Why are the Alarm bells silent?

It is normal for more people to die in the winter flu season than in the summer.  Even in light flu years more people will still die in the winter than the summer.  Excess deaths are deaths over and above what can be expected and takes in to account higher expected deaths during winter.  Summer deaths tend to be stable and predictable.  Winter deaths are very dependent on how bad the flu season is.  The extreme variability of winter flu seasons and the stability of summer mean that excess deaths if they happen, will all happen in the winter.  There are very few excess deaths in a normal summer.

If you plot cumulative excess deaths for a bad flu year you should see a sharp increase during the winter, no increase in the summer, and possibly another increase at the end of the year as winter approaches again.  That is exactly what we saw in 2020.

Even though government policy turned a benign virus deadly we still saw the same pattern.  All of the excess deaths happened during cold and flu season.  Government was able to increase the body count but that did not change the shape of the curve.

If you work in government, and your objective is to kill the largest number of people, the lack of excess deaths during the summer months (weeks 18 to 40) is a significant lost opportunity.  Even with government help Mother Nature just won’t kill enough people.  That’s why in 2021 Government turned to big Pharma for help and things have not been normal since.  The plot below is European excess deaths in 2021.

Vaccines caused significant excess deaths during the summer months of 2021.  The situation in 2022 is even worse.  Now that people are on their 3rd or 4th shot the bodies in the summer are accumulating even faster than they did in 2021.

Last winter was a lower than normal cold and flu season yet excess deaths in Europe are now higher than they were at this time in either 2020 or 2021.  The excess deaths due to COVID were front page news for over a year.  The vaccines have now produced more excess deaths than COVID and the media is completely silent.  The only people discussing this are independent journalists and bloggers.

COVID was not an emergency until the government blundered in and made it an emergency.  We are currently in the middle of an even larger emergency; again caused by government.  The bodies are piling up at an alarming rate.  The Alarm bells should be ringing off the wall everywhere yet no one is talking about it.

Greta Thunberg need not worry.  Climate changes will not cause our extinction.   A lethal combination of government, apathy, and pure stupidity will finish us long before the climate will.