Meet the New Pandemic Response Plan, Same as the Old Pandemic Response Plan

Yesterday Deena Hinshaw repeated her hand wringing performance for the cameras.  After Deena was done expressing her deep concern about the number of cases and hospitalizations the media went to Rachel Notley for comment.  Rachal thinks “we have lost control of the virus”.  Good Lord Rachel is stupid.  No one has control over a virus.  This virus likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan China.  Even with safety protocols and trained staff they could not “control” this virus.

It is not that shocking that Rachel thinks she can control a virus.  An old school communist like her believes the government can, and should, control everything.  It is also not shocking that Deena Hinshaw has done nothing useful since March.  Top level Bureaucrats and politicians can be measured on 2 scales: uselessness and destructiveness.  Deena Hinshaw is the gold standard they use to calibrate both of those scales.

Corona viruses are seasonal.  There was no way that we would not see increasing cases through the fall and winter.  Anyone with an average IQ and some common sense knew that.  These increasing cases did, however, come as a surprise to every politician and chief medical officer in Canada.  I think you can read in between the lines and understand what that says about their intellect and common sense.

We have had 9 months to prepare for the predictable increases in cases and what have we done?  The answer is not much.  We are worried again about stretching our medical resources too thin.  Why do we not have more medical resources at our disposal now than we had in March?  Don’t you think we should hire someone to coordinate this; we could call them our chief medical officer.  Wait a minute, I see a flaw in my plan already.  For 9 months Denna appeared on TV to wring her hands and relay information like a parrot that was taught to repeat medical jargon rather than swear.  What good did that do any of us?

In May a paper was published that showed one of the key factors in lowering deaths was the number of nurses a country had.  See the plot below.

If we had a competent chief medical officer, she would have taken this information and tried to find a way to get more nurses.  We had 9 months to accelerate the programs of as many RNs as possible.  We could have trained an army of LPNs in that time.  Deena was to busy performing for the camera to do any of that.

ICU space is also a concern so why do we have the same number of ICU beds now that we had in March?  Wasn’t there some way of converting more hospital space into ICU space?  Manitoba managed to build a covid concentration camp in less than 9 months.

Shouldn’t we have been able to convert a few dozen hospital rooms in the same amount of time?

We spent billions of dollars on senseless things and did not spend any time or money on anything that might have helped.  If Deena Hinshaw worked for the private sector she would have been fired long ago for incompetence.  Instead she continues to have the power of life and death over the economy.

The only thing Deena has done with her time is to plan another lockdown that is rumored to start tomorrow.  Denna loves her lockdowns because they we so successful the first time.  The plot below compares Canada to Sweden.

Canada locked down and Sweden did not.  Do you see a difference in the shape of those 2 plots?  Canada does have 3.6 times as many people as Sweden so in April Sweden’s deaths per capita were higher than Canada’s.  Now in November the situation is reversed.  Canada’s deaths per capita are higher than Sweden’s.  Deaths in Canada are rising while deaths in Sweden have been falling for 2 weeks.  Currently 2% of covid cases in Canada result in death; in Sweden it is 5 times better at only 0.4%.  Tell me again how we are better off than Sweden.  If I stripped the names off the plot and asked you which country locked down could you tell?  Yeah, that is how well the lockdowns worked the first time.

The only thing lockdowns are good for is improving political fortunes.  The Prime Moron and every premier except Jason Kenney saw their popularity soar after the first lockdown.  Canadians really are an odd bunch.  We just cannot get enough abuse from people, who on paper at least, work for us.  The first lockdown did not work for Jason, but it seems he is willing to give it another go in hopes of a better result.

Below is a re-enactment of the lockdown discussion Jason and Deena had yesterday.  To protect children, we decided that the actor playing Jason would not wear the dog collar Deena forces on him for every meeting.  We also did not portray Deena’s leash or whip.  I hope you can forgive the historical inaccuracies.