Kudos to Ron DeSantis