Is There a Vaccine that Eliminates Politicians? That I would take.

Australia and New Zealand are clearly leading when it comes to COVID tyranny.  Unfortunately, those 2 reprehensible regimes seem to be the role model for Canadian politicians.  They aspire to that level of tyranny.  There is just the formalities of a federal election to get through first.

This short video is the 5 leaders of the largest federal parties imploring you to get vaccinated.


To film this video the 5 leaders are strategically spaced 2 meters apart.  That 2 meter distance is larger than the distance between any of their policies.  They are all promising the same things. The central plank in every platform is elimination of rights.  It is nothing but 5 shades of tyranny.

Presumably all of them are fully vaccinated yet they still social distance.  Are they trying to demonstrate that the vaccines do not work while they are urging us to get vaccinated?  It does not matter how this election turns out.  The end result is the same.  Canadians will continue to get screwed by government.

Provincially Canadians do not fare any better.  The opening few seconds of this video is John Horgan.  Horgan is the Premier of British Columbia, the third largest Canadian Province.


In just a few seconds John Horgan demonstrates why he should never have been allowed to hold any public office or position of authority.  First let’s start with the obvious lie underpinning his argument.  Horgan says he is not taking rights from unvaccinated he is giving more rights to vaccinated.  What rights are those John?  The right to go to a store or restaurant?  They had those rights before.  John Horgan is allowing vaccinated to retain some rights in exchange for relinquishing their right to bodily autonomy.  John Horgan is not giving rights to anyone.  He is just taking fewer rights from the vaccinated.

So John Horgan is an obvious liar but that is not the most important thing to consider.  This is; rights are not given by government.  They are given by GOD.  Good governments guarantee and protect rights.  Poor governments trample them.  John Horgan’s government and every other Canadian government falls is in the latter category.

There is certainly a pandemic right now but it is not COVID 19.  In the west we have a pandemic of poor government.  This pandemic is caused by a larger pandemic of voter stupidity.  We continue to elect people of low intellect and moral fiber.  People need to wake up and realize that the virus is not the problem, politicians are the problem.  I cannot say it more eloquently than this Scottish broadcaster.




Creepy Joe Declares War

Joe Biden has had a very busy 2 weeks.  First he declared the war in Afghanistan over.  Then he started a new war.  Yesterday Joe Biden declared war on unvaccinated Americans.  Creepy Joe Is OK dealing with the Taliban as the new head of state.  He thinks he can work with them.  Unvaccinated, on the other hand, he finds completely intolerable.


I am not surprised Joe finds it easier to deal with Taliban than unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated people are free thinkers.  Since Joe does not think at all he finds it hard to relate to them.  The Taliban is another story.  With the Taliban Joe can find some common ground.  After all, many of the Taliban are also pedophiles.

Joe certainly has a talented speech writer.  It would not be easy to pack any more lies in to 3 minutes than he has done in this clip.  I am not shocked that Creepy Joe lies so easily.  He is a politician and he is likely not aware he is lying in the first place.  Joe just reads someone else’s lies off a teleprompter.  He does not think about what he is reading since, as I mentioned, Joe does not think.

Creepy Joe repeated the vaccine mantra that COVID vaccines are safe, effective, and free.  Not a single word in that slogan is true.  Joe even proves some of it to be false in his own speech.  Let’s take a minute and examine each pertinent word in that slogan.



COVID Vaccines are not vaccines.  They do not function at all like a traditional vaccine.  They do not prevent infection and the benefits are temporary.  The jabs are being called vaccines because that is a word people are familiar with.  It puts them at ease.  Almost everyone has been vaccinated for something.  By calling the jabs vaccines, people are more willing to take them.



By the standard of any real vaccine these Jabs are not safe.  The COVID Jabs have already killed far more people than all other vaccines combined.  This death toll is sure to climb.  Surviving the initial period after injection does not mean you are safe.  Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will claim many more lives over the next few months.

You can go here to read about a recently published study showing that the jabs are 6 times more dangerous to teenagers than the virus.

How can the jabs be safe when they are more dangerous than the virus?



