Is Sanity returning?

For decades I have watched western society slide slowly into stupidity.  It did not matter who we elected the slide continued.  Under some leaders we slid slower than under others but the direction never changed it was always to increasing stupidity.

To me everything was falling apart quickly but to the political class it was not happening fast enough.  Their solution was COVID.  There is nothing better at removing the last few IQ points than fear.  Our political class manufactured an emergency that greased the rails of our downward slide.

When the COVID restrictions started they were so incredibly stupid that I believed people would not fall for them.  I told everyone I could that what we were doing was wrong.  I explained my logic and showed them the science.  No one wanted to listen.  Everyone was too busy following the science to consider my arguments based on said science.

For months I looked for signs that people could be pulled back from the intellectual abyss.  Every time a new damning piece of evidence surfaced I thought this is it.  This will finally make people question this lunacy.  Every time I was wrong.  I watched in dismay as the media covered the last lie with an even more egregious and unbelievable lie.

I call the lies unbelievable because they were so ridiculous.  How can you spread a disease that you do not have?  How can a vaccine be better than natural immunity?  Why do you think a thin pierce of cloth can stop something as small as a virus?  Unfortunately what was unbelievable for me was all too believable for the frightened masses.

I began to believe that we would not recover from COVID, not the disease but the fear induced stupidity.  Through COVID I have had a pretty good track record.  I have been right far more than wrong and certainly far more often than any of the government’s “experts”.  You don’t need to take my word for that; I have 2 years’ worth of articles on this site and I will stand behind everything I have written.  Despite my pride in my track record I am quite happy that today I might actually be wrong.  COVID may not have killed sanity and logic; the recovery just took way longer than I expected.

I saw 2 things this morning that give me hope.  The first is this press conference from our new premier Daniel Smith.


Just yesterday a cautioned that Premier Smith might not understand the size of the threat posed by the left wing bureaucracy controlling Alberta Health Services (AHS).  On paper AHS is supposed to manage the health care system for the benefit of Albertans.  In practice AHS has allowed the system to deteriorate while they were out negotiating partnerships with the World Economic Forum (WEF).  What possible reason could AHS have to sign a partnership with the WEF?  The WEF does not provide medical supplies or services.  The WEF only supplies rebranded communist philosophy blended with Malthusian alarmism.  This press conference assures me that Premier Smith does understand the size of the threat and might even do something about it.  As an added bonus Smith even called out the previous Premier, Jason Kenney, for his part in this fiasco.

The next thing that gives me hope is the latest out of Sweden.  The new Prime Minister has declared that Sweden will not meet its 2030 greenhouse gas commitments.  Even more encouraging than his simple acknowledgement of reality is the composition of his new cabinet.  He does not have a climate minister.  Is this the first step?  Will western society let go of the hubris that made us believe governments could control climate?

The level of stupidity associated with COVID is only rivalled by the level of stupidity surrounding climate change.  The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones.  Every technology eventually gets displaced when we develop a better alternative.  There is no great global conspiracy preventing better technology from replacing fossil fuels.  If we had something better we would already be using it.  When environmentalists claim that we can simply replace fossil fuels they are being either stupid, dishonest, or both.

Fossil fuels are used because we don’t have anything better.  They have a high energy density and can be easily transported to where ever they are needed.  The battery on a Tesla weighs 560 kg (1234 lbs.) and takes hours to change fully.  That battery contains roughly the same energy as 30 liters or 8 gallons of gas which can be put in your tank in seconds.  Gasoline engines have some obvious advantages over electric vehicles.  We use gas vehicles because of those advantages; it is not a conspiracy among car manufacturers.

That is not to say that EVs don’t have a niche.  Electric vehicles are better at stop and go driving which makes them good for commuting.  The added bonus is the pollution is moved out of the city to the electrical generating station.  There are reasons to choose an EV but saving the planet is not one of them.

Trying to force fit EVs for tasks better handled by gasoline engines makes things worse not better.  Even if we were so stupid we couldn’t do it anyway.  With the current state of battery technology we simply can’t mine enough cobalt and lithium to build all the batteries we would need.  Once again the left proposes an impossible solution to an imaginary problem.

