There is no benign Explanation

The COVID vaccines were a very bad idea.  To start they are not vaccines because they do not expose you to the actual virus.  You cannot build immunity to something you have never been exposed to.  It is not surprising then, that the Jabs do not provide immunity and also do not prevent infection or transmission.  This is, of course, not what you were told when you rolled up your sleeve.  You were lied to.

The people responsible for this had to have known they were lying because it was not difficult to figure out that these treatments would not work.  A little internet research and logic would have led any intelligent person to that conclusion.  I did that research and wrote this in August of 2021.

So from my own research and a little logic I was able to determine that without T cells these treatments would be temporary and would not prevent infection.  Or even disease for that matter.  The whole endeavor took about 2 hours of internet searching. 

Even if you were skeptical of my logic when I wrote those statements there was already Israelis data proving the jabs did not prevent infection.

If Vaccines prevented infection, then most of the new cases should have been unvaccinated people.  That was not the case.  Vaccines made absolutely no difference.  In each age group the % in new infections in vaccinated people exactly matched their percentage in the general population.

So before the mandates any intelligent person knew that the Jabs at best would offer partial temporary protection.  That is not much benefit from an experimental treatment with unknown long term health effects.  Vitamin D supplements were a much better option which is exactly why you were never given an option.  Take the Jab or lose your job and withdraw from public life.

Billions of people were coerced to take the jabs and 2 years later we find our worst fears realized.  The Partial protection was worthless.  It did not reduce COVID deaths and the side effects have been far worse than anyone could have anticipated.  People have been killed and permanently disabled while vaccinated children are now 6000 times more likely to have heart problems.


The problem is so large that most people know someone who has been injured which is why few people are willing to take boosters.  Some governments are even being forced to abandon their vaccine mandates but unfortunately the damage is already done.  With each passing day researchers are discovery ways that the Jabs can cause injury and many of those injuries will shorten lives.  One researcher now believes the spike proteins may cause premature aging.

They theorized that spike preys on our DNA, and that repeated exposure will prematurely age us, leading to earlier death by natural causes. “Spike is spike. The more the worse,”

There was never any rational justification for vaccine mandates.  Any intelligent person could see the risk far outweighed the benefits.  There is no benign explanation for the government’s stance on these experimental treatments.  This was a crime plain and simple.