Government Enforced Medical Neglect Kills more than the Virus

A few days ago I posted part of an interview of Dr. Ryan Cole.  In the snippet that I posted Dr. Cole was discussing how the COVID jabs are suppressing natural immunity.  This is already leading to increased infections and even cancer.  A friend of mine found the entire 30 minute interview and sent it to me.

The 30 minute interview covers much we have been discussing on this blog.  Dr. Cole did produce one startling statistic I have not found before.  Following the McCullough COVID treatment protocol results in 86% fewer COVID deaths.  The flow chart below is the protocol from a paper published by Dr. McCullough.

Notice that he recommends that the patient should immediately receive 2 or more anti-virals.  He uses the evil Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  Yes the most vilified drug in the western world is part of a protocol saving thousands of lives.  Ivermectin is another strong anti-viral that has also been used with great success.  Both drugs have a good long term safety records.  Governments have discouraged or outright banned the use of both.  They prefer doctors only use jabs with absolutely no long term safety data.

You can watch the whole interview below.


The protocol and the results have been published in medical journals.  I found it in less than one minute, with one search using Duckduckgo.  The entire paper can be seen here.

There is no way that doctors are not aware of this protocol.  So why aren’t all doctors using it then?  Maybe the answer is in the Project Veritas’s video.  If you have not seen the video you can find it here.

Doctors in this hospital will not use Ivermectin because they fear government reprisals.  They would rather let patients die than risk the ire of government.  We are definitely in a pandemic but it has little to do with COVID.  We have a pandemic of unconstrained government evil and medical neglect.

The Hippocratic Oath used to say “first do no harm”.  At some point in the last 2 years it became,

“First check with government.  Then do the harm that they dictate”. 

Doctors should be ashamed.

When will Canadians wake up and smell the Vaccine Failure?

In the following Video Ron DeSantis is answering a question about President Biden’s vaccine mandate.  During his answer he points out something that I discussed over a week ago.


Now that almost everyone is vaccinated the US has 300% more COVID cases.  This is a happening in every heavily vaccinated country in the world.  Last summer with no vaccines we had no problem.  This summer with vaccines we have a problem.  For anyone capable of critical thought that would indicate the vaccines have made things worse.  Most people are just not capable of critical thought.

Yesterday there was a federal election in Canada.  Nothing changed.  Only one Party campaigned to restore freedom and rein in the tyranny of the provincial premiers.  That party was the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).  They received only 5% of the vote and failed to elect a single representative.  95% of Canadians chose tyranny.  95% of Canadians are not capable of critical thought.

Parties that support forcing people to take unnecessary and harmful medical treatments captured almost 100% of the vote.  Canadians aren’t just stupid they are also sadistic.  If Canadians were not so stupid and sadistic they might have noticed that while no country has had success with vaccines 100% of the countries using Ivermectin have had success.  El Salvador is another good example.


Canada chose lockdowns and mRNA vaccines.  We were told they were following the science.  That is a little hard to swallow since neither lockdowns or mRNA vaccines had ever been used before.  When does science ever tell you to go all in on something that has absolutely no data supporting it?  Canadian politicians looked down on countries that used Ivermectin even though Ivermectin has solid science backing it up.  So which approach was correct?  The Canadian pseudo-science or actual science.  Maybe this plot can tell us.

India, Indonesia, and El Salvador used Ivermectin and have about half as many deaths as Canada.  None of those countries is dealing with surging infections from ADE either.  When are we going to stop jabbing people and just distribute Ivermectin that sane, rational countries are already having success with?

I can’t be certain but I believe George Carlin is describing Canadian Federal elections.

Western Governments are Culling the Herd

I pulled this video from Ivor Cummins twitter feed.  It illustrates the insanity of the current vaccine debate.


This fellow was able to see the humor in the vaccine mandates but unfortunately at this point it is gallows humor.  It is impossible to think that the mandates are not part of a more sinister plan.

I was sent the following 2 videos by 2 different people yesterday.  They are both worth watching although you need some time for the second one.

This first video details how Remdesivir was used exclusively in America. When I watched this video a light went on.  Early on in the Pandemic I was tracking deaths.  I found historic data for a few countries and I was comparing the 2019/20 cold and flu season to historical averages.  What I found was that the COVID deaths seemed to be over reported.  Every country had a spike in the spring of 2020 but the spike was not large enough to account for the official COVID death total.  In Canada the spike only accounted for about 60% of the deaths and in Sweden it was about 50%.

