Can we please stop pretending?

This week Joe Biden stopped his speech to search for a dead woman.


Then later that day he got lost in a room full of people.


Can we finally stop pretending that he is in charge?  Even when he was young Joe Biden never had the cognitive ability to be president.  In his prime he rivaled Trudeau for sheer stupidity.  Joe is no longer in his prime.  Let’s be honest Joe is senile.  He has no idea where he is most of the time.  He is obviously not the one running the country.

While we are being honest can we finally dispense with the fiction that Joe Biden got more votes than any president in history?  Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes.  If you were asked by the UN to be an election observer in a third world country and you witnessed or found;

  • Thousands of dead people had voted.
  • Thousands of cognitively impaired seniors had voted
  • Boxes full of ballots trucked across borders from an unknown location
  • Boxes of ballots hidden under tables and not counted until after most people were sent home
  • Poll watchers from one party banned from watching the count
  • Election workers dragging heavy suitcases in to work
  • Election workers scanning the same ballot multiple times
  • Windows covered so no one could see the ballots being counted
  • Vote tallies changing all for one candidate in the middle of the night while no one was counting
  • Ballot counters told to go home while a select skeleton crew was allowed to remain
  • Thousands of people driving to multiple drop boxes and inserting multiple ballots each time.

Would you report back that the election was fair?  Of course not, you would report that the election cannot be trusted and the “winner” should not be recognized as legitimate.

Every one of these things was documented in the 2020 US presidential election.  The election was a sham, everyone knows that and no one says anything about it.  This was a coordinated effort and it amounted to a coup.

We live in a bizarre times.  A group of unidentified people engineered a coup on the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.  They did not even try to hide what they did and we all accepted it.  This group, whoever they are, installed a senile puppet and everyone acts like this is the most normal thing in the world.  How far are we willing to take this fiction?  Will we go to war with Russia, a nation Joe Biden can’t even find on a map?