Masks, Politics, and Religion

Three weeks ago I discussed a Danish mask study that could not find a publisher.  I speculated that if the Study showed that masks were effective the study would have been published easily.  Well that study has finally been published you can see it here.

Over a period of 2 months nearly 6000 people took part.  ½ the people were given surgical masks and asked to wear them every day.  Half went without masks.  After 2 months 1.8% of the people wearing masks got infected and 2.1% of the people without masks got infected.  So the mask worked a little right?  No, not really, in a study of this size 1.8% to 2.1% is not statistically significant.  From this study you have to conclude that masks make no difference.

This study has been done for weeks but no one would publish a study that concluded masks did not work before the US election.  Curious how the science is so dependent on politics.  Joe Biden did not have a platform other than a national mask mandate.  If a study came out before the election confirming that papa Joe was an idiot things would not have went so well for him.

So masks do not help and cause their own set of problems.  That pretty much makes masks equivalent to politicians.  Every scientific journal conspired to make sure that voters did not know that until after the US election.  Tell me again how Covid 19 is not all about politics.

Last week the evil troll that heads the NIAID told us masks would still be necessary even after the vaccines are available.  You can see the article here.

After we Vaccinate the at-risk population why would we need masks?  All this time we have been told that we need masks and social distancing so that we do not kill our Parents and Grandparents.  After they have been vaccinated what possible use could we have for masks?  This morning as I drove to work one news anchor stated (I am paraphrasing a little) “It doesn’t matter if masks work, they are about being polite so just wear a damn mask”.  So, we no longer need a mask to prevent becoming senior serial killers we need them to demonstrate how polite and caring we are.

The city I live in is under a mask mandate.  Veils Masks are now mandatory indoors almost everywhere.  Now that the best available science says that masks don’t make any difference do you think any politician will drop their mask mandates?  I won’t hold my breath.  Veils Masks have never been about the science or the virus.  They are about demonstrating piety towards our self-anointed Gods in government.

How long will we put up with this?  It is time for a new religion where the gods are not so evil, stupid, and petty.