Governments are Preparing for a Harsh Winter

My brother sent me this video yesterday.



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A government in the UK is looking to expand  morgue capacity.  After 2 seasons of COVID we did nothing but fret about hospital capacity.  Despite our concerns we spent no money to increase hospital capacity.  Morgues are a different story.  Government is willing to spend whatever it takes to expand morgue capacity.  I don’t have a degree in hospital administration but this makes no sense to me.  If we expanded hospital capacity couldn’t we get by with smaller morgues?

Obviously governments are anticipating drastically increased mortality.  Do you think seismologists are predicting some sort of massive calamity?  Or do you think that government is preparing for something far easier to predict?  Like maybe mass extermination with vaccines?  Or mass extermination of those who refuse the vaccines?

My bet is on the former.  Governments see data that you and I are not allowed to.  Data like why people are really in the hospital.  The only way you would know the truth is if you worked in a Hospital like this woman.



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VACCINES ARE MAKING THINGS WORSE.  If the side effects don’t kill you the ADE will.  All of this will be blamed on some variant and used as an excuse for vaccine mandates.  The dead and dying will be used as a tool to kill more people.

Just 2 days ago I discussed a video from Dr. Yeadon.  He pointed out there is no benign reason for vaccine passports and mandates.  These 2 videos seem to confirm his suspicions.