COVID was devastating to Rule of Law

Democracy is nice but not necessary; rule of law is essential.  In fact democracy without rule of law is nothing more than anarchy.  If the will of the majority trumps all else then rules can change overnight on a whim.  If the majority decides someone needs to die then they die; no other justification is necessary.

Below is the Oxford dictionary definition of rule of law.

The restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws.

Oxford dictionary left out one very important part. It is not enough just to have laws.  To truly have rule of law those laws must be applied consistently to everyone.  That is why modern western politicians have such disdain for rule of law; it takes all the fun out of governing.

Modern western politicians yearn for a return to feudalism where laws change based on their personal benefit and are applied arbitrarily to punish their opponents.  That is precisely why they went all in on COVID.  COVID provided an opportunity to suspend rule of law almost indefinitely.  Politicians were fee to plunder national treasuries and even personal bank accounts.  They could change rules weekly with no votes and then send police to beat any who don’t comply.  For them it was endlessly entertaining.

COVID has finally lost its grip on public fear but that has not heralded a return to rule of law.  Politicians are busy crafting laws that make rule of law impossible.  In France you can go to prison for flipping the bird to a politician.

The three are reportedly thought to have fallen foul of a draconian law in the country that forbids statements that “affect the personal dignity or the respect owed to a public official”

How would you even defend yourself against this charge?  How could you prove you did not offend Macron’s dignity when he never had any in the first place?  This law enshrines the concept that different people have different levels of protection.  You can raise your middle finger to anyone you want, except politicians.  French politicians are now special and are afforded special legal consideration.  By law, laws are no longer applied evenly in France; I.E. they no longer have rule of law.

The same thing is happening more covertly in Canada.  Justin Trudeau is trying to pass a law that would allow unelected bureaucrats to make rules that carry the weight of law.

Specifically, it would allow all federal regulatory organizations the ability to make internal government documents into law via “incorporation by reference.” This would give these internal documents the same authority as government regulations.

This is a great way to take voters out of the picture completely.  Justin can get some anonymous bureaucrat to change any rule he wants.  He can override pesky rules that require things like elections.  If you don’t believe that can happen then you do not understand the nature of either Justin Trudeau or the typical government bureaucrat.  This law will allow Justin to run the country without ever interrupting his many vacations.

Opposition leaders slammed what they called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “lack of judgment” Tuesday after it was revealed he spent his Christmas vacation at the Jamaica home of a wealthy donor to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

You cannot have a functioning society without rule of law and rule of law is under attack everywhere.  If you want your children to be free you need to start pushing back on these elitist, entitled, brats.  The law must apply to everyone including them.  No one should ever have absolute power especially sociopaths like Justin Trudeau and Emanuel Macron.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Bravo Richard.
    I have argued for years that people mistakenly think democracy is what made (yes, past tense) our society great. Whereas it was rule of law. At best, democracy was the icing on the cake. At worst, democracy can be used to vote away the rule of law. And that has effectively already happened.

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