I concluded at the time that Health authorities were listing COVID as the cause of death on non-COVID deaths.  They were obviously inflating the numbers to scare people.  There was one exception, the US.  In the US the official COVID total was almost exactly accounted for in the death spikes.  I thought this was odd.  Other countries had to inflate the numbers to scare people but the US did not.  Excess numbers of people in the US were dying.  I could not figure out why the US was so different than most other countries.

After watching this video I now understand.  Remdesivir was used to kill people.  The deaths were all listed as COVID and, of course, Anthony Fauci was orchestrating it.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.  Sorry I can’t embed the video.  You must follow the link.

The next video carries much the same message.  Since Anthony Fauci was hording all the Remdesivir, the NIH had to find another way to kill people.  Their solution was to overdose seniors in care homes with a sedative.  This killed 2 birds with one stone.  It pumped up the COVID numbers and cut costs.  Care homes in Britain are government funded.  People in care homes are expensive to keep alive.  This was government cost cutting on a whole other level.


Some countries chose creative accounting to inflate their numbers.  The US and the UK chose murder.  All of this to force a needle in to your arm.  The Jabs are most definitely not for your health.   The Jabs do seem to have a purpose and it is not to eliminate a virus.  Governments appear to be culling the herd.

I have a friend who is as cynical as me when it comes to Government.  He too can’t find a reason for the jabs other than government sponsored genocide.  He has been watching Euromomo carefully for any excess deaths and frankly right now it is hard to see.  But that is the point of the jabs, isn’t it.  Deaths from the Jabs is a slow moving freight train.  Some people will die quickly others will die much later from various immune system problems.  We won’t see a huge spike just a gradual increase in mortality from a myriad of maladies.  All the government must do to keep it going is keep us lining up for boosters.

We are witnessing pure evil.  If you support boosters, mandates, and passports not only are you misguided.  You are complicit with murder.


COVID Vaccines could be the largest Crime in History

I wish I did not have to say I told you so, but here it is.

Pfizer and Moderna say COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes after six to eight months (

For months I have been telling people that the way the jabs work there is no way that they are not temporary.  Pfizer and Moderna now admit that the jabs work for 6 to 8 months.  Real world data indicates it is closer to 4 months.

Everyone involved in this crime always knew this.  They just didn’t bother to tell you that fully vaccinated means multiple booster shots every year.  The province of British Columbia is starting a booster program on the same day they introduced vaccine passports.  Israel is on their 3rd shot and are preparing a 4th because 3 shot people are already turning up in hospitals.

Of course there are still people not willing to admit what a blunder this is.  The following is an excerpt from the new article.

“Philip Krause and Marion Gruber, co-authored a report this week that concluded there was not enough evidence to justify a booster program.”

Philip and Marion are missing the point completely.  There was never enough evidence to justify the first 2 shots but we did it anyway.  Now we are starting a third with even less evidence.  We are getting progressively less intelligent.  Add that to the list of vaccine adverse events.

The real crime is not the non-disclosure of the jab’s temporary nature.  That is small potatoes compared to concealing the jabs damage your immune system.  ADE might just be the tip of the iceberg.  Here is a video of Dr. Cole explain that the Jabs destroy killer T cells necessary for a healthy immune system.  He is already seeing an increase in other infectious diseases and cancer.


This crime is enormous and they are actively covering their tracks.  The push for jabs and the draconian imposition of Vaccine passports does just that.  If everyone is vaccinated it will be hard to prove what they did.  The crime will be apparent if un-jabbed remain healthy while jabbed suffer from serious, mysterious, maladies.

The number of people involved in this crime is staggering.  In this case the media is cooperating by filming crisis actors.


Even the hospitals are involved.  These doctors and administrators are caught discussing how to falsify the numbers to scare you in to getting jabbed.

We have not seen this level of evil since the fall of the Soviet Union.  In the west we have not seen this level of evil in centuries.  Forcing jabs on everyone will not end this because it is not, and never has been, about a virus.  It might already be too late to wake up.

Mandating Jabs is Murder

There have been 2 main approaches to COVID.  Wealthy countries opted for Tyranny and Jabs.  Poor countries opted for freedom and Ivermectin.  The plot below shows how well Tyranny has worked.

Tyranny and Jabs have produced nearly 3 times as many deaths.  If India had not stopped using Ivermectin that multiple would have been closer to 5.  India quickly discovered their error and have gone back to Ivermectin.  Not only that they have arrested and charged the WHO official that convinced them to stop.

