With the Pfizer Approval, Vaccine Mandates are Inevitable

The Province of British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to announce Vaccine passports.  Effective September 13th vaccine passports will be required for restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or any indoor gathering.  If you are not vaccinated you will not be allowed to attend weddings or funerals.  Ironic isn’t it.  If you have a relative that dies from the vaccine you would not be able to attend the funeral if you are not vaccinated.

Grocery and retail stores are exempt for now.  Apparently the invisible barrier that makes restaurants safe until September 13th will remain in place a little longer for retail and grocery stores.  Of course this is not about a virus or even a vaccine.  If vaccines work then only unvaccinated are at risk.  They chose to accept that risk.  How is this any different than a person accepting the risk of skydiving?

Even the tired argument about saving the health care system does not work.  We did not overwhelm the hospitals when no one was vaccinated.  How could hospitals be overwhelmed when almost everyone is vaccinated?  Either they are lying about how many people are vaccinated or the vaccines don’t work.  I know at least one of those things to be true.

Here is data on COVID deaths in Israel.

In July 94% of fatalities were vaccinated.  So far in August it is 96%.  It won’t be long before it is 100%.  COVID deaths in Israel are already disproportionately high for vaccinated people.  If the Vaccines simply did not work the % of vaccinated fatalities would be roughly equal to the % who had been vaccinated.  The fact that it is higher is proof that the vaccines are not just ineffective.  They actually make things worse.

Despite clear evidence that the Vaccines do far more harm than good the FDA just approved the Pfizer vaccine.  This was obviously political.  No other vaccines with a track record this poor could hope for approval.  Ironically by approving Pfizer the FDA has made administering any other COVID vaccine illegal.  They are all covered by an emergency authorization.  One condition for an emergency authorization is that there are no other available treatments.  Legally (in the US) doctors must stop administering anything other than Pfizer.  Do you think that will happen?  Why the hell would any government start following the law now?

Now that Pfizer has been approved I expect governments to move quickly from vaccine passports to vaccine mandates.  They desperately need to get a needle in your arm before anyone figures out how many people they have killed.  Their media lapdogs are already beating the vaccine mandate drums.

Opinion | Pfizer’s vaccine is fully authorized. It’s time for excuses to end and mandates to start. – The Washington Post

I have a very low opinion of the media and even to me that article is stunning.  Is it even possible to be more sanctimoniously stupid than Eugene Robinson?  This is the caliber of person the Washington post gives an international audience to?  Good lord, when he is not lying he is just plain stupid.  He proudly declares he is eager to get his 3rd shot.  Do you think everyone will be so eager?  Do you think that people who took the first 2 shots realized that this is a lifetime commitment?  They are now married to Pfizer; “till death do them part”.