The 3 Horsemen of the COVID apocalypse

COVID should be over right now but it isn’t.  The same three things that drove the insanity in spring 2020 are still with us; profit, fear, and stupidity.  Let’s start with the most dangerous one; profit.


COVID is like communism.  It does not work for anyone except the leaders and it works exceptionally well for the leaders.  Fidel Castro was a billionaire when he died.  Nicolás Maduro is a billionaire.  Every communist dictator dies fabulously wealthy and so will the COVID conspirators.  Anthony Fauci consistently dodges questions about his royalty income.  He has good reason to do this.  By some estimates COVID increased his net worth by 5 million dollars.

It is ridiculously easy to get a new drug approved.  The drug does not need to work but the marketing campaign is essential.  Big Pharma knows step one when marketing a new drug is to give the decision makers a piece of the action.  The COVID vaccine campaign is the most successful marketing campaign in history because a lot of money found its way into the bank accounts of all the right people.

The decision makers, Senior Politicians and bureaucrats, have significant financial incentive to keep COVID alive so to speak.  But, much like communism, the average person has no incentive to continue.  It is not surprising then that western leaders have adopted the communist tactic of instilling fear.  From the beginning of this farce fear has been essential to the narrative.  You would think after nearly 3 years the fear would have worn off, but it has not.


Fear has not disappeared because the primary reason for the fear has not disappeared.  The primary reason is not the virus or the disease.  What people are afraid of most is their own government.


This woman has suffered what could be a career ending vaccine injury yet she states at the end she would do it again.  Not because she fears the virus, but she fears the government will force her in to isolation if she refuses her next shot.  I know many people who chose to be vaccinated.  Very few took the shot because they were concerned about the threat from the virus.  They were not afraid of the virus they were afraid of their own government.  They feared losing their right to travel or operate their business.

Fear has been the prevailing emotion of the last 30 months.  You were either afraid of the virus or more likely afraid of the government.  Both fit the government objectives well because fear spawns something very useful to government, stupidity.


Fear provokes a primal fight or flight response.  When you are afraid you do not think you just react.  You simply cannot think straight when you are frightened or stressed.  When the herd is frightened they follow the leader, even if it is over a cliff.  Take this Editorial by a Canadian doctor.  He has a medical degree so clearly he can think but right now thinking is not in the cards for him.  He took 4 jabs in less than 2 years and still got COVID.  If he was thinking straight he would not take another.  But that is not where his head is at.  He is upset that the 5th jab that he wants might not be available.

The point of his editorial is to urge the government to use another untested treatment like the previous untested treatment he took 4 times before getting COVID.  In his present state the good doctor is unable to use logic.  He is as cognitively impaired as Joe Biden.  Joe is senile the doctor is just afraid.  He is either irrationally afraid of the virus or rationally afraid of the government.  Either way the government gets what they want; compliance.


The obscene profit COVID provides ensures government will never let go of it.  They will continue to stoke fear and count on the stupidity the fear generates.  This will end when the fear ends.  If you want COVID to end, step back, take a deep breath, and tell the government to F$%k off.  Seriously that’s all it takes.  It should be step one of any pandemic response plan.