Even Pfizer VPs read my Blog.

I have a small group of friends and relatives that help me with this blog.  When they find interesting information they send it to me.  My brother just sent me this.  Dr. Yeadeon is retired from the pharmaceutical industry.  He retired from Pfizer as a vice president.  In 20 minutes the video covers most of what I have been ranting about for the last year.  Please take the time to watch.

At the beginning of the video Dr. Yeadeon recounts a conversation with his daughter.  His daughter has no scientific training but in her words you don’t need that.  You just need common sense.  I agree completely.  I am an engineer so I do have some scientific training.  Engineers are, after all, applied or practical scientists.  We take basic scientific principles and apply them to real life situations.  None of my scientific training has anything to do with biology but I like to think I have common sense.  Common sense tells me there is no emergency and we are being lied to.

People need to wake up.  These Vaccines DO NOT HELP.  They are a fake solution to a very fake emergency.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Impressive and compact presentation by Dr. Yeadon. But really it is a summary of everything we have discussed in this blog for 18 months. I have yet to see one piece of data or tidbit of real news that refutes what you have been saying since day one.

    Richard, you have been at the forefront of this thinkers on this since day one. We have found scientists like Dr Yeadon, Dr. Malone, Ivor Cummins etc that confirmed what we were seeing but we saw it first and independently. Kudos for keeping at your blog and bringing these truths a wider audience.

    Please don’t stop.

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