Yahoo News is Publishing Government Lockdown Propaganda.

And the prize for the most deceptive COVID article of 2021 goes to Aria Bendix

Lockdowns must be coming again.  The Government has sent their media lackeys like Aria Bendix out to convince people not accepting lockdowns will lead to certain death.  Once again Sweden is the whipping boy.  Aria Bendix found some “experts” to claim that fewer Swedes might have died if Sweden had locked down.  The message is don’t be Sweden.  Lockdown and save lives.

There are 2 points the “experts” rely on to draw their conclusion that Sweden might have done better.

  1. Sweden had one of the highest COVID death rates in the world.
  2. Sweden’s neighbors did better than Sweden.

Let’s take a minute to examine both of these claims and present information that was conveniently ignored by the “experts”.


Sweden’s high COVID mortality.

As of yesterday Sweden had 1,438 COVID deaths per million population.  This number is quite high but 38 countries had higher COVID fatalities.  I wonder why the interviewer did not ask about them.  Maybe it was because in those 38 countries we have Belgium (14), Italy (17), USA (21), UK (22), Spain (27), Portugal (28), and France (29).  All of these major western countries utilized harsh lockdowns and did much worse than Sweden.

Also As I have previously pointed out COVID deaths are meaningless.  What you put on a death certificate can be influenced by politics.  The one thing you can’t alter is the overall body count.  Sweden had one of the lowest excess deaths % in the world.

These 2 facts alone are enough to invalidate their arguments but there is one more damning fact to consider.  COVID is basically over in Sweden while countries that locked down still have a problem.  The plot below shows COVID deaths since the end of June.  I put 3 harsh lockdown countries on the plot to compare to Sweden.

Most countries that utilized harsh lockdowns experienced far more deaths than Sweden.  They continue to see more deaths than Sweden.  Higher death totals from harsh lockdowns does not make a very convincing argument for lockdowns.


Sweden fared worse than their Neighbors.

The Neighbors they refer to are Finland and Norway.  That is why I included and highlighted them on the previous plots.  It is true that Norway and Finland did better than Sweden in both COVID deaths and excess mortality.  There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is that both those countries did even less than Sweden.

How can you possibly argue that Sweden would have done better with a harsher lockdown?  The only countries that did better than Sweden used an even lighter touch.  This whole article is nothing other than government sponsored lockdown propaganda.  The “journalist” is conditioning you to believe that we need to return to lockdowns.

Do not be fooled by this.  The evidence is clear lockdowns do not save lives.  Lockdowns take lives.  That is why they are so popular with governments.  Resist, now more than ever.