Even COVID Cultists are starting to question the Vaccines

2 things are happening.  The vaccine protection is waning and ADE is appearing.  We are seeing this in the numbers.  Breakthrough cases that are supposed to be rare are not.  Don’t worry though “experts” tell us that this means the vaccines are working.  After all serious illness and deaths are low.  This, like everything else we are told about COVID, is a lie.  The vaccines are not preventing serious illness.  The only reason we do not have more people getting sick and dying is that it is summer.

That is the scary part, thanks to the vaccines, we have way more serious cases right now than we should.  Yet to COVID cult members this too is proof that the vaccines are working.  The COVID Cult has a belief system identical to the Global Warming cult.  Hot, cold, dry, wet, stormy, calm weather are all proof of dangerous global warming.  Whatever weather you are having right now is proof your SUV is destroying the planet.  That is just like the Vaccines.  If people are not getting sick and dying it is proof vaccines are working.  When people do get sick and die, that is also proof that the vaccines are working.

There is one difference between the 2 cults.  The global warming lies have survived for decades simply because most people pay no attention to global warming.  Right now everyone is laser focused on COVID.  Lies and viruses don’t last long in the sunlight.  People are starting to notice.  People like David Livermore, professor of medical microbiology at the University of East Anglia.  Professor Livermore just wrote this essay in which he admits vaccines will not banish the virus.


What I found interesting in this article was how reluctant even educated people are to leave the cult.  Professor Livermore still wants to believe that the vaccines have done some good.  Below is an excerpt from his essay.

“Overall, vaccines have blunted Covid but won’t eradicate it. And nor will a return of life-sapping restrictions. It is time to recognise the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be. Let’s declare a limited victory and learn to live with the residual virus. The alternative would only lead to overreach and hubris.”

He is prepared to admit vaccines are not the solution we had hoped for but he is not willing to say that they have failed.  In time only the most ardent COVID cultists will cling to that belief.  The evidence is mounting.  Not only have the vaccines failed they have made things worse.  This is a great concern for the cult leaders.  They have dispatched their most dependable liar to somehow salvage the narrative.


Anderson Cooper just gave Fauci 10 minutes to make excuses for the vaccine.  Notice how Fauci held out false hope that a single booster could provide permanent protection?  Mister 2 weeks to flatten the curve is now 1 shot to eradicate the virus.  Somehow Fauci forgot to tell you that the booster works exactly the same way as the original shots.  If you survive the side effects the protection will still only be temporary.  One booster will lead to another.  You will need to be vaccinated every year until you die.  Thanks to ADE that might come sooner than you think.

The biggest most easily disproved lie Fauci told was that the vaccines are working.  They still protect against serious disease.  If that were true then why are people showing up at hospitals?  Is he trying to say that hospitals are admitting people with only mild illness?  This is madness.  Seriously ill vaccinated people are showing up at hospitals but the COVID cultist want us to believe the vaccines prevent serious illness.  These people require serious de-programming.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    On Aug 9th I commented in your blog that I thought the Alberta’s pronouncement that all restrictions would be eliminated on August 16 would be reversed. It happened yesterday on August 12. I agree that they never intend on fully removing restrictions. unless people start “removing” the politicians in charge.

  2. Dale
    Dale says:

    Government ordered millions of doses for 2022 thru 2024. What does that tell you? This is never ending.

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