Unsolicited advice for Daniel Smith

Canada is a very foolish country.  For nearly 3 years every Politician with any power systematically violated the rights of Canadians.  If you think Canadians are upset by this egregious abuse of power you really don’t understand Canadians.  To date only one abusive leader has lost his job for his criminal behavior.

The small oasis of sanity in an insane country is the province of Alberta.  Albertans were the only Canadians to push back and get rid of their abusive leader.  The former Premier, Jason Kenney, was recently replaced by Daniel Smith.  Smith won because she promised never to use lockdowns or vaccine mandates again.  Yesterday Smith did the unthinkable and even apologized to the unvaccinated for the discrimination they faced.

It is dangerous to believe any politician, especially a Canadian politician, but Smith’s apology and convictions appear to be genuine.  I truly hope she keeps her word and does not bring back the COVID tyranny that is entrenched in the rest of Canada.  However, I do fear that she is underestimating how difficult it will be to do the right thing.

Every place that has a government has a deep state.  Alberta is not immune to this.  Jason Kenney did not stand in the doorway of any establishment checking vaccine passports.  He did not need to; he had an army of useful idiots for that.  Those armies of useful idiots are the shock troops of the deep state.

I was once asked to define government.  My answer was that government is a handful of sociopaths sprinkled among thousands of useful idiots.  The Sociopaths set the rules and the useful idiots enforce them.  Most of the sociopaths in government are not elected they are part of the permanent bureaucracy.  This is the leadership of the deep state and it is exactly what Daniel Smith is up against.

Alberta has a socialized medical system run by an enormous bureaucracy called Alberta Health Services (AHS).  Like every other government body, AHS is stocked full of left wing lunatics.  The senior leadership of AHS enjoyed COVID immensely.  There is nothing a bureaucrat likes more than unearned power.  These people have been planning the next lockdown for months and they are not about to let Daniel Smith get in the way.

Winter is approaching so Smith has a very short window to stop the lockdowns.  She must fire the entire management of AHS.  If she does not I can tell you exactly what will happen.  A few weeks from now every Alberta death certificate will list COVID as the cause of death.  Then every news agency in the country will have the same lead story every night.  They will show how Alberta has more COVID deaths than the rest of Canada combined.  The leader of the opposition, Rachel Notley, will be given 10 minutes every night to explain how none of this would happen if Smith would just lockdown and mandate vaccine boosters.

Of course none of this will be true but when has the truth ever been a concern for either the media or politicians?  Albertans will not be dying in greater numbers than elsewhere in Canada.  In fact the lower vaccination rates will likely lead to fewer deaths.

Unfortunately with the constant barrage of propaganda you will never be able to convince people that Albertans are not dropping dead in the street.  Smith will be forced in to lockdowns and mandates in an attempt to save her political career and it will not work.  The deep state will have claimed another victim.  Politicians come and go; the deep state is eternal.


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    You’re totally correct. Smith needs to move fast on canning AHS executives. Faster than Doug Ford at an all you can eat dessert buffet.

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