This is not over.  Jabbing countries will see many more deaths this winter as ADE take firm hold.  India on the other hand will not have a problem.  The Jabs are criminal.  Politicians forcing them on the public are murderers.  There is no other word for it.

Israel and England prove ADE Increases COVID cases by 25 to 30%

A friend of mine saw my recent post on ADE in England.  He took the time to look at the most recent data in Israel.  This is what he got.

The plot looks very similar to the one I produced for England with one notable exception.  For England vaccinated under 40 were still protected.  I speculated this was due to people under 40 being vaccinated more recently.  This plot supports that theory.  Under 40 in Israel have been vaccinated for longer and experience ADE like all the other age groups.  Also of interest is vaccines for people over 80 do seem to give some protection.  Although nowhere near the 90+% the makers claim.

This plot does not make the vaccines look good and it is skewed in favor of the vaccines.  People with one dose are included in the unvaccinated category.  If they were included in the vaccinated category things would look even worse for the vaccines.

The data from Israel and England is definitive.  The Jabs offer marginal protection to people over 80.  People over 80 are high risk.  They are the only ones we should have jabbed in the first place.  For everyone else the jabs make things much worse.  Our politicians have committed one of the greatest crimes in History with these chemicals.

This isn’t over yet.  Yesterday the evil troll running Alberta ramped up pressure on the un-Jabbed.  This is happening all over Canada.  Our political elite will not be happy until they have harmed every Canadian.  We are at a cross roads we all either submit or we make these Bastards pay for this heinous crime.

Jason Kenney is Evil and Alberta’s Worst Mistake

Jason Kenney always tells us he does not want to do something evil right before he does something evil.  He was up to his old tricks again yesterday.  After repeatedly telling us he would not institute vaccine passports because they were illegal in Canada, Jason instituted a vaccine passport.

Jason does not call it a vaccine passport.  He calls it a restriction exemption program.  Businesses must operate at 1/3 capacity if they want to serve unvaccinated.  If you only serve vaccinated you can operate at full capacity.  So businesses must choose.  Break the law and require customers to disclose personal medical information, or run under unprofitable conditions.

Now we know why Albertan’s did not have Vaccine passports before.  It took Jason time and an army of lawyers to figure out how to get around the law.  Jason Kenney is easily the biggest mistake Albertans have ever made.  He is evil, plain and simple.  Alberta, Canada, and the world would be much better off without Jason Kenney.

Alberta’s Brain Injured CMO is not done Injuring Us

The most dangerous woman in Alberta is up to her old tricks.

You can read the article here.

Deena Hinshaw wants you to believe removing the restrictions on July 1st led us to the problems in mid-September.  Sorry Deena but the dates just don’t work.  The % positivity in Alberta started to increase on July 14th.  That is close but not close enough.  The virus has a 4 to 5 day incubation period.  If removing the restrictions caused this we should have seen cases start increasing a week earlier.

Alberta’s neighbor to the west, British Columbia saw % positivity start to increase on July 16th; only 2 days later.  This cannot be correlated to a removal of restrictions because BC already had fewer restrictions than Alberta well before July 1st.  The only existing correlation between restrictions and outcome is the correlation between restrictions and excess deaths.  If you want to kill more people have more restrictions.  Deena loves restrictions.

At no time in the interview does Deena attempt to explain how this could happen when 80% of adults and teenagers in Alberta are already vaccinated.  She does state unequivocally that Vaccine passports work and she would like to see them implemented.  According to the top doctor in the province vaccines don’t work without government issued documentation.

The Elephant in the room is, of course, ADE.  Vaccinated people are now getting sick and the timing was very predictable.  ADE sets in 4 to 6 months after vaccination.  Alberta started giving the second Jab in high numbers on June 1st, 3.5 months ago.

Onset of ADE is less predictable than the virus incubation period which can be measured in the lab.  I am not going to quibble over 2 weeks especially when Canada did not follow the vaccine instructions and had far more than the recommended time between 1st and 2nd jabs.  The timing is also identical to BC who did not change restrictions on July 1st.  BC started the 2nd jabs at the same time as Alberta and their cases started increasing, almost to the day, at the same time as Alberta.

The Obvious cause of our problems are the Jabs.  Deena’s solution is to carry around a piece of paper that proves you are part of the problem.  Is she that Stupid or that Evil?

Deena Hinshaw has a medical degree.  That boggles my mind.  I know a few doctors.  None are as dense as Deena.  The average person on the street is not as stupid as Deena.  I can think of 3 explanations for Deena’s lack of medical acumen and common sense.

