Liberals are more sensitive to CO2 than the Climate is

I have posted multiple times about climate change on this blog.  I view climate change and COVID to be peas from the same pod.  Both are weapons used by government to transfer our wealth to their friends.  Climate change and COVID are fake emergencies underpinned by fraudulent or nonexistent science.

If you disagree with the narrative you are called a climate denier which doesn’t even make sense.  No one denies the existence of climate.  Skeptics like me also don’t deny that climate changes or that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.  The only thing that we debate is the relative impact of increased CO2 concentrations.

The basic science says that on its own CO2 does not have the capacity to increase temperature much more than it already has.  The climate alarmists acknowledge this but contend the small impact of rising CO2 is amplified by water vapor.  The problem with this theory is that when the earth did have much higher CO2 concentrations this dangerous water vapor amplification did not happen.

So the question is how sensitive is the earth’s temperature to increasing CO2?  The climate alarmists say that it is very sensitive but the available data says that it is not.  Who are you going to believe?  The alarmists with their models that can’t match the current data, or 4.5 billion years of history that says we do not have a problem.  Before you answer that you might want to read this very good article by Ross McKitrick.

All of the climate models predicting doom use sensitivities that are double what can be found in the historical data.  The historical data shows we could double the current concentration of CO2 and the earth would only warm by 1.8 degrees.  1.8 degrees is not dangerous.  In fact for northern countries like Canada 1.8 C warming would be highly beneficial.  We would have milder winters and a longer growing season with more frost free days.

Warmer weather and longer growing season is not the only benefit from increased CO2 concentrations.  The thing that always gets forgotten when discussing CO2 concentrations is that CO2 is plant food.  Doubling atmospheric CO2 concentrations would have an enormous positive effect on crop yields.  The numbers I have seen indicate a 65% to 75% increase in crop yields.

The science is clear.  There is no downside to increased CO2 concentrations.  In fact it is 100% upside; warm winters and more food than we could possibly eat.  If we were really following the science we would be pumping out CO2 with wild abandon.  Instead our governments want us to do the opposite.   The history of western society can be summed up in one sentence.  Governments never miss an opportunity to do the wrong thing and voters never miss an opportunity to let them.