Winter is coming and we need to Decide

The state of public health in western countries is not good.  A lot of people are dying.  More people are dying now than they did during the pandemic.  The bodies are getting hard to ignore and the odd circumstances are getting difficult to explain.  Last week I found this article about the strange increase in early cancer (cancer in people under 40).  Then this morning I found an article musing why whites are now more likely to die of COVID than blacks.

Both articles grasp at every straw except the COVID vaccines.  Every strange health problem we face now can be timed to the advent of the jabs yet somehow the jabs never get blamed.  The cancer article does not bother to mention that Dr. Ryan Cole predicted this cancer epidemic more than a year ago.  Similarly, the article trying to explain the difference in COVID outcomes neglects to mention that blacks have the lowest vaccine rate in the US and now die less often from COVID than whites.

The longer this goes on the more evidence mounts.  The vaccines did not work; they just made the situation worse.  Thousands of people died because they were foolish enough to trust government.  It is only a matter of time before the public understands fully the damage the vax has done.  This puts government at a dangerous crossroads.  The criminals must either find legal protection or double down on tyranny.

The Canadian government, of course, has decided to double down on tyranny.  Theresa Tam has just issued a veiled threat that if Canadians don’t continue to get jabbed they will lose their rights again.

If Canadians want to avoid more aggressive pandemic measures, Tam said, getting “up to date” on their vaccine doses is the best option.

The Canadian Government is doubling down because they understand Canadians.  Canadians are a very docile bunch and the governing liberals know that citizens will comply easily.  The few outliers who refuse to comply can be rounded up and exterminated.  100 years from now a Canadian Prime Minister will no doubt stand up in Parliament and apologize for what Justin Trudeau does this winter.

Americans on the other hand are much more volatile.  That is why American officials have turned to the CDC for help.  American law gives permanent legal protection to any vaccine approved for children.  By voting to add the COVID vaccines to the list of recommended childhood vaccinations the CDC have given blanket immunity to the government which conveniently includes the people who voted.

The sociopaths in Government that forced the lockdowns and vaccines on us will not stop.  This works for them.  They like the power and there is no way money is not changing hands; a lot of money.  We can live like this forever or we can just say no.  It is depressing that with the 3rd COVID winter approaching I am issuing the same warning.  This stops when we choose to stop it; not one minute before.

This winter, do not comply.  Compliance never results in less tyranny.