Almost in the same breath Joe declares he must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated but the science is clear that fully vaccinated people are protected.  So why do vaccinated need protection from unvaccinated then?  Are unvaccinated people inherently violent?  If so why are they all not in prison already?  Either the science is not that clear or Joe is just confused again.

To convince us that the vaccines are effective Joe quotes this.  Only 1 out of every 5000 vaccinated people will become infected each day.  That sounds really impressive until you do the math.  1/5000 per day is 7.5%/year.  After 2 full seasons of COVID 12.5 % of Americans have tested positive.  That is 6.25%/year.  Joe just admitted that vaccinations increase your odds of getting COVID.

Joe’s math is not wrong.  Hospitals are already seeing the results of the jabs “effectiveness”

Cases and hospitalizations are up 300% and 160% respectively from this time last year.  Joe wants you to believe that we have a “pandemic of unvaccinated”.  Logically that makes no sense.  Over half the population has been jabbed.  If the Jabs worked America would have half as many cases right now not 4 times as many.

It is clear that not only do the jabs not work, they are making things much worse. The only way the jabs can be considered effective is if their true purpose is to increase infections.  With each passing day it is harder and harder to deny that conclusion.  Creepy Joe’s handlers want to vaccinate you because they want this to go on forever.  Creepy Joe himself just wants ice-cream and a quiet place to rest.



This is the easiest claim to debunk.  It may come as a shock to lefties but nothing in life is free.  Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca: none of these companies are giving the vaccine away.  They are in this for the Benjamins and Joe is making sure the Benjamins flow.  Money that Joe spends is taken from taxpayers.  Even when Joe prints money he still takes from taxpayers through inflation.


I am not surprised that Joe is an incoherent liar.  He was that before dementia set in.  What never ceases to amaze me though is how easily people will accept these lies.  Nothing that Joe said could not be debunked with even a little critical thought.  We are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic alright.  A pandemic of terminal, rampant, stupidity.  The first step to the cure is to look up from your smart phone and observe reality.



Governments are Preparing for a Harsh Winter

My brother sent me this video yesterday.



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♬ Suspense, Tension, Electronic Music – OYKT

A government in the UK is looking to expand  morgue capacity.  After 2 seasons of COVID we did nothing but fret about hospital capacity.  Despite our concerns we spent no money to increase hospital capacity.  Morgues are a different story.  Government is willing to spend whatever it takes to expand morgue capacity.  I don’t have a degree in hospital administration but this makes no sense to me.  If we expanded hospital capacity couldn’t we get by with smaller morgues?

Obviously governments are anticipating drastically increased mortality.  Do you think seismologists are predicting some sort of massive calamity?  Or do you think that government is preparing for something far easier to predict?  Like maybe mass extermination with vaccines?  Or mass extermination of those who refuse the vaccines?

My bet is on the former.  Governments see data that you and I are not allowed to.  Data like why people are really in the hospital.  The only way you would know the truth is if you worked in a Hospital like this woman.



♬ original sound – Herb Ages

VACCINES ARE MAKING THINGS WORSE.  If the side effects don’t kill you the ADE will.  All of this will be blamed on some variant and used as an excuse for vaccine mandates.  The dead and dying will be used as a tool to kill more people.

Just 2 days ago I discussed a video from Dr. Yeadon.  He pointed out there is no benign reason for vaccine passports and mandates.  These 2 videos seem to confirm his suspicions.

Once again India Shows the West how it is done.

Some days I think COVID has driven the whole world mad.  Then I remind myself it is not the whole word, just the western world.  There are still pockets of sanity.  Mexico is one.  The Mexican president a few weeks ago declared Mexico would not be held hostage by the vaccine companies.  At the time that little bit of pushback felt good, but this is even better.

First a little backstory.  Indian doctors were routinely prescribing Ivermectin at the first sign of COVID symptoms.  This was working exceptionally well so the WHO stepped in and convinced them to stop in April 2021.  Cases skyrocketed, people died.  The policy was reversed and cases rapidly disappeared again.

I originally discussed this on May 22nd.  At the time I listed a number of reasons why Ivermectin is superior to the vaccines.  There is one reason that was not on the list but should have been because it is the only one that matters.  Ivermectin works and the Vaccines do not.  See the plot below comparing India to 3 highly vaccinated countries.

