Vaccine Passports Only Benefit Tyrants

Vaccine passports have been instituted in several countries.  It is only a matter of time before our Prime Moron tries to institute them here.  In some places, most notably France, the people are pushing back.  The French are boycotting restaurants and Cafes as you can see in these videos.



To drive home the point makeshift Cafes are popping up everywhere.

I feel sorry for the Café owners.  They have suffered through 18 months of shut downs and profit killing restrictions.  Now they must deal with a boycott.  It is not their fault that any of this happened but there is a point to be made and the French are intent on making it.

France is proof that there are still people in the world that value freedom.  Unfortunately this kind of solidarity would never happen in Canada.    When vaccine passport finally arrive here I will be shocked if a single vaccinated Canadian stands up for the rights of the unvaccinated.  Canadians pretend to care about others but they really don’t.  We continuously vote for politicians that openly pledge to punish those guilty of improper thinking.  The only proper thoughts in Canada are those pre-approved by our government.

Canada was into identity politics before identity politics was cool.  It has always been divide and conquer.  Every election is about identifying the group that somehow has too much and pledging to punish them in the name of national unity.  Of course by punish I mean tax them in to submission.  Canada’s destructive politics, largely due to the first Trudeau sociopath, leaves us ripe for vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports will be lovingly embraced by most Canadians.  They will do this without even a passing thought as to why.  Thinking was conditioned out of Canadians generations ago.  Very few Canadians will ask what the purpose of vaccine passports is or how they protect anyone.  Vaccinated people still get infected, transmit the virus, and die.  With time we will find they are actually more likely to do all of those things.  Vaccinated people are also mutation generators.  They give us an unending supply of Variants prolong this ridiculous charade.

Governments want us to believe that unvaccinated people are dangerous to vaccinated people.  The reality is the opposite.  So who do the vaccine passports protect?  Are they to protect the unvaccinated from the vaccinated?  If so shouldn’t you need to prove your unvaccinated status to enter a restaurant?

If Vaccines work there would be no need for vaccines passports.  Vaccine passports are an admission that not only don’t vaccines work but they make things worse.  We do not separate the unvaccinated from each other.  We just keep them away from the vaccinated.  The government must believe the unvaccinated are a greater danger to vaccinate than other unvaccinated.

So are vaccine passports to prevent people harmed by the government, through vaccination, from suffering any more harm?  Of course not.  When has the government ever been concerned with causing harm?  Vaccine passports serve 2 non medicinal purposes.

  1. They demonstrate even more fealty to government than masks. Faking obedience by wearing a mask occasionally is relatively easy.  Proving your total obedience by receiving a toxic injection is on a whole other level.  There can be no doubt government can rely on your complete subservience.
  2. Scanning a vaccine passport multiple times a day for ordinary things is Pavlovian conditioning. The Government is conditioning you to accept that you have no rights.  You are learning that rights are really privileges granted to you in return for your blind obedience.

Once again this is not about a virus.  Vaccine passports do not protect anyone.  The French get this.  I doubt Canadians ever will.  There is a petition circulating in Canada on demanding the Canadian government institute vaccine passports. It already has over 20,000 signatures.

This is really not that difficult to understand.  None of this is for our benefit.  You cannot put it any simpler than this.


It is senseless to search the universe for intelligent life when you can’t even find it in Canada.