A crisis is good cover for Corruption

In March of 2020 were you surprised at how quickly every western government adopted lockdowns?  Governments moved in lockstep to implement incredibly destructive policies that had no basis in science.  Most governments lack the competence to organize even the smallest events so the level of coordination between governments was astonishing.  My brother eloquently described what we witnessed unfold in one simple sentence.  “It is like they f$%king planned this”.

At first I was unwilling to accept that it was planned.  Stupid people often do stupid things and government attracts very stupid people.  But even in government there is somewhat of a bell curve; not everyone is an idiot.  In March of 2020 I was certain that those few intelligent people would eventually steer government out of the ditch.

I was wrong.  Either everyone in government were morons, possible but unlikely, or the ditch is exactly where the government wanted to be.  I had to accept that the whole thing was planned and orchestrated.  My brothers instincts were spot on, we were being played.

But how do you plan a viral epidemic?  Well it turns out that is the easy part.  New viral outbreaks are easy to predict when you build the virus yourself.  Another paper has been published claiming the virus came from a lab.  Joanne Nova gives very good explanation of the findings on her site.

Basically the virus is too perfect.  RNA viruses are very unstable.  They mutate all the time making the RNA sequence very messy.  The SARs COV-2 virus is not messy.  It has distinct blocks that look like they have been pasted together.

On the balance of probabilities this virus is manmade.  I think when you use the same balance of probabilities approach you would also conclude that the release was not an accident.  To be clear the authors of this new report do not say the virus was released intentionally.  In fact they are quite careful to say that they believe the release might still have been accidental, although they have no evidence to support that conclusion.

To be fair I also have no proof that the release was intentional.  But as I have discussed before this does not pass the sniff test.  If it was an accident the people responsible for it would have either owned up or ignored it.  This virus was easy to ignore.  It is not particularly deadly and many doctors determined how to treat it.  The virus only became deadly when governments stepped in with lockdowns and prevented doctors from using proven treatments.

Things just worked out too well for the decision makers for me to believe the release was accidental.  Anthony Fauci nearly doubled his net worth with COVID and he is not the only one.  A crisis is a good excuse to spend a lot of money.  When you spend billions no one notices when millions go missing.  That is why politicians send billions to the Ukraine.  Before the war Ukraine was recognized as the most corrupt country in Europe.  That is why the offspring of so many American politicians did business there.   Sending billions to Zelenskyy guarantees that millions go missing and much of it finds its way to bank accounts in other countries.

COVID functioned in exactly the same way.  Governments ramped up spending dramatically.  They could not write checks fast enough and no one asked where the money was going because we were all being saved from COVID.  In Canada the latest scandal is how much money the dysfunctional arrive Can app cost.  The Canadian government has spent 54 million on an app that programmers say could have been developed for well under 1 million.  In fact the original budget was only 80 thousand.

People are questioning how the government overspent their budget by 67,500%.  In an effort to calm the waters the federal government released a breakdown of how the money was spent.  That is where this story gets very interesting.  One company the government claims to have paid 1.2 million says they did not work on the app and received no payment for it.  So who did receive that 1.2 million dollar payment?  I know it was not me or anyone else not connected to the Trudeau Liberals.

Governments will prolong any crisis for as long as possible.  The opportunity for theft is simply too high to pass up and they do not care if people die while they steal money.  Crisis creation and the resulting corruption is an indelible part of the system.