Fear not science is being used to impoverish Everyone

I found this video of Kari Mullis from several years ago.  Mullis the inventor of the PCR technique was discussing climate change, or rather the lack of evidence that CO2 is causing climate change.


Mullis is 100% correct.  There is little to no evidence that our recent warming has had anything to do with CO2.  As a matter of fact there is very little evidence that CO2 has ever been the primary driver of climate.  The sun is our source of heat and it is the sun that drives our climate.



A trace gas (CO2) has nothing to do with our climate; it’s the sun. If we get further away from the sun, it gets cooler, and if we get closer to the sun, it gets warmer.

So if the earth is not really warming and the climate is not really changing, why are we told there is a problem?  Because the models says so that’s why.  The only place where dangerous climate change is occurring is in the computer models.  The models predict a cataclysmic future so politicians tell us we have no choice but to pay higher taxes.  It is a real shame the models are just more climate alarmist garbage.

One of the biggest problems with climate science, as it stands, is that it cannot explain the natural variations in the Earth’s temperatures, which have swung wildly more than anything predicted from human activity. Clearly, those natural variations need to be understood first before adding in anything that human beings do.

The models that predict a cataclysmic future cannot be used to match past data.  The ability to match known data is the primary quality control check for a computer model.  If it cannot match known conditions it cannot be used to predict future events.  The models are junk because the science is junk.

If the science was truly settled there would be a set of equations that could be used to calculate the temperature of the earth at any moment in time.  Those equations do not exist.  It is therefore impossible to build a climate model that can accurately predict the future temperature of the earth.

To recap then the theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming (global warming) is not supported by the earth’s energy balance or the historical data.  The entire fraud rests on computer models built with equations that have never been proven.  In a sane world we would tell the climate alarmist to go away and come back when their “science” is not so easily disproven.  I would give anything to live in a world with that level of insanity.

Climate alarmism exists not because the science says we have a problem but because the great reset has a problem; people have too much money.  The great reset requires us to own nothing and be completely dependent on the government.  Climate change policies are designed to make that happen.  Carbon taxes are nothing more than the government confiscating your money.

As Rex Murphy has written, “Here’s what the carbon tax is. A kick in the shins to Alberta. A depressant on the greatest source of the Canadian economy. A useless, immeasurable money grab.”

People we elected are actively stealing our wealth and arrogantly telling us we just need to get used to being poor.

British households and businesses need to accept that they are worse off and should stop asking for wage increases and pushing prices higher, the Bank of England’s chief economist, Huw Pill, said on Tuesday.

COVID and climate Change are tools government uses to transfer wealth from ordinary people to the elite; the new royal class.  Government policy is to impoverish us and make it impossible for anyone other than the new royalty to own property.


When politicians talk about a net zero economy they are not talking about CO2.  Net zero refers to your after tax disposable income.  After taxes and basic living expenses you will have exactly zero left to spend.  Your life will be drudgery theirs will be luxury.  Did you vote for that?  Too bad because it is happening.  Will you continue to watch it happen or will you say no?

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Alberta has an election coming up. Just watch how many foolish govt loving suckers will vote for Notley. They love no freedoms and no money left from their paycheck ( if they even keep their job after she’s killed business in Alberta)

    • Derek
      Derek says:

      It’s the cities, and the rise of the (unfortunately) large millenial generation. They are saturated with media. Crafted narratives become perceived as reality. Hive mind develops. Look at the unhinged city governments elected in Edmonton and Calgary. Same story right across the western world.

      Large cities are for followers. They are weak and chronically frightened. They accept top down central dictates in return for assurances of ‘safety’.

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