How many Tiffany Dovers are out there?

Do you remember this?

Tiffany Dover was one of the first people to take the COVID vaccine.  As part of the propaganda program Tiffany took her shot on camera and then promptly collapsed.  This was a very inauspicious start to the vaccine roll out so they were quick to prop Tiffany up in front of the camera again so she could explain that it absolutely was not the jab that caused her to collapse.  A few days later Tiffany was on camera again this time looking very unwell.  That video has been scrubbed from the internet and Tiffany has not been seen since.

Tiffany’s sudden disappearance spawned persistent rumors that she had died.  Recently a pro-government pro-vax reporter (in 2022 is there any other kind?) decided to lay to rest the death rumors.  The reporter travelled to Tiffany’s home town for an interview.  She could not get an interview.  She did find proof of life so to speak.  Tiffany has signed a couple of mortgage documents recently but tiffany no longer works or even leaves her house.

It appears that Tiffany survived the Jab but is too ill to leave the house.  Friends and family would say nothing about tiffany’s situation.  They hinted there was a non-disclosure agreement in play that kept them from divulging any information.

Pfizer has bought Tiffany’s silence.  I don’t blame Tiffany her medical bills could be quite substantial now so taking the money was the right thing for her to do.  In some ways I don’t even blame Pfizer.  They are certainly a villain in this story but they are not the villain.  That role as always is played by government.  There is no way the government is unaware of Tiffany’s situation.  Government knows the jabs are not safe but instead of stopping they are still coercing and even forcing people to take them.  To government Tiffany is just collateral damage on the way to the great reset.

Canada prioritizes Climate Change over Nuclear Armageddon

The world is marching towards war.  Western politicians are determined to put boots on the ground in the Ukraine.  None of these “leaders” seem to be concerned about declaring war on the country that has the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.  Their stupidity is stunning.

Chrystia Freeland is Canada’s deputy prime minister and finance minister.  That makes her the second most powerful politician in Canada and Justin Trudeau’s heir apparent.  Chrystia also supports war with Russia.  She doesn’t think it will be a big deal because climate change is so much more dangerous than nuclear war.  In fact she thinks attacking Russia will be very beneficial since we can use it as an excuse to get rid of oil.

“Friend-shoring must be green,” Freeland said. “The curse of oil is real and so is the dependence of many countries on the world’s petro-tyrants. Friend-shoring can defend liberal democracies and help preserve the planet, if one of our objectives is to speed up the green transition.”

The article is written by John Ivison.  I have written about John before.  He is one of the least intelligent most dedicated branch COVIDian’s in the country.  John has proved that he is not that bright and even he knows that Freeland is bat shit crazy.

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is a good and necessary thing. But it is astonishing that Freeland could quote Leon Trotsky saying: “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” and then conclude that the preeminent threat is climate change.

The person most likely to succeed Justin Trudeau thinks that the imaginary problem of greenhouse gasses is more dangerous than nuclear Armageddon.  Make no mistake about it Anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is a very imaginary problem.  I have written about this before.  There really is not much energy CO2 can capture so it does not take much CO2 to capture it all.  Beyond about 300 ppm CO2 has done most of the warming that it can do.  CO2 cannot capture energy that is not there.  That is why higher concentrations have made very little difference in the past.


Tom Harris correctly points out that the data has never supported the theory.  There is no positive feedback loop from water vapor that enhances the effect of CO2.  If this were the case the climate would be chaotically unstable.  The earth would have burned up billions of years before humans ever stepped foot on it.

Human induced Climate change is one of the most ridiculous theories ever proposed and Canada sees nuclear war as a great opportunity to address this imaginary problem.  Canada is screwed.  At this point I don’t believe it can be fixed.

How do you get Emergency Use Authorization when there is no Emergency?

The FDA just gave emergency use authorization to Moderna for Child boosters.  Moderna can now inject children 6 and older without fear of legal repercussions.  After 3 years of the pandemic and nearly 2 years of vaccinations how can this happen?  Where is the emergency?  COVID was never really an emergency even for adults.  Children are even less susceptible to COVID than Adults.  There is no way you can argue that we have an emergency that requires injecting children.