That is the fundamental problem with the left that we may finally be waking up to.  Conservatives acknowledge that there are some things we just cannot change.  We live in reality.  Progressives believe they can bend anything to their will.  They refuse to acknowledge reality.

We endured 2 years of lockdowns because the left was would not believe that lockdowns did not work no matter how many times they failed.  Conservatives understood lockdowns could not work.  We were dealing with an airborne virus with animal hosts.  It does not matter how often or how hard you lockdown at best you just postpone the inevitable.  The virus will not go away and hiding from it was childish.  The reality is that elderly people will die in cold and flu season.  The only thing we can do about it is provide the best possible medical care.

The same denial of reality also applies to climate change.  Theoretically the average temperature can be reduced by curtailing CO2 emissions.  It is uncertain if this will be beneficial or harmful.  What is certain is that lower crop yields and energy scarcity will be very harmful.  Fossil fuels have saved far more lives than have ever been lost to hot weather.  If you don’t believe that imagine a world where hospitals have no power, homes have no heat, emergency vehicles and farm equipment have no diesel.  How many people would die?

A realist understands there are tradeoffs.  Ending fossil fuels and applying lockdowns come with unacceptable costs and provide little to no benefit.  Progressives only look at one side of that equation.  They believe a change with only minimal benefits is still necessary because in their imaginary world everything they want comes at no cost.

The world is a very big place but this morning I am filled with hope by only 2 politicians who have decided to acknowledge reality.  Humanity might just survive after all.

Unsolicited advice for Daniel Smith

Canada is a very foolish country.  For nearly 3 years every Politician with any power systematically violated the rights of Canadians.  If you think Canadians are upset by this egregious abuse of power you really don’t understand Canadians.  To date only one abusive leader has lost his job for his criminal behavior.

The small oasis of sanity in an insane country is the province of Alberta.  Albertans were the only Canadians to push back and get rid of their abusive leader.  The former Premier, Jason Kenney, was recently replaced by Daniel Smith.  Smith won because she promised never to use lockdowns or vaccine mandates again.  Yesterday Smith did the unthinkable and even apologized to the unvaccinated for the discrimination they faced.

It is dangerous to believe any politician, especially a Canadian politician, but Smith’s apology and convictions appear to be genuine.  I truly hope she keeps her word and does not bring back the COVID tyranny that is entrenched in the rest of Canada.  However, I do fear that she is underestimating how difficult it will be to do the right thing.

Every place that has a government has a deep state.  Alberta is not immune to this.  Jason Kenney did not stand in the doorway of any establishment checking vaccine passports.  He did not need to; he had an army of useful idiots for that.  Those armies of useful idiots are the shock troops of the deep state.

I was once asked to define government.  My answer was that government is a handful of sociopaths sprinkled among thousands of useful idiots.  The Sociopaths set the rules and the useful idiots enforce them.  Most of the sociopaths in government are not elected they are part of the permanent bureaucracy.  This is the leadership of the deep state and it is exactly what Daniel Smith is up against.

Alberta has a socialized medical system run by an enormous bureaucracy called Alberta Health Services (AHS).  Like every other government body, AHS is stocked full of left wing lunatics.  The senior leadership of AHS enjoyed COVID immensely.  There is nothing a bureaucrat likes more than unearned power.  These people have been planning the next lockdown for months and they are not about to let Daniel Smith get in the way.

Winter is approaching so Smith has a very short window to stop the lockdowns.  She must fire the entire management of AHS.  If she does not I can tell you exactly what will happen.  A few weeks from now every Alberta death certificate will list COVID as the cause of death.  Then every news agency in the country will have the same lead story every night.  They will show how Alberta has more COVID deaths than the rest of Canada combined.  The leader of the opposition, Rachel Notley, will be given 10 minutes every night to explain how none of this would happen if Smith would just lockdown and mandate vaccine boosters.

Of course none of this will be true but when has the truth ever been a concern for either the media or politicians?  Albertans will not be dying in greater numbers than elsewhere in Canada.  In fact the lower vaccination rates will likely lead to fewer deaths.

Unfortunately with the constant barrage of propaganda you will never be able to convince people that Albertans are not dropping dead in the street.  Smith will be forced in to lockdowns and mandates in an attempt to save her political career and it will not work.  The deep state will have claimed another victim.  Politicians come and go; the deep state is eternal.


