Is There a Vaccine that Eliminates Politicians? That I would take.

Australia and New Zealand are clearly leading when it comes to COVID tyranny.  Unfortunately, those 2 reprehensible regimes seem to be the role model for Canadian politicians.  They aspire to that level of tyranny.  There is just the formalities of a federal election to get through first.

This short video is the 5 leaders of the largest federal parties imploring you to get vaccinated.


To film this video the 5 leaders are strategically spaced 2 meters apart.  That 2 meter distance is larger than the distance between any of their policies.  They are all promising the same things. The central plank in every platform is elimination of rights.  It is nothing but 5 shades of tyranny.

Presumably all of them are fully vaccinated yet they still social distance.  Are they trying to demonstrate that the vaccines do not work while they are urging us to get vaccinated?  It does not matter how this election turns out.  The end result is the same.  Canadians will continue to get screwed by government.

Provincially Canadians do not fare any better.  The opening few seconds of this video is John Horgan.  Horgan is the Premier of British Columbia, the third largest Canadian Province.


In just a few seconds John Horgan demonstrates why he should never have been allowed to hold any public office or position of authority.  First let’s start with the obvious lie underpinning his argument.  Horgan says he is not taking rights from unvaccinated he is giving more rights to vaccinated.  What rights are those John?  The right to go to a store or restaurant?  They had those rights before.  John Horgan is allowing vaccinated to retain some rights in exchange for relinquishing their right to bodily autonomy.  John Horgan is not giving rights to anyone.  He is just taking fewer rights from the vaccinated.

So John Horgan is an obvious liar but that is not the most important thing to consider.  This is; rights are not given by government.  They are given by GOD.  Good governments guarantee and protect rights.  Poor governments trample them.  John Horgan’s government and every other Canadian government falls is in the latter category.

There is certainly a pandemic right now but it is not COVID 19.  In the west we have a pandemic of poor government.  This pandemic is caused by a larger pandemic of voter stupidity.  We continue to elect people of low intellect and moral fiber.  People need to wake up and realize that the virus is not the problem, politicians are the problem.  I cannot say it more eloquently than this Scottish broadcaster.




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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    We are going to a big protest today organized by NY Teachers for Choice ( This is a group that sprang up this past year lead by NYC teacher Michael Kane. The last protest on Aug. 25 drew thousands and not just teachers but other city workers and non-city workers. This is a great site to see how NYC teachers who are against mandates are handling this and steps they are taking including lawsuits. They are also a resources for non-teachers. They don’t want mandates for themselves and they are certain that if they are mandated, children will be too. I’m sure you saw FDA is set to “approve” shots for kids 5-11 next month.

    I wanted to share some info I got from an 8/29 post on Michael Kane’s Blog on The title is Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You:

    “New York State is on a path to bring biometric identification and tracking systems into public and private school buildings as early as 2022. This includes facial recognition, retina scans, tracking devices, biometric digital identity, blockchain technology and much more. Unfortunately it is unclear if our teacher unions will be supporting this “brave new” endevour or if they will protect the fundamental rights of teachers and students. Additionally even if New York teacher unions say they will not suppport biometric systems in our schools, can we trust them?

    More and more our unions are looking like nothing more than a partner with the biosecurity state. New York union bosses Randi Weingarten and Michael Mulgrew stated they did not support mandatory vaccination of educators, and look where we are today! Both flip-flopped their positions and now TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and our supporters are desperately fighting against forced COVID vaccination to keep our jobs in New York City.

    On February 1st I published a report titled Is NYC Headed For Biometric Digital Student Passports? Digital Identity and the Gamification of Education, where I predicted that NYC will soon be introducing a biometric digital passport for students to attend school. Now Daneille Tauriello, a Long Island teacher and TEACHER FOR CHOICE member, has discovered an addition to the education law in New York that will begin the process of bringing digital biometric systems into all New York Schools. This law was passed long before the COVID crisis began, and calls for the discussion to begin in January of 2022 regarding bringing biometric technology into New York schools.”

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Erica, after I read your comment I went and found the voter ID laws in new York. You have to show ID while registering to vote but not to vote. That seems to be an intentional loop hole for fraud. So New York politicians are more concerned about the identity of elementary students than voters. That is insane.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    Thanks for the replies Tim and the info Richard. It is insane. More illogical, insane policies and rules…..

    School started in NYC yesterday. Children are made to sit on the ground outdoors for lunch. There will be no group projects, field trips or parties. Outdoor recess kids must be masked and distanced. I read a post from a mom who said children watch tv during lunch so they are discouraged from talking to each other without their masks on. Seems like appropriately dehumanizing precursors to digital tracking/surveillance of children….

    Richard, what is the platform you use or how did you make this blog? It’s easy to use and read. I might have to start keeping one if only to keep track of all this INSANITY

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Erica, the platform is WordPress. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much more than that. I am not all that interested in computers or even being on the internet. The only social media platform I am on is linkedin. I only started this because people were not getting the truth. I have a friend that runs a small computer business. He hooked me up with a web designer I paid to set the sight up. I agree with you this inanity needs to be documented. I still hope more people will find my site or sites like it to get past all the lies.

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