There is no Win/Win Solution to COVID Tyranny

I have a friend who is quick to point out that lockdowns in Alberta are a sure sign that the worst is already over.  The evil dwarf, Premier Jason Kenney, very carefully times every new restriction.  He waits until there are clear signals that the outbreak has already peaked before he removes additional rights.  The goal is, of course, to take credit for something that was already happening.  Jason must take credit for things he has not done because the things he does are criminal.

Jason Kenney is not the only politician playing this disgusting game.  Here is a news broadcaster in England pointing out the same thing.

Jason’s latest restrictions are another great example.  The % positivity was already dropping by Sept 4th.

Jason kept the case numbers high by increasing testing to make it appear that Sept 16th was the peak day.


September 16th was of course the first day of the latest round of tyranny.  Tyranny that Jason wants you to believe was necessary for your safety.  “For your safety” justified concentration camps 80 years ago.

My friend is not the only Albertan that has noticed this pattern.  Here is an Alberta doctor speaking at a town hall.  He can predict new regulations by his falling caseloads.


The Doctor also takes the time to point out that the crisis in our health care system did not start with COVID.  It started 6 years ago under the watchful eye of Alberta’s second biggest mistake, Rachel Notley.  Rachel is the former Premier and current leader of the opposition.

Canadians are enamored with Government run health care.  This is something that I just do not understand.  I can understand wanting some sort of safety net providing funding.  No one should face financial ruin for medical treatment.  I just don’t understand why anyone would want government both funding and running the system.

No politician in history has trampled Albertans’ rights as thoroughly as Jason Kenney.  In the last 2 years Jason has used COVID regulations to destroy, even end lives.  He has done this with absolutely no political opposition.  Rachael Notley, and her merry band of communists, have been cheering every evil decree from the sidelines.  Jason and Rachel are evil.  They have no redeeming qualities as human beings.  Why on earth would you want people of such low moral fiber hiring and firing nurses?

This malady affects every government run health system in Canada.  Here is a hospital in Windsor Ontario firing staff who will not take the Jab.

This is at the direction of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.  If you carefully examined Doug Ford under a microscope you would find no desirable qualities.  Doug is stupid and every bit as evil as Jason and Rachel.

If there was a single influential politician in this country with even an ounce of empathy, things would have been very different.  Far fewer people would have died.  More and more papers are being publish about the deadly consequences of lockdowns and they are finally getting media attention.

“We fail to find that SIP policies saved lives. To the contrary, we find a positive association between SIP policies and excess deaths. We find that following the implementation of SIP policies, excess mortality increases.”


Some in the media are also starting to discuss the futility of masking and social distancing.


Soon even the most catatonic among us will wake up and realize what our “leaders” have done.  When that happens it will not be pretty.  Our “leaders” are smart enough to have noticed their precarious position.  If even 10% of the population stands up and says no, the game is over.  Maybe that is why Politicians are now lashing out in fear.


Hold fast, do not succumb and do not capitulate.  This goes one of two ways.  We either lose our freedom forever, or the politicians do.  Let it be them.