A crisis is good cover for Corruption

In March of 2020 were you surprised at how quickly every western government adopted lockdowns?  Governments moved in lockstep to implement incredibly destructive policies that had no basis in science.  Most governments lack the competence to organize even the smallest events so the level of coordination between governments was astonishing.  My brother eloquently described what we witnessed unfold in one simple sentence.  “It is like they f$%king planned this”.

At first I was unwilling to accept that it was planned.  Stupid people often do stupid things and government attracts very stupid people.  But even in government there is somewhat of a bell curve; not everyone is an idiot.  In March of 2020 I was certain that those few intelligent people would eventually steer government out of the ditch.

I was wrong.  Either everyone in government were morons, possible but unlikely, or the ditch is exactly where the government wanted to be.  I had to accept that the whole thing was planned and orchestrated.  My brothers instincts were spot on, we were being played.

But how do you plan a viral epidemic?  Well it turns out that is the easy part.  New viral outbreaks are easy to predict when you build the virus yourself.  Another paper has been published claiming the virus came from a lab.  Joanne Nova gives very good explanation of the findings on her site.

Basically the virus is too perfect.  RNA viruses are very unstable.  They mutate all the time making the RNA sequence very messy.  The SARs COV-2 virus is not messy.  It has distinct blocks that look like they have been pasted together.

On the balance of probabilities this virus is manmade.  I think when you use the same balance of probabilities approach you would also conclude that the release was not an accident.  To be clear the authors of this new report do not say the virus was released intentionally.  In fact they are quite careful to say that they believe the release might still have been accidental, although they have no evidence to support that conclusion.

To be fair I also have no proof that the release was intentional.  But as I have discussed before this does not pass the sniff test.  If it was an accident the people responsible for it would have either owned up or ignored it.  This virus was easy to ignore.  It is not particularly deadly and many doctors determined how to treat it.  The virus only became deadly when governments stepped in with lockdowns and prevented doctors from using proven treatments.

Things just worked out too well for the decision makers for me to believe the release was accidental.  Anthony Fauci nearly doubled his net worth with COVID and he is not the only one.  A crisis is a good excuse to spend a lot of money.  When you spend billions no one notices when millions go missing.  That is why politicians send billions to the Ukraine.  Before the war Ukraine was recognized as the most corrupt country in Europe.  That is why the offspring of so many American politicians did business there.   Sending billions to Zelenskyy guarantees that millions go missing and much of it finds its way to bank accounts in other countries.

COVID functioned in exactly the same way.  Governments ramped up spending dramatically.  They could not write checks fast enough and no one asked where the money was going because we were all being saved from COVID.  In Canada the latest scandal is how much money the dysfunctional arrive Can app cost.  The Canadian government has spent 54 million on an app that programmers say could have been developed for well under 1 million.  In fact the original budget was only 80 thousand.

People are questioning how the government overspent their budget by 67,500%.  In an effort to calm the waters the federal government released a breakdown of how the money was spent.  That is where this story gets very interesting.  One company the government claims to have paid 1.2 million says they did not work on the app and received no payment for it.  So who did receive that 1.2 million dollar payment?  I know it was not me or anyone else not connected to the Trudeau Liberals.

Governments will prolong any crisis for as long as possible.  The opportunity for theft is simply too high to pass up and they do not care if people die while they steal money.  Crisis creation and the resulting corruption is an indelible part of the system.

Winter is coming and we need to Decide

The state of public health in western countries is not good.  A lot of people are dying.  More people are dying now than they did during the pandemic.  The bodies are getting hard to ignore and the odd circumstances are getting difficult to explain.  Last week I found this article about the strange increase in early cancer (cancer in people under 40).  Then this morning I found an article musing why whites are now more likely to die of COVID than blacks.

Both articles grasp at every straw except the COVID vaccines.  Every strange health problem we face now can be timed to the advent of the jabs yet somehow the jabs never get blamed.  The cancer article does not bother to mention that Dr. Ryan Cole predicted this cancer epidemic more than a year ago.  Similarly, the article trying to explain the difference in COVID outcomes neglects to mention that blacks have the lowest vaccine rate in the US and now die less often from COVID than whites.