This week Pfizer finally admitted the obvious; there is no evidence that the jabs prevent infection or disease.  That admission destroys the often used argument children need to be injected to prevent transmission.  That argument was disgusting even without this new admission.  Children do not have a responsibility to protect adults.  Any adult who argued children should be exposed to risk, essentially used as shields, to protect adults, has no redeeming qualities as a human being.

The people who issued this approval should be ashamed of themselves.  Unfortunately the FDA is staffed full of people who know no shame; largely because they are clueless.  FDA Peter Marks (M.D. Ph.D.) highlighted that cluelessness with his statement in the official press release.  His statement is possibly the most nonsensical statement ever uttered about COVID vaccinations.  That says a lot when you consider the volume of nonsense western media has already issued about COVID vaccinations.  I guess that is what you need a PHD for; so that you can exceed the stupidity of the average journalist.  Below is his statement.

“While it has largely been the case that COVID-19 tends to be less severe in children than adults, as the various waves of COVID-19 have occurred, more children have gotten sick with the disease and have been hospitalized. Children may also experience long-term effects, even following initially mild disease. 

Peter has packed so much crazy in one statement I must unpack it one piece at a time.  The organization that Peter works for just gave emergency use authorization which implies that an emergency exists.  Someone should have explained that to Peter because the first line of his statement refutes the emergency, “COVID-19 tends to be less severe in children”.  How is a mild disease an emergency?

Peter then goes on to explain that this mild disease is still an emergency because the longer it goes the more children who get sick and hospitalized.  Are we supposed to believe that without COVID no child would ever be sick and hospitalized, or that now any time a child gets hospitalized we have an emergency that requires injecting every child with untested chemicals?

The last part of Peter’s statement is the cherry on top of the excrement Sunday he just served up.  We need to worry about unknown long term effects of even mild disease but we don’t need to worry about unknown long term effects of the vaccine.  That would be illogical even if the vaccine worked.  It is downright stupid when you consider the vaccines do not prevent mild disease.   So to protect children from possible long term effects of mild disease we must expose them to the short and long term risks of a treatment that does not prevent mild disease.

This is the kind of reasoning being used to push a treatment on children that they do not need; a treatment that seems to have increased rather than decreased the number of Child COVID deaths.

History will not forgive us for what we are doing.

The Rats are trying to slow the Sinking of the Ship

It seems the tide is finally turning.  On her first day in office, Alberta’s new premier, Daniel Smith, announced she will terminate Deena Hinshaw.

Deena Hinshaw was Alberta’s enormously incompetent chief medical officer.  The outgoing Premier, Jason Kenney, recently awarded Hinshaw’s incompetence with a $228,000 bonus to top up her meager $364,000 salary.  Of course this bonus was not for her stellar work it was simply hush money.  Jason does not want Deena talking about what really drove all of the disastrous decisions.

Jason is not the only politician afraid to face consequences for what they have done.  Because he was leaving the only option he had was hush money.  Politicians still in office have many more options.  Gavin Newsome has just made it illegal to discuss how stupid and evil he is.  Petty Tyrants like Kenney and Newsom sense a shift in public opinion.  It is not possible to hide the truth forever but it is possible to hide it until you are clear of the blast zone.  Both Kenney and Newsom only need to hide the truth long enough to move on to their next gig.  In Newsom’s case he believes his next gig will have him sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I doubt either man will get the soft landing they desire.  Once the genie leaves the bottle it is very hard to control.  The European parliament just got Pfizer to admit they did not know if the vaccines could stop infection.


This is still a lie since they knew damn well it would not.  Soon even that will be revealed.  Many people took the vaccine based on the lie that it would stop the virus from circulating.  They will not be happy to discover the depth of the deception.  There are bound to be more casualties than Deena Hinshaw.  God I hope Jason Kenney is one of them.

The Jabs harm Babies that didn’t even take them

We have been told many lies about the COVID vaccinations.  Lies the media and government still cling to despite scientific evidence refuting the lies.  All of these people are apparently closely following the science so that they know where to go to avoid it.  One lie that was debunked early was that the mRNA stayed at the injection site.  Japanese studies showed the lipid Nano-particles circulation freely throughout the body.   This hinted that the mRNA then also moved throughout the body.  A study came out 10 days ago that confirmed just that.

