The CDC approves experimenting on Children for Profits

Two nights ago Tucker Carlson discussed the CDC advisory panel that was poised to vote on adding COVID 19 vaccination to the list of recommended childhood vaccines.  Tucker’s guest, Dr. Marty Makary warned this would be a dangerous precedent.  There is no clinical data proving COVID vaccines reduce disease risk in children.  Essentially the CDC would be approving a new treatment just because Pfizer wants to sell it.  What is the sense of having the CDC or FDA if Pfizer just gets to do what they want?


The very next day the CDC did the unforgivable.  The advisory panel voted unanimously to add COVID 19 vaccinations to the list of recommended childhood vaccinations.  This paves the way for schools to mandate mRNA vaccines.  Not a single person on the advisory panel thought it was a bad idea to force children to take an untested treatment they do not need.

Last night Laura Ingram also discussed this indefensible unanimous vote.  Her guest Dr. Asseem Malhorta has just finished a comprehensive COVID vaccination risk assessment.  His Study shows the risks outweigh the rewards for every age group.  In his opinion the vaccines should never have been approved for anyone.


Dr. Malhorta is schedule to testify in British parliament.  His recommendation will be to suspend COVID 19 vaccination programs.  So Britain is considering banning the vaccine at the same time the US is moving to force vaccinating children.

This is insane.  This has never been about public health.  There has always been another agenda at work.  People are waking up but not fast enough.  Parents do not let the government force this treatment on your children.  Stand up and say no.  Your child’s life could depend on your courage.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Anyone who tries to force a needle with that crap into a kids arm needs to be shot. We need to make sure politicians know that.

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