Israel and England prove ADE Increases COVID cases by 25 to 30%

A friend of mine saw my recent post on ADE in England.  He took the time to look at the most recent data in Israel.  This is what he got.

The plot looks very similar to the one I produced for England with one notable exception.  For England vaccinated under 40 were still protected.  I speculated this was due to people under 40 being vaccinated more recently.  This plot supports that theory.  Under 40 in Israel have been vaccinated for longer and experience ADE like all the other age groups.  Also of interest is vaccines for people over 80 do seem to give some protection.  Although nowhere near the 90+% the makers claim.

This plot does not make the vaccines look good and it is skewed in favor of the vaccines.  People with one dose are included in the unvaccinated category.  If they were included in the vaccinated category things would look even worse for the vaccines.

The data from Israel and England is definitive.  The Jabs offer marginal protection to people over 80.  People over 80 are high risk.  They are the only ones we should have jabbed in the first place.  For everyone else the jabs make things much worse.  Our politicians have committed one of the greatest crimes in History with these chemicals.

This isn’t over yet.  Yesterday the evil troll running Alberta ramped up pressure on the un-Jabbed.  This is happening all over Canada.  Our political elite will not be happy until they have harmed every Canadian.  We are at a cross roads we all either submit or we make these Bastards pay for this heinous crime.