5 out of 11 women had mRNA in their breast milk within 45 hours of vaccination.  So not only does mRNA move freely throughout the body it quickly exits the body in breast milk.  You might want to know then what effect this mRNA has on breast feeding infants.  For that answer we can turn to the woefully inadequate VAERs system.  There have been 648 injuries to nursing infants including 3 deaths.

Remember when the FDA shut down 1/3 of the baby formula production in the US because 66 infants had become ill?  The strain of bacteria that caused the illness was not found in the factory the FDA closed.  That did not matter, 66 unverified illnesses with no deaths was all it took for the FDA to deprive millions of infants of baby formula.  Yet now, with 645 injuries, 3 deaths, and a direct link to the cause, the FDA does nothing.  Maybe the People producing baby formula need to take a page from Pfizer’s playbook and give the FDA a piece of the action.

We need to ask questions about Ukraine

Last week the Nord Stream pipelines and a bridge in the Crimea were sabotaged.  I predicted the media would try to convince us that the US was not involved in the Nord Stream sabotage.  I was correct that the media tried to deflect blame from the US, but I was astounded where they tried to put the blame.  The media tried to convince us that Russia destroyed their own infrastructure.  How stupid do they think we are?

People in general tend to judge others through the lens of their own experience.  Journalists don’t tend to be very bright so they assume that everyone else is not that bright.  They think we will swallow obvious lies because they would swallow obvious lies.  That is why we get so much tripe from the media especially about the war in Ukraine.

The media has been telling us since February that the Russian military is on the verge of collapse.  That is obviously not true since Russia is still in the Ukraine occupying large amounts of territory.  I do not know what is going on in the Ukraine or what the state of the Russian military is.  The first casualty of war is the truth.  The Ukraine is lying and so are the Russians but the western media is reporting Ukrainian propaganda as the gospel truth.  This is dangerous because poor decisions get made from poor information.

Western leaders are pushing to send troops to the Ukraine.  If the public can be convinced that Russia will fold in days they might support this action.  That would be a big mistake.  I doubt the Russians are ready to fold and Putin just reminded everyone of that yesterday when he knocked out critical infrastructure in western Ukraine with missile strikes.

Putin just proved that Russia has always had the ability to attack western Ukraine so why didn’t they do it before now?  Kiev in western Ukraine was so safe that a parade of world leaders and celebrities have journeyed there for photo ops with Zelenskyy. Vanity Fair sent a whole team for a photo shoot.  Does that sound like a war zone?

Up until now Russia has confined the fighting to the eastern regions that just voted to join Russia and who had previously voted for autonomy from Ukraine.  Those votes happened years before the start of the war so it is hard to argue that those regions want to remain with the Ukraine and that the latest vote was rigged.  We are told Putin has designs on all of Europe yet his troops only occupy ethnically Russian areas that voted to succeed from the Ukraine years ago.

The prevailing narrative that Putin threatens everyone does not make sense when you consider he has confined his army to eastern Ukraine.  We obviously do not understand his motivation and we need to ask some important questions before our governments drag us in to war.

  • If this is about more than the Ukraine why has most of the Ukraine been left untouched?
  • Why has Russia allowed NATO to deliver weapons to the Ukraine?  Clearly he has the ability to destroy the roads, railways, and airports used to bring weapons in to the Ukraine.
  • Why has Russia opted for such a grueling war of attrition when they could have forced the Ukraine to its knees by destroying critical infrastructure everywhere in the country?

I have a scenario for you to consider.  What if both are true?  That Putin only wants the Donbas regions but that the war really is about more than the Ukraine?

The grueling war of attrition only makes sense if one of the objectives is to grind the Ukraine military in to the dust.  But we need to consider this; Russia is not just fighting the Ukraine.  NATO has been pouring weapons without question in to the Ukraine.  Putin has allowed this to happen and those weapons are now gone.  They have either been sold on the black market, used up by the Ukrainians, or destroyed by the Russians.