  1. She is enormously dishonest and has a complete lack of empathy.
  2. She does not really have a Medical degree and Jason Kenney was too stupid to check.
  3. She suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury after receiving her medical degree.

The Most likely explanations are A and C.  I am going to go with C, since she honestly seems to believe the crap that comes out of her mouth.  Also a traumatic brain injury can cause the personality traits in explanation A.  Deena Hinshaw needs some sort of therapy and Albertans desperately need to get rid of her.  Our nightmare won’t end otherwise.

Are you Tired of the Government Lying about the Vaccines Yet?

This is what Vaccines have done for the province of Alberta.

Thanks to the jabs Alberta now has 18 times as many people in the hospital and 28 times as many people in the hospital than 1 year ago.  There are now 10 times as many new cases per day.

First we were told that the vaccines would prevent infection.  This was an obvious lie because even the Vaccine makers did not claim that.  Then, when it was apparent that people were getting sick, they trotted out the backup lie; vaccinated people would become less ill.  If that were the case why are they filling up the hospitals?  Not only that but we have more hospitalizations per new case than last year.  Las year we had 3 people in the ICU for every 100 new cases.  This year it is 12.  Vaccines have made infections 400% worse.

This will be blamed on the unvaccinated.  No attempt will be made to explain why things get worse as more people get jabbed.  Why bother?  People have short memories.  Most can’t even remember what it was like to have rights.  The solution to this problem is simple.

  • Step 1 – stop vaccinating.
  • Step 2 – Throw Premier Jason Kenny, Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw, and Health Minister Tyler Shandro in prison.

Why I CHOOSE not to be Vaccinated

The Moronic Man-child is watching his poll numbers drop.  Mr. “Sunny Ways” is not taking it well and he is lashing out at those who don’t agree with him.


Apparently I am hateful and misogynistic.  I think that will come as quite a surprise to my family, especially my wife and daughter.

The Man-child is not very bright but I will try to explain this to him anyway.  I am not anti-vax and have taken many vaccines.  I just do not want to take this jab that you are dishonestly calling a vaccine.  Calling something a vaccine does not make it a vaccine.  If you fill a syringe with heroin it is still heroin.  Calling it a vaccine does not suddenly make it a vaccine or safe.

There are 4 reasons why I have chosen not to take these treatments.


  1. I do not need it.

I am under 60, fit, with no preexisting health conditions.  Statistically influenzas is a greater risk to me than COVID.  I choose not to take the flu vaccines so why would I choose these Jabs?


  1. Not only do the Jabs not work they make things worse.

Every previous attempt at Coronavirus vaccines failed due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  This is a curious phenomenon seen with some viruses where a vaccine causes your own antibodies to help the virus rather than destroy it.  We had every reason to expect it with these treatments and we are now seeing it in the data.

Data out of Israel shows vaccine recipients are over represented in the case data.  Now we have this data out of England that is even worse.

Here it is graphically.

For people over 40 the jabs increase your chance of getting COVID by 30%.  Does this mean that the jabs work for people under 40?  Not likely.  Remember the Jabs were not given on a first come first serve basis.  Older people were jabbed first.  The jabs do seem to work at first, ADE sets in 4 to 6 months after injection.

People under 40 who have been jabbed more recently will soon start to exhibit ADE.  This is exactly what they saw in the animal trials so no one should be surprised by this.  There is no way the people behind this did not know the jabs would make things worse.  They did this knowing it would make more people sick.

Curiously the Jabs are not causing problems for people over 80.  Unfortunately they are not providing much benefit either, so why bother?


  1. The Jabs are not safe

The data on this is also clear.  According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) the Jabs have killed more people than all other Vaccines combined.  I know that many people have taken the jabs with mild or no side effects.  Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone.  Many people are now dealing with potentially permanent, life altering, injuries.  People like this young woman.

Accepting the Jab is playing Russian roulette.  Not everyone gets the same outcome.  The risk might be low but why would I take any risk for a treatment that I do not need?  A treatment that in 4 to 6 months will leave me more susceptible to the virus.


  1. I do not trust my government


Anything the government wants me to do this badly cannot be good for me.  I don’t know why you would need any more reason than that.


I woke up this morning in British Columbia.  Because I have common sense and no desire to be part of the problem, I am now a pariah.  As of today I cannot enter a restaurant or fitness facility in British Columbia.  I am OK with that.  I know the types of places that I am allowed to enter will continue to dwindle.  Soon I will not be able to buy groceries.  That evil Bastard John Horgan wants to see me dead.  If he can’t kill me with a vaccine he will just starve me.  All in the name of Public safety.