Creepy Joe Declares War

Joe Biden has had a very busy 2 weeks.  First he declared the war in Afghanistan over.  Then he started a new war.  Yesterday Joe Biden declared war on unvaccinated Americans.  Creepy Joe Is OK dealing with the Taliban as the new head of state.  He thinks he can work with them.  Unvaccinated, on the other hand, he finds completely intolerable.


I am not surprised Joe finds it easier to deal with Taliban than unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated people are free thinkers.  Since Joe does not think at all he finds it hard to relate to them.  The Taliban is another story.  With the Taliban Joe can find some common ground.  After all, many of the Taliban are also pedophiles.

Joe certainly has a talented speech writer.  It would not be easy to pack any more lies in to 3 minutes than he has done in this clip.  I am not shocked that Creepy Joe lies so easily.  He is a politician and he is likely not aware he is lying in the first place.  Joe just reads someone else’s lies off a teleprompter.  He does not think about what he is reading since, as I mentioned, Joe does not think.

Creepy Joe repeated the vaccine mantra that COVID vaccines are safe, effective, and free.  Not a single word in that slogan is true.  Joe even proves some of it to be false in his own speech.  Let’s take a minute and examine each pertinent word in that slogan.



COVID Vaccines are not vaccines.  They do not function at all like a traditional vaccine.  They do not prevent infection and the benefits are temporary.  The jabs are being called vaccines because that is a word people are familiar with.  It puts them at ease.  Almost everyone has been vaccinated for something.  By calling the jabs vaccines, people are more willing to take them.



By the standard of any real vaccine these Jabs are not safe.  The COVID Jabs have already killed far more people than all other vaccines combined.  This death toll is sure to climb.  Surviving the initial period after injection does not mean you are safe.  Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will claim many more lives over the next few months.

You can go here to read about a recently published study showing that the jabs are 6 times more dangerous to teenagers than the virus.

How can the jabs be safe when they are more dangerous than the virus?



Almost in the same breath Joe declares he must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated but the science is clear that fully vaccinated people are protected.  So why do vaccinated need protection from unvaccinated then?  Are unvaccinated people inherently violent?  If so why are they all not in prison already?  Either the science is not that clear or Joe is just confused again.

To convince us that the vaccines are effective Joe quotes this.  Only 1 out of every 5000 vaccinated people will become infected each day.  That sounds really impressive until you do the math.  1/5000 per day is 7.5%/year.  After 2 full seasons of COVID 12.5 % of Americans have tested positive.  That is 6.25%/year.  Joe just admitted that vaccinations increase your odds of getting COVID.

Joe’s math is not wrong.  Hospitals are already seeing the results of the jabs “effectiveness”

Cases and hospitalizations are up 300% and 160% respectively from this time last year.  Joe wants you to believe that we have a “pandemic of unvaccinated”.  Logically that makes no sense.  Over half the population has been jabbed.  If the Jabs worked America would have half as many cases right now not 4 times as many.

It is clear that not only do the jabs not work, they are making things much worse. The only way the jabs can be considered effective is if their true purpose is to increase infections.  With each passing day it is harder and harder to deny that conclusion.  Creepy Joe’s handlers want to vaccinate you because they want this to go on forever.  Creepy Joe himself just wants ice-cream and a quiet place to rest.



This is the easiest claim to debunk.  It may come as a shock to lefties but nothing in life is free.  Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca: none of these companies are giving the vaccine away.  They are in this for the Benjamins and Joe is making sure the Benjamins flow.  Money that Joe spends is taken from taxpayers.  Even when Joe prints money he still takes from taxpayers through inflation.


I am not surprised that Joe is an incoherent liar.  He was that before dementia set in.  What never ceases to amaze me though is how easily people will accept these lies.  Nothing that Joe said could not be debunked with even a little critical thought.  We are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic alright.  A pandemic of terminal, rampant, stupidity.  The first step to the cure is to look up from your smart phone and observe reality.



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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I think sleepy Joe considers it a great day if he wakes up in the morning and finds no lump of crap in his pyjamas.

  2. Dale
    Dale says:

    Governments all over have really ramped up the push to get “vaccinated” the last couple of weeks. Could it be that they are trying to cover their ass before the masses realize that the unvaccinated are making out better than the vaccinated?

  3. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Your analysis is spot on. I immediately caught the 1 in 5000 per day comment. As I am a geek, I took 3 seconds to estimate the math in my head and laughed out loud at what he just admitted. It literally took 3 seconds of grade 3 math. Now, it is possible he got it wrong, like when he said 250 million Americans had already died of C*¥!d.

    But I’m with you, I’m continually dumbfounded and shocked at how people can’t see the lies they are being told.

  4. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I will add that I do think more people are waking up daily. It’s just very slow. It brings to mind the quote below:

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
    Charles Mackay

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