The longer this goes on the more evidence mounts.  The vaccines did not work; they just made the situation worse.  Thousands of people died because they were foolish enough to trust government.  It is only a matter of time before the public understands fully the damage the vax has done.  This puts government at a dangerous crossroads.  The criminals must either find legal protection or double down on tyranny.

The Canadian government, of course, has decided to double down on tyranny.  Theresa Tam has just issued a veiled threat that if Canadians don’t continue to get jabbed they will lose their rights again.

If Canadians want to avoid more aggressive pandemic measures, Tam said, getting “up to date” on their vaccine doses is the best option.

The Canadian Government is doubling down because they understand Canadians.  Canadians are a very docile bunch and the governing liberals know that citizens will comply easily.  The few outliers who refuse to comply can be rounded up and exterminated.  100 years from now a Canadian Prime Minister will no doubt stand up in Parliament and apologize for what Justin Trudeau does this winter.

Americans on the other hand are much more volatile.  That is why American officials have turned to the CDC for help.  American law gives permanent legal protection to any vaccine approved for children.  By voting to add the COVID vaccines to the list of recommended childhood vaccinations the CDC have given blanket immunity to the government which conveniently includes the people who voted.

The sociopaths in Government that forced the lockdowns and vaccines on us will not stop.  This works for them.  They like the power and there is no way money is not changing hands; a lot of money.  We can live like this forever or we can just say no.  It is depressing that with the 3rd COVID winter approaching I am issuing the same warning.  This stops when we choose to stop it; not one minute before.

This winter, do not comply.  Compliance never results in less tyranny.

Liberals are more sensitive to CO2 than the Climate is

I have posted multiple times about climate change on this blog.  I view climate change and COVID to be peas from the same pod.  Both are weapons used by government to transfer our wealth to their friends.  Climate change and COVID are fake emergencies underpinned by fraudulent or nonexistent science.

If you disagree with the narrative you are called a climate denier which doesn’t even make sense.  No one denies the existence of climate.  Skeptics like me also don’t deny that climate changes or that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.  The only thing that we debate is the relative impact of increased CO2 concentrations.

The basic science says that on its own CO2 does not have the capacity to increase temperature much more than it already has.  The climate alarmists acknowledge this but contend the small impact of rising CO2 is amplified by water vapor.  The problem with this theory is that when the earth did have much higher CO2 concentrations this dangerous water vapor amplification did not happen.

So the question is how sensitive is the earth’s temperature to increasing CO2?  The climate alarmists say that it is very sensitive but the available data says that it is not.  Who are you going to believe?  The alarmists with their models that can’t match the current data, or 4.5 billion years of history that says we do not have a problem.  Before you answer that you might want to read this very good article by Ross McKitrick.

All of the climate models predicting doom use sensitivities that are double what can be found in the historical data.  The historical data shows we could double the current concentration of CO2 and the earth would only warm by 1.8 degrees.  1.8 degrees is not dangerous.  In fact for northern countries like Canada 1.8 C warming would be highly beneficial.  We would have milder winters and a longer growing season with more frost free days.

Warmer weather and longer growing season is not the only benefit from increased CO2 concentrations.  The thing that always gets forgotten when discussing CO2 concentrations is that CO2 is plant food.  Doubling atmospheric CO2 concentrations would have an enormous positive effect on crop yields.  The numbers I have seen indicate a 65% to 75% increase in crop yields.

The science is clear.  There is no downside to increased CO2 concentrations.  In fact it is 100% upside; warm winters and more food than we could possibly eat.  If we were really following the science we would be pumping out CO2 with wild abandon.  Instead our governments want us to do the opposite.   The history of western society can be summed up in one sentence.  Governments never miss an opportunity to do the wrong thing and voters never miss an opportunity to let them.

The CDC approves experimenting on Children for Profits

Two nights ago Tucker Carlson discussed the CDC advisory panel that was poised to vote on adding COVID 19 vaccination to the list of recommended childhood vaccines.  Tucker’s guest, Dr. Marty Makary warned this would be a dangerous precedent.  There is no clinical data proving COVID vaccines reduce disease risk in children.  Essentially the CDC would be approving a new treatment just because Pfizer wants to sell it.  What is the sense of having the CDC or FDA if Pfizer just gets to do what they want?


