Contempt is called for

Just yesterday I posted that the media no longer seems willing to support the previous COVID narrative but don’t mistake that to mean that they will now tell the truth.  The media is now just supporting the new COVID narrative; that all the ineffective policies were just well intentioned mistakes.  This is also a laughable lie largely because government never does anything with good intentions.

Despite this being another obvious lie I expect the media to beat this particular drum loudly.  If the media can convince you COVID was just a series of unfortunate mistake then their role in the plandemic can be forgiven.  Two days ago New York Times Magazine tried to use this new narrative to exonerate the world’s largest COVID criminal Anthony Fauci.

The Times and Fauci were very clear, mistakes were made and in their estimation there was something at the root of all those mistakes.  If you think it might greed and totalitarian ideology the Times and Fauci want you to know that you are wrong.  The root cause of all COVID mistakes was too many human rights and not enough government intervention.

Very conspicuously, American vaccination rates never approached the levels of peer nations — and the problem wasn’t just the anti-vaccine right. Quarantine guidance was abruptly shortened in the midst of the Omicron variant, when thresholds of community-spread levels were suddenly redefined as well. There was no effective paid sick leave instituted, and the official end of the pandemic emergency on May 11 imperils the Medicaid coverage of 15 million Americans. 

Tucker Carlson is absolutely correct the Media is part of the control apparatus.


I also agree with Tucker when he says the media should be treated with maximum contempt.  That is how they treat us; why would we not respond in kind?