Vaccination Fees are as Inevitable as Vaccine Passports

With every passing day more government officials are speaking about the necessity of COVID Jab boosters.  The high Priest of COVID is no exception.  Here is an interview he has done where he states that soon fully vaccinated will mean 3 not 2 shots.

If you think this stops at 3 shots you are kidding yourself.  We are on our way to multiple COVID Jabs each year.  Unfortunately it won’t even stop there.  This is just for COVID.  There will be another virus.  There is always another virus.  Anthony Fauci and Bill gates financed the development of this virus.  What will stop them from buying another one?

Once the government has forced you to accept vaccine passports this will be endless.  Every year there will be a new virus and a new injection compete with regular boosters.  If you want to earn an income or buy groceries you will line up for each and every shot.  That is when the last shoe will drop.

How long do you think the vaccines will be “provided” by taxpayers?  Once the system is established, and you are obligated to take dozens of shots per year, vaccination fees will appear.  Graduated fees based on income.  This is the ultimate wealth transfer tool.  Government will make sure that money you earn finds its way to them and their friends.

This is how the great reset happens.  You will not own anything because you cannot afford to own anything.  You will have no disposable income to buy a house, car, or plane tickets.  Those things will be reserved for government and the corporate ruling elite.  Your life will be nothing other than drudgery.  You will work to pay for vaccines so that you can work.

The world is stratifying right before our eyes.  It will be vaccinated and unvaccinated but not the way you see it now.  The holdouts in low places will be force vaccinated.  The only people that will remain unvaccinated will be those in power; top level Government and their wealthy friends.

If this is not the future you want, you better stand up now.



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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    There’s a lack of awareness outside of NYC as to what’s going on. Two different people in PA and MA did not know the unvaccinated are not allowed in restaurants etc. and that a passport system is in place.

    Also many are unaware of the mass firing of nyc health care workers this week, and that all DOE personnel including school safety officers will be fired on Friday unless they comply (they will also be ineligible for unemployment benefits). Principals and union heads are panicking at the impeding chaos but DeBlasio blithely said they can just replace teachers with substitutes. Qualifications? Speak English and be vaccinated. That’s it!

    Unvaccinated means you are a dissident at this point so that why we have the punishments and disrespect. The vaccinated aren’t feeling this personally so few are standing shoulder to shoulder with us. They need to, there needs to be mass walk outs. Only NYC has the sheer numbers of workers to make a strong statement and grind life to a halt and thus these unscientific unethical mandates. I fear this is not likely to happen

    People who chose to be vaccinated early on are either oblivious or don’t care, don’t see the possibility you described above. Or have bought into the safety/fear thing

    Outdoor mask wearing is encouraged in nyc. PSA’s on the subway state you should wear them indoors and outdoors. I couldn’t believe it. So half the people around here wear them outside. This is Totally not backed by “science” but yet people are being told to do it. To keep people in the pandemic mode

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      It is the same here. Vaccinated people have no sympathy for unvaccinated. That will changing when they realize if they don’t take the third shot they will lose their privileged status and become an untouchable like us. Some are not that bright they will be on their 3rd or 4th booster before they question any of this.

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