Fake and Scripted

Have you ever noticed that no matter who gets elected nothing really changes?  The ridiculous destructive policies of the last government never get changed by the new government even though the new government made campaign promises to do exactly such.  Years ago a Canadian Politician named Preston Manning described the group think in Canada’s capital as Ottawashing.  Manning vowed to change things when he finally got to Ottawa.  Manning did rise to leader of the opposition but when he got to Ottawa, Ottawa did not change, Manning did.

So is there a hive mind mentality in the centers of power or is something else going on?  Could it be that the people we elect are not the ones making decisions and actually have very little influence over what happens?  It certainly seems that way to me.  Take Joe Biden for instance.  I don’t think any rational person believes Joe Biden is in charge.  So who, then, is in charge of the most powerful nation on earth?  Is it the person who writes the questions and answers for Joe?

Joe Biden will face fresh questions about his fitness for office after he unwittingly brandished a cheat sheet that contained a vetted question from a journalist.

Joe says what he is told to say and he is not the exception.  This video is a senior Ontario Government official at the peak of the COVID pandemic.  A hot mike moment catches her admitting she just reads what someone else has written.  Apparently she takes no part in the pandemic response even though on paper it is her job to do so.


Incidents like these show that modern politicians and journalists are nothing more than actors.  They are handed a script which they are expected to follow; no adlibbing allowed.  Anyone who can’t be counted to stick to the script is carefully kept out of the way when anything important happens.  There is a reason why Justin Trudeau never met with the Freedom Convoy and left the country when the PSAC strike started.  The script writes are not confident that someone as stupid and narcissistic as Justin will be able to stick to the script.

I don’t know who is really in charge in either Canada or the US.  That is not supposed to be the way democracies work but it is the way modern democracies work.  Your vote doesn’t matter because the real decision makers are never on the ballot.  They do not need your vote.