The very next day the CDC did the unforgivable.  The advisory panel voted unanimously to add COVID 19 vaccinations to the list of recommended childhood vaccinations.  This paves the way for schools to mandate mRNA vaccines.  Not a single person on the advisory panel thought it was a bad idea to force children to take an untested treatment they do not need.

Last night Laura Ingram also discussed this indefensible unanimous vote.  Her guest Dr. Asseem Malhorta has just finished a comprehensive COVID vaccination risk assessment.  His Study shows the risks outweigh the rewards for every age group.  In his opinion the vaccines should never have been approved for anyone.


Dr. Malhorta is schedule to testify in British parliament.  His recommendation will be to suspend COVID 19 vaccination programs.  So Britain is considering banning the vaccine at the same time the US is moving to force vaccinating children.

This is insane.  This has never been about public health.  There has always been another agenda at work.  People are waking up but not fast enough.  Parents do not let the government force this treatment on your children.  Stand up and say no.  Your child’s life could depend on your courage.

The Jabs are an extinction level Event

The COVID jabs may not work for COVID, but they are great for depopulation.  Not only are they killing millions who are here now.

They are also killing an entire generation who will never get to be born.


The COVID jabs come with a host of strange injuries.  Some of the most worrying injures involve pregnant and nursing mothers.  Finally, doctors are stepping forward to bring attention to the very real problem of human extinction.

Governments and big Pharma have been downplaying fertility issues, but the pile of dead babies is getting too large to ignore.  Climate change is always described as an existential threat, but it is not.  There has never been a time when climate did not change and every time, we found a way to adapt.  You cannot adapt to eliminating children.  Mass vaccine induced infertility is an existential threat.  One that we can’t solve by purchasing a Tesla.


The guilt does not end with Pfizer

Pfizer’s admission that the vaccine was never tested to determine if it would affect transmission has the European parliament in a tizzy.  Another Member of the European Parliament (MEP) is demanding that the contracts be cancelled, and Pfizer be prosecuted for fraud.


Pfizer is definitely guilty of fraud, but Pfizer is not in this alone.  Pfizer presented obviously fraudulent test data for approval.  There is no way any honest medical organization would issue approval to Pfizer based on the data they provided yet every single governing body did issue approvals.  The list of co-conspirators in this fraud is very lengthy and reaches into the top levels of government.

The science about how these vaccines work is not that complicated.  The jabs teach your body to reproduce a piece of the virus, the spike protein.  You develop antibodies for the spike protein but not the virus.  You do not develop T cells.  This means all you get is a partial, temporary, antibody response.  Because you do not have a full immune response you do not have immunity.  All you get is a head start on recovery.  That means you still get infected.  If you get infected, you can transmit the virus.

This should have been apparent to every “expert” who evaluated the Pfizer test data as it was abundantly clear to me in May 2021 when I wrote this.

  1. These treatments only serve to give your immune system a Boost. They help improve your odds of survival.  They really do not do anything more than Vitamin D and Ivermectin.  But there is one crucial difference.  There are no known side effects for Vitamin D and Ivermectin.

  2. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. Antibodies fade quickly without the T cells you have no lasting immunity.  That is what the yearly booster shots are for.  The booster shots are not for new variants as you have been led to believe.

  3. We cannot reach herd immunity through Vaccination. To reach herd immunity everyone must still be exposed to the virus and get infected.

18 months ago, with a little internet research and logic I was able to determine that the Vaccines would not work.  I like to think I am smart, but I doubt I am smarter than every single medical organization in the world that approved these vaccines.  There is simply no way that these people did not know that the vaccines would not work.  The fraud that Pfizer committed could never have happened without the cooperation of Government.

Will the Investigation find the obvious Crime?

By now many people have heard Pfizer admitted to the European parliament the vaccines were never tested to determine if they would stop transmission.


Facts never get in the way of politicians or media though, so we were bombarded with propaganda informing us the jabs would end the pandemic.  Vaccine shaming became the norm.  If you did not submit to the jab you were putting everyone at risk.  The right thing to do if you are a good and moral person is to take the jab.

It is a testament to the collective stupidity of western society that this argument ever took root.  If the Jabs worked as advertised, un-jabbed people were no threat to anyone other than those who had already chose to accept the risk of being vaccinated.  By using this argument, the government was loudly declaring that they did not expect the jabs to prevent transmission yet the average person was unable to understand that simple strand of logic.