So much has been sent to the Ukraine that western militaries are running out.  The US has already announced their stockpiles of artillery shells are almost gone and today Germany announced that they only have enough ammunition to fight for 2 days.  The US is pushing Germany to war and Germany is not prepared for war.

We are being asked to believe that the Russian military is on the verge of collapse when really it is NATO.  The German army can only be counted on for 2 days?  It would not even be worth mobilizing their army.  Vladimir Putin is destroying the military capability of NATO without ever engaging NATO troops.

The brain dead leaders in the west have already caused run-away inflation and energy shortages.  Now they are pushing for war with Russia at the same time they are allowing Russia to destroy NATO’s ability to wage war.  The media wants us to believe that Putin is out of his mind.  Maybe so, but what does that say about us?  We are being outsmarted by a mad man?  We had better reign in our leaders and start asking questions before they get us in a war we may have already lost.

It is time to apply the Nuremberg Code

An American company has just done more science than all Canadian chief medical officers will every do in their lifetimes.  Kaiser Permanente provides both health insurance and health care services.  Kaiser was alarmed by how much they were paying out in health insurance to vaccinated people who became ill with COVID so they tested to determine which variant was the problem.  In a sane world what they found would immediately end all vaccinations.

  • The newer the variant the quicker the vaccine turns negative. With the Variants currently in circulation the vaccine effectiveness turns negative in a matter of days.
  • For each variant identified, a booster shot made things worse immediately.

So the first 2 shots help for a few days before they increase your chance of getting infected.  A booster shot increases your chance of being infected from the moment the needle pierces your skin.  The jabs make COVID worse.  That alone should be reason enough to stop using them.  Unfortunately the Jabs don’t just make COVID worse.  They make everything worse.  Vaccinated are more likely to reject an organ transplant or die of any other cause.

The COVID vaccinations are the most harmful medical intervention in history.  It didn’t need to be this way.  The Jabs are causing so much harm primarily because they have been given to so many people.  People who were at near zero risk from the virus were forced to take an experimental treatment that they did not need.  This is precisely why we have the Nuremberg Code; it is time to start using it and prosecute the people responsible for this.

Jason Kenney rides into the sunset still lying about COVID

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is determined to be classless until the bitter end.  He just gave an interview in which he takes a backhanded swipe at his successor on the way out the door.  Kenney warns about the dangers of populism.  He thinks he lost control of the party to a populist but this party election had little to do with populism.  This was a referendum on Jason Kenney’s COVID policies and Jason Kenney lost.

Daniel Smith promised no more lockdowns, vaccine mandates, or arresting Christian preachers who speak out.  Jason took great joy in all three of these activities as Premier and he believes that they are essential to good government.  Jason Kenney is an evil man.  He is not worried about populism he is worried about facing consequences over his illegal and unscientific COVID policies.  That is why he spent the interview defending his COVID policies rather than discussing populism.

Populism is the new buzz world.  Overuse of the word fascism has lessened its impact so the spin doctors are searching for a replacement that can be made just as scary.  Of course no one has stopped to explain why acquiescing to the will of the people is so dangerous to democracy.  The national post took the time to talk down to Albertans explaining that Smith is dangerous because she is popular with people who don’t believe the narrative.

“She is popular among anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists in part because she has publicly supported using alternate and unproven treatments for COVID.”

If you choose to believe actual science rather than the fake science the media sanctimoniously declares to be divine truth, then you are dangerous.  Any Politician like Smith who might believe you is even more dangerous.  Finally the COVID narrative is slowly collapsing under the weight of the lies.  The people who propagated the lies, like Jason Kenney and Carson Jerema are getting very nervous.  The last thing they needed was for the truth to become “popular”.


Canada is an Alternate Reality

Health Canada just approved the new untested bivalent boosters.  This is the new norm in Canada.  Whatever Pfizer wants Pfizer gets, unless it upsets the Chinese communist party.  Canada is now recommending the untested new vaccines at a time when the rest of the world is openly discussing injuries caused by the old vaccines.


