Will the Investigation find the obvious Crime?

By now many people have heard Pfizer admitted to the European parliament the vaccines were never tested to determine if they would stop transmission.


Facts never get in the way of politicians or media though, so we were bombarded with propaganda informing us the jabs would end the pandemic.  Vaccine shaming became the norm.  If you did not submit to the jab you were putting everyone at risk.  The right thing to do if you are a good and moral person is to take the jab.

It is a testament to the collective stupidity of western society that this argument ever took root.  If the Jabs worked as advertised, un-jabbed people were no threat to anyone other than those who had already chose to accept the risk of being vaccinated.  By using this argument, the government was loudly declaring that they did not expect the jabs to prevent transmission yet the average person was unable to understand that simple strand of logic.

There is an undeniable truth about the Jabs that most people still will not accept.  The Jabs are not vaccines.  They are an experimental treatment that has failed 100% of the time in the lab which explains why they have not been used before.  There are no guarantees with any new medical procedure especially one with such a poor lab track record.

When the Jabs were first made available, governments had no reason to believe that they would stop transmission.  They did not even have reason to believe the jabs would be any benefit.  There was certainly no reason to force anyone to be jabbed.  Not only did government force people to take an experimental treatment they purchased more doses than they needed to jab everyone; a lot more.

The European Union purchased 8 doses for every citizen including infants.  Why would you purchase 3.8 billion doses for 450 million people when you did not know if the treatments would work?  If you thought they would work why would you purchase more than the prescribed 2 dose regimen?  Finally someone has gotten around to asking the questions that should have been asked when these contracts were signed in 2020.  The European public prosecutor’s office has decided to investigate the COVID vaccine contracts.

It should not be difficult to uncover what is obviously fraud.  Still I have my doubts.  This could just be part of the propaganda.  The prosecutors could pretend to investigate and then announce they found no criminal maleficence.  Politicians would then use this non-investigation to shut down critics.  The left often uses this tactic.  In the US the media shuts down election fraud allegations saying the courts have already dealt with the matter and found no fraud.  That is a lie.  The courts have refused to hear the cases and allow the evidence in to open court.  They refuse to let this happen because they know what they will find and they do not want to be responsible for the fall out.  Some judges are participating in the fraud while others are just cowards.

I still hold out hope that this is not just another whitewashing.  I have hope because the European Union has something that Canada does not.  They have a handful of honest MPs, like this Dutch MEP, who show no signs of backing down.  What happened was criminal and people need to be punished.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    All great points. I would add that nobody needs to be forced to take something that has obvious benefit. If the jab protected you from the most deadly disease since the Black Death, the government would not need to cajole, convince, compel or coerce anyone to take it. The very fact that the government felt it necessary to take these actions alone proves that it doesn’t work.

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