There is an undeniable truth about the Jabs that most people still will not accept.  The Jabs are not vaccines.  They are an experimental treatment that has failed 100% of the time in the lab which explains why they have not been used before.  There are no guarantees with any new medical procedure especially one with such a poor lab track record.

When the Jabs were first made available, governments had no reason to believe that they would stop transmission.  They did not even have reason to believe the jabs would be any benefit.  There was certainly no reason to force anyone to be jabbed.  Not only did government force people to take an experimental treatment they purchased more doses than they needed to jab everyone; a lot more.

The European Union purchased 8 doses for every citizen including infants.  Why would you purchase 3.8 billion doses for 450 million people when you did not know if the treatments would work?  If you thought they would work why would you purchase more than the prescribed 2 dose regimen?  Finally someone has gotten around to asking the questions that should have been asked when these contracts were signed in 2020.  The European public prosecutor’s office has decided to investigate the COVID vaccine contracts.

It should not be difficult to uncover what is obviously fraud.  Still I have my doubts.  This could just be part of the propaganda.  The prosecutors could pretend to investigate and then announce they found no criminal maleficence.  Politicians would then use this non-investigation to shut down critics.  The left often uses this tactic.  In the US the media shuts down election fraud allegations saying the courts have already dealt with the matter and found no fraud.  That is a lie.  The courts have refused to hear the cases and allow the evidence in to open court.  They refuse to let this happen because they know what they will find and they do not want to be responsible for the fall out.  Some judges are participating in the fraud while others are just cowards.

I still hold out hope that this is not just another whitewashing.  I have hope because the European Union has something that Canada does not.  They have a handful of honest MPs, like this Dutch MEP, who show no signs of backing down.  What happened was criminal and people need to be punished.

Kudos to Ron DeSantis

Regular readers of this blog know that I am very critical of politicians.  Truthfully I believe politicians are the lowest form of life in the universe.  My opinions about politicians have been molded by decades of observations.  In my experience very few problems are not caused by politicians.  Even problems not caused by politicians are eventually made worse by politicians.  As Ronald Reagan said government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.

It might seem odd that I disparage politicians and then quote one.  The point is that politics is not exclusive to sociopaths, in rare instances responsible reasonable people have held office.  These people are rare and in 2022 they are almost non-existent but I must give credit where credit is due.  Ron DeSantis deserves a standing ovation.

Hurricane Ian was only 2 weeks ago and the power is already back on.  Roads have been cleared and bridges have been rebuilt.  Life is quickly returning to normal in Florida.  I personally would like to thank Ron DeSantis not just for his efforts but also for proving me right.  On the day that hurricane Ian hit Florida I wrote this.

Severe events in poor countries kill thousands and take decades to recover from.  These same severe events in wealthy countries kill dozens and take weeks to recover from.  Wealth is the key so we should never do anything that destroys wealth.  Climate change policies destroy wealth.  They are the exact wrong thing to do if you want to save human life.

Because of the quick response in Florida only dozens died and essential services have returned in less than 2 weeks.  Things could have been far worse.  I know that because there are plenty of examples when they have been much worse under similar circumstances.

There is one thing I neglected on September 28th it does not just take wealth it also takes competent leadership.  Any fool can spend money.  Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden do that every day.  Wealth is useless if it is squandered.  Louisiana has comparable wealth to Florida but when Katrina hit people were stranded for more than a month and it took 40 days to restore power.  Democrat Governor Kathleen Marie Blanco, was completely unprepared to handle an emergency.

Ron DeSantis was supremely prepared.  Maybe it was his military training or maybe as a conservative he simply spends his time with reality rather than ideological visions of how the world should be.  Either way what Ron DeSantis did is certainly an anomaly by current standards.  This is the first disaster I can remember where the government helped more people than the Cajun Navy.

In previous disasters, including Katrina, the Cajun Navy was done saving people before the government even mobilized.  The Cajun Navy arrived before the useless politicians finished their press conferences.  Conferences that were called to shift the blame to anyone or anything rather than themselves.  Ass covering was prioritized over helping people.

Even though most are, politicians don’t need to be useless sociopaths.  Ron DeSantis is proof of that.