The rest of the world is slowly waking to the realization the Jabs cause significant health risks that must be weighed against the benefits.  Florida is the latest jurisdiction now cautioning against vaccination for low risk groups.  While I am glad that the conversation has finally pivoted to the risk/reward ratio I really don’t understand why it took this long to happen.  It was obvious to me in December of 2020 that the vaccines would not benefit most people.

The Risk-reward for some vaccines is obvious.  I am more than willing to incur the risk of a polio vaccine in order to eliminate the risk of polio.  The risk-reward for a Covid Vaccine is far from clear.  If you do not live in a nursing home Covid 19 presents almost no risk.  It does not matter how small the risk of the vaccine is; taking the vaccine carries more risk than the virus.  Anyone not in a nursing home has no compelling reason to take the Vaccine other than government Tyranny.

Thankfully the rest of the world is finally having the right conversation about the vaccines.  Eventually they will conclude that a treatment with no obvious benefit, as I showed just yesterday, always carries more risk than reward.  Unfortunately Canada does not seem to exist in this world.  Canadian authorities are still pushing the myth that the side effects are mild.

“It is expected to have a similar safety profile to the original Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine, with mostly mild side effects.”

Of course they know this is not true so to placate people who might not immediate believe their lies they have instituted safety protocols.  The Geniuses at Health Canada have assigned Pfizer to track vaccine safety and instructed them to report back immediately if they find a problem.

Health Canada said it has imposed terms and conditions on the authorization of the new vaccine, including a requirement that Pfizer-BioNTech provide information to Health Canada on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine on an ongoing basis to ensure its benefits continue to outweigh the risks.

Normally asking the fox to guard the hen house is a very bad Idea but in the alternate universe of Canada bad ideas are good ideas; which is fortunate because the Trudeau Liberals only every have bad ideas anyway.

The rest of the world is slowly moving away from using the COVID vaccine at all.  Canada is moving rapidly in the other direction and recommending boosters every 3 months for everyone older than 12.  If Canadians acquiesce to this they will cement their reputation as the least intelligent country in the world; the country most likely to elect a Justin Trudeau.

Destroying Myths about the Jab

When the mRNA vaccines were introduced we were told that they were +95% effective at preventing infection.  Anthony Fauci and other hoaxers went on television to claim the vaccines would stop the virus in its tracks.  This was a lie.  It is impossible for any intramuscular injection to produce immunity to airborne viruses.  These charlatans know that to be true, this is why pharmaceutical companies are working on nasal spray flu vaccines.  For immunity against airborne viruses you must produce an antibody response at the point of infection which is the airways.

Not only do the mRNA vaccinations not produce antibodies in the airway they also do not produce a full or permanent immune response.  There is no way the vaccine hoaxers did not know this.  The first lie to be exposed was the myth that the viruses would stop infection and transmission.  Every country with high vaccine utilization saw an explosion of infections that could not be hidden.  Not only did the jabs not prevent infection they seemed to facilitate infection.  Still we were told not to worry.  The jabs still prevented severe infection and death.  Despite the fact that vaccinated people were still dying from COVID few people question this lie.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not and here are two examples illustrating the ineffectiveness of the vaccines.  The plots below display 14 day rolling average infection fatality ratios (the number of deaths in the previous 14 day divided by the number of new cases in the previous 14 days).

In both Canada and the US the first wave of COVID was quite dramatic although the high infection fatality rate likely had more to do with lack of testing than the virus.  We simply were no detecting the actual number of cases.  After the testing was ramped up we see the same pattern in both countries.  The infection fatality ratio was slowly dropping even before vaccines started.  The trend did not change with vaccination.  There are no obvious benefits to the vaccines in either country.

If we look at the world in total we see the same thing.

After the initial surge of infections and ramp up in testing the infection fatality ratio was already falling before vaccinations begin.  Vaccinations provided no obvious benefits.

Contrary to what Anthony Fauci and Theresa Tam want you to think there is no evidence that the vaccines prevent serious illness or death.  They are taking credit for a drop in serious infections that started before anyone was vaccinated.  The Jabs do not change your odds of surviving COVID at all but they do increase your odds of having a stroke or heart attack.  Why in God’s name are we still using them?