The Real War on Women

You can add Australia to the list of countries afflicted with Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  According to the Sydney Herald Australia now has the highest mortality rate seen in the last 40 years.  Australia now has a higher-than-usual number of deaths from strokes, heart disease, dementia and diabetes.  Does that sound vaguely familiar to you?  It seems that we have been to this movie before.  I seem to remember this plot unravelling in every highly vaccinated country.

The striking correlation between vaccination rates and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome must just be some sort of cosmic coincidence because herald reporter Dana Daniel is certain these deaths are COVID complications.  Of course no sane person believes that but as a reporter Dana Daniel has a tenuous relationship with sanity.  Her leftist admiration of all things government will not allow her to consider that it might be the vax.  Frankly, I am surprised that she did not also list Climate Change and MAGA republican extremism as other potential causes.

The longer this goes on the worse the data gets.  Deaths are up everywhere and so are injuries.  Insurance companies are experiencing a substantial increase in disability claims.  Insurance statistics also show that the injuries are not distributed evenly.  Women have been disproportionally affected.

The same thing was noted in the leaked Canadian Liberal party study I posted a few days ago.  Do you find it odd that media is not discussing this disparity?  Every other statistic showing men out performing women is a subject of intense discussion yet this one gets stone silence.

Author and activist Naomi Wolf has been an outspoken critic of COVID policies.  She has a particular focus on vaccine injuries, particularly injuries to pregnant and nursing mothers.  Dr. Wolf has been trying to force a conversation about what the vaccines are doing to women’s reproductive health with little to no success.  She doesn’t just get ignored; she gets attacked by the media.  When governments want to hide the truth their first line of defense is the media and media “fact checkers”.  In World War 2 bombing crews knew you take the most flak when you are over the target.  Judging by the amount of “fact checking” flak”, Dr. Wolf is certain she is over the target.

Could all of this exhausting and tiresome censorship, and this un-American blowback, mean that, as we expose rigorously, with primary documentation, the reproductive damage via mRNA vaccines to women and babies, and to men— we appear to be over the biggest target of all?

Is this the real purpose of the vaccines?  Do the Malthusian lunatics in Government want to prevent women from having babies?  Is this why governments were so desperate to get a needle in every arm?

For at least the last decade activists have discussed a fictitious war on women at every opportunity.  Every piece of information or statistic that could be taken out of context was used as proof that society was waging war on 51% of the population.  Now we have a real war on women, waged by our government, and these same activists are mute.  How much longer will men allow their wives and daughters to be injured by government?  It is way past time for men to stand up and protect their families.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The sad thing is that so many women are unwittingly part of this war on women. I was lucky that my wife understood the evidence and was on-side with keeping our whole family safe. I had at one time also convinced my parents to be cautious and wait to see if the jab worked or not. But my sister is a nurse and she therefore had the upper hand in the situation because she was a healthcare provider and knew much more than a simple engineering type scientist. My mother had a blackout a few days after her second shot and fell and received a serious concussion from which she is still recovering.. So no matter how much some men try to protect their families, it is not always possible. You can’t protect someone from themselves.

    I also agree with the last tweet. The regret profile is 100% asymmetrical.

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