Developing countries like India Can’t afford the level of stupidity on display in Europe and North America.  In the west we force healthy people to take a dangerous and ineffective treatment to prevent a bad flu.  Indian physicians prescribe a common pill to sick people.  In the west when someone causes thousands of deaths we give them Emmys and book deals (Andrew Cuomo).  When someone uses lies and corrosion to get doctors to harm people we turn them in to folk heroes (Anthony Fauci).  In India when someone does those things they charge them with murder.

My heart leapt up when I read this story.  I never thought I would see the day when any of the architects of this fraud would be punished.  This is unlikely to ever happen in the west but the west is finished anyway.  Our wealth used to bring comfort and security.  Now all it brings is terminal rampant stupidity,

“They” want to Vaccinate You, Repeatedly

Here is another video by Dr. Yeadon, former Pfizer executive. Sorry I can’t embed it you need to follow the link to see it.


Dr. Yeadon makes some very interesting points.  2 of which I want to discuss today.  At around the 8 minute mark he discusses variants.  The SARS CoV-2 virus is not a variant of the original SARS CoV-1 virus.  It is a completely different coronavirus.  Even though they are 2 different viruses they are still very similar.  80% of their genome is the same.  The 20% difference is enough to make them 2 separate viruses but that is not how your body’s immune system sees them.  Researchers have found that people who were previously infected with the SARS CoV-1 virus are immune to the SARS CoV-2 virus.  20% is not enough to fool your immune system.

So what does this have to do with variants?  The variants are actually different versions of the original virus.  They are more than 99.7% the same.  If a 20% difference does not make any difference to your immune system why does 0.3%?  We are told ad nauseam that we need boosters because the vaccines were designed for the original virus not the variants.  That is why we see “breakthrough” infections.  Like everything else the government has told you about COVID, this is a lie.  Breakthrough infections are not proof you need a booster they are proof the vaccines don’t work.

The vaccines do not work.  Anyone paying attention knows that by now.  We also never needed them in the first place.  Anyone under the age of 70 is at a greater risk of dying from influenzas than of COVID.  For people truly at risk there are many treatments that work well and are readily available.  So why is there such a push to inject everyone on earth with a vaccine that is not needed and does not work?  That brings us to Dr. Yeadon’s second interesting point.

There is no benign reason for vaccine mandates.  Governments are not doing this because they are concerned about your health.  They are solely concern that there are too many of us.  There are many solutions to that perceived problem but they are all just different shades of murder.  A bullet would be the quickest solution but we would never line up for that.  We are, however, perfectly willing to line up for COVID vaccine boosters.

Dr. Yeadon finishes by lamenting that he fears he is just a voice in the wilderness.  His message does not reach enough people.  He has not been silenced because he is not a threat.  If he ever developed a large audience “they” would silence him.  Everything that is happening seems to be carefully choreographed.  There is someone or some group pulling strings and moving this along to the inevitable vaccine passports.  These shadowy people are the “they” that Dr. Yeadon mentions.

Every conspiracy theorist has an ill-defined “they”.  That is why so many people chose to look the other way.  It all sounds too James Bondish.  If you still can’t accept that “they” are using COVID as a smoke screen for something sinister consider this.  How many times have you heard Joe Biden say “they” told me not to take questions?  Don’t you wonder who tells the president of the USA what he can and can’t do?  Could it be “they”?

Justin Trudeau is a Super Spreader of COVID Stupidity.

This is Canada’s Prime Moron on a campaign stop.


Incredibly this moronic man-child has already been prime minister for 6 years.  After 6 years you should be able to run on your record and promise more of the same.  Justin can’t use this strategy because he would be promising to continue to fail and embarrass Canada on the international stage.  So Justin has no choice but to run on a promise to do something new.  That something new is vaccine mandates and passports.  Justin Trudeau is desperately trying to make mandates and passports the central issue of the federal election campaign.

For people to accept this they must first be convinced of the necessity.  The tactic Justin is using is demonizing the unvaccinated.  According to Justin there is no evil in the world that can’t be solved by holding people down and injecting them against their will.  Except of course for the evil of holding people down and injecting them against their will.  One big evil act by government to eliminate all other evil acts by citizens.

