developed for a virus dangerous to very few, which 80% of us had prior immunity for.

The Moronic Man-child is also not questioning the logic for vaccination.  He knows exactly what the Jabs are for.


The Prime Moron has ordered 35 million booster doses for next year, 30 million the year after.  Those are very interesting numbers.  Canada has 38 million people and post COVID Jabs our populations went up by about 400,000 every year.  We should need 38.4 million boosters next year.  Justin is apparently using projections showing 3.4 million excess deaths this year and over 5 million excess deaths next ear.  Gee I wonder what could cause such an extinction.  Are we preparing for an asteroid strike?  Does Justin know something he is not telling us?