Jason Kenney is Evil and Alberta’s Worst Mistake

Jason Kenney always tells us he does not want to do something evil right before he does something evil.  He was up to his old tricks again yesterday.  After repeatedly telling us he would not institute vaccine passports because they were illegal in Canada, Jason instituted a vaccine passport.

Jason does not call it a vaccine passport.  He calls it a restriction exemption program.  Businesses must operate at 1/3 capacity if they want to serve unvaccinated.  If you only serve vaccinated you can operate at full capacity.  So businesses must choose.  Break the law and require customers to disclose personal medical information, or run under unprofitable conditions.

Now we know why Albertan’s did not have Vaccine passports before.  It took Jason time and an army of lawyers to figure out how to get around the law.  Jason Kenney is easily the biggest mistake Albertans have ever made.  He is evil, plain and simple.  Alberta, Canada, and the world would be much better off without Jason Kenney.