For this to work Justin needs you to fear, even hate, unvaccinated people.  The last card he plays is lockdowns.  If you don’t help hunt down and inject the hold outs, the economy cannot survive.  Largely because the government will kill it with lock downs.

It is amazing how the media and government have been able to control the lockdown narrative.  People accept that lockdowns work despite the total lack of supporting evidence.  We are starting in to our third lockdown and no one is curious about why the first 2 did not “stop the spread”.  Australia has gone into full lockdown lunacy.  Here is how well it is working.

Not only do lockdowns not work, they data says they lead to more not less deaths.  The more stringent the lockdown the higher the excess deaths.  You may remember this plot from a previous post.

How many people is Australia killing right now?  How many people is Justin Trudeau willing to kill with lockdowns just to force vaccinations on us?

Justin wants Canadian’s to believe economic destruction and government sanctioned murder is the only option if people won’t vaccinate.  Because of course, the unvaccinated are spreading disease and filling the hospitals.  Too bad that is just another lie.  Don’t take my word for it just listen to this hospital worker.


Hospitals are not full but they are dealing with a higher volume than normal for this time of year.  The extra volume is vaccinated people.  This does not portend well for this winter.  We are about to have a very deadly winter.

Once again I am shocked at how easily Canadians will accept absurd lies uttered by morons with a track record of deceit.  In the past 2 winters when no one was vaccinated we did not overwhelm our hospitals.  How will we overwhelm hospitals this year when the majority of people are vaccinated?  The threat of an impending lockdown is an admission things are worse now that people are vaccinated.  Justin is unintentionally telling the truth for once.   The vaccines have made things worse not better. Unfortunately, few people have noticed; including Justin.

If you want a Glimpse of the COVID Future turn to Israel

Israelis haven’t even finished with their 3rd jab and their government is already preparing for a fourth.

The Israeli government is in full blown panic mode because of the surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations.  See the plot below.

Israel vaccinated their population faster than any other industrialized country.  The plot below compares Israel to several significant countries.

We are witnessing the spectacular failure of COVID vaccines in Israel.  The first 2 jabs did not work so a third was mandated.  Already 3 jabbers have shown up in hospitals with COVID.  The Israeli government is hoping the fourth time is a charm.  Talk about doubling down on stupid.  If the first 3 jabs have not worked what makes them think a fourth will?  How many jabs will it take before we abandon these toxic white elephants?

The situation in Israel is even worse than it looks.  In all likelihood Israel had already reached herd immunity before the vaccination programs began.  This was something I pointed out February 27th.  So was I wrong on February 27th?  How could Israel have such a problem after herd immunity was established?

These toxic jabs have many nasty side effects.  The worst side effect is of course sudden death.  Right now in Israel we are witnessing what might be the next worst side effect.  It seems the Jabs destroy natural immunity.  The video below is Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe explaining how.



This is not new.  Months ago I posted that the Red Cross would no longer allow vaccinated people to donate convalescent plasma.  Their stated reason was that the vaccines seemed to be destroying natural immunity.  The destruction of natural immunity coupled with ADE is on full display in Israel now.  If not for the vaccines, Israel would have very few COVID cases.  A fourth jab will only make things worse.

Canadians should be watching with trepidation right now.  We will be there in a couple of months.  Just in time for the peak of flu season.

Israel may have gotten there first but we are headed to the same place.  Every Canadian federal leader is touting some sort of vaccine mandate right now.  Why the hell would we want what Israel has?  This needs to stop.  It needs to stop now before we make the problem worse.

But we won’t stop of course.  The vaccines are doing exactly what they were intended to do.  Sudden death, ADE, and the destruction of natural immunity are not side effects.  If they were we would have stopped this nonsense before now.  The only logical conclusion is that COVID jabs are doing exactly what politicians want them to do. The jabs were never meant to end the pandemic or lessen suffering.  They are to prolong the pandemic and kill people.

This is not about a virus.

Alberta Health Services is just another Weapon wielded by Government.

The attached audio file is the taped phone conversation between a seriously ill woman and someone from Alberta Health Services (AHS).  In Canada the provincial governments provide health care.  The government does not just pay the bills they run the whole system.  They are the sole provider of almost all health services.  That’s what makes this phone conversation so ominous.


This woman is seriously ill.  She will die without a lung transplant but all that concerns AHS is whether she is vaccinated.  First the AHS employee tries to convince her that modern medicine does many things with terrible side effects so the vaccine is no big deal.  What she does not say is that those risks are taken because there is no other option.  That is not the case with COVID.

For 10 minutes she tries every argument to convince her patient, then she resorts to a threat.   No jab no transplant.  She is so worried about post-transplant complications from COVID that she thinks the better option is to let the patient die from lung failure.  Ironically if she takes the vaccine she may also die from lung failure.  Isn’t socialized medicine grand?

Everyone who advocates for socialized medicine needs to understand; anything provided by the government can be withheld on a whim.  Most people think that vaccine passports are just for discretionary activities.  Recreational activities like travel, concerts, and dinner outings.  Those things are just where it starts.  Alberta doesn’t even have vaccine passports yet, somehow, you need one to access health care.

All roads lead to vaccine passports and the control that they give governments over every aspect of our lives.  Or in this poor woman’s case; even control over her death.

The Changing Definition of Fully Vaccinated

The 2 jab vaccine with yearly/quarterly/monthly boosters is working so well that Pfizer is developing a twice daily pill to go with it.


You can see Pfizer’s press release here.

This makes me wonder how you define fully vaccinated now.  Vaccine passports are being introduced everywhere.  If you want to do ordinary things like go to a restaurant or concert you need to prove you are fully vaccinated.  Just 2 months ago that was defined as having submitted to 2 Jabs of an experimental toxin.  That quickly morphed in to 3 jabs then to semiyearly boosters.

Today totally vaccinated is 2 or more injections per year for the rest of your life.  Pfizer thinks it should be twice yearly jabs and twice daily pills?  The Jabs are easy to track.  You need to show up at a government/Pfizer controlled clinic to get them.  How will you update your vaccination records to prove you have taken the pills?  Will you need to line up every morning and evening so that some government/pharmaceutical representative can witness it?

An excerpt from their press release is reproduced below.


If successful, PF-07321332/ritonavir has the potential to address a significant unmet medical need, providing patients with a novel oral therapy that could be prescribed at the first sign of infection, without requiring hospitalization.


The pill is to address a significant unmet medical need.  I hate to rain on Pfizer’s current multi-trillion dollar wet dream, but that pill already exists.  It is called Ivermetin.  Seriously when will we finally say no to these charlatans?  This has gone on long enough.  No more jabs.  No more pills, unless it is Ivermectin.

If we had simply let the virus run its normal course this would be over by now.  Politicians and pharmaceutical companies have successfully prolonged this with toxins.  All of this was done to strip us of rights and wealth.  Enough is enough.  Time to take back what was stolen.


Why have only one Leaky Lab when you can have Millions

On May 22nd I posted reasons why Ivermectin is superior to the COVID vaccines.  India, Indonesia, and Mexico quickly broke the cycle of infection with Ivermectin.  No country has been able to do that with vaccines.  Quite the opposite, highly vaccinated countries have experienced soaring infections.

By now it should be clear we should jettison the vaccines and turn to Ivermectin.  If you are still in doubt here is some more data that makes it crystal clear.

Japanese researchers compared COVID deaths and cases for African countries that used Ivermectin to those that did not.  The blue countries and blue line are the Ivermectin regions.  Those countries are almost unaffected by COVID.

If our governments were concerned about stopping this Pandemic we would have started Ivermectin treatments a year ago.  The Vaccines are not helping and were never necessary in the first place.  So again I ask, just what is the real purpose of the vaccines?  These researchers might have answered that question.

Below are their findings.

Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.

Vaccinated people have enormously high viral loads.  Anthony Fauci no longer needs to build viruses in Wuhan.  He now has millions of mobile laboratories all over the world.  Vaccines have turned people in to virus incubators. Incubators that are just as leaky as the Wuhan Virology Institute.  The vaccinated are now potential super spreaders.

The purpose of the vaccines is clear.  Their sole purpose is to prolong the epidemic.  With Vaccine mandates and quarterly boosters this will never end.