The Jabs are an extinction level Event

The COVID jabs may not work for COVID, but they are great for depopulation.  Not only are they killing millions who are here now.

They are also killing an entire generation who will never get to be born.


The COVID jabs come with a host of strange injuries.  Some of the most worrying injures involve pregnant and nursing mothers.  Finally, doctors are stepping forward to bring attention to the very real problem of human extinction.

Governments and big Pharma have been downplaying fertility issues, but the pile of dead babies is getting too large to ignore.  Climate change is always described as an existential threat, but it is not.  There has never been a time when climate did not change and every time, we found a way to adapt.  You cannot adapt to eliminating children.  Mass vaccine induced infertility is an existential threat.  One that we can’t solve by purchasing a Tesla.


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