Re-writing History

The sociopathic liar that China chose to be Prime Minister of Canada tried to re-write history yesterday.  Apparently he never forced anyone to take the COVID vax.  Technically he is correct his mandate for federal workers did allow them to choose unemployment and house arrest rather than vaccination.


As per usual every word that came out of his mouth was a lie yet I still find this video interesting.  Trudeau has never felt the need to explain himself before.  Anyone who did not immediately agree with him was just branded a racist and misogynist.  If that doesn’t work he normally turns his back and arrogantly walks away.  So what caused him to sit and try to explain himself this time?  Could it be that the media is no longer willing to carry the COVID narrative?

Major publications are slowly inching up to the truth.  You know they would not do this if they felt they could continue to lie.  The whole COVID narrative is getting too dangerous to maintain which is causing all the criminals to propose their own historical re-writes.  Re-writing history is a delicate business for people with blood on their hands.  The New York post is trying to write off their involvement by claiming that everything was one big mistake.

But none of this was a mistake.  It was not a mistake to force pregnant women to take a treatment that was never tested for safety on pregnant women.  No one is that stupid.  There is no way they did not know how dangerous this was.  The COVID narrative was not a series of cascading mistakes.  It was one gigantic orchestrated lie.

Don’t let the liars re-write history.  Collectively they are responsible for millions of deaths.  The majority of COVID deaths would not have happened without their interference and without vaccine mandates; no one would have been killed by a vax they did not willingly take.


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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    I saw that. How anyone can believe anything that comes out of that treasonous criminal’s mouth is beyond me. It’s clear he is capable of looking you square in the eye and saying things everyone knows are lies. That’s antisocial personality disorder.

    Towards the end of 2022 he was on twitter imploring young mothers to get their babies injected with this stuff. Now he is trying to censor the internet and sign over Canadian sovereignty to the WHO.

    Trudeau, Freeland and Tam belong in prison. The same can be said for most of their provincial counterparts and their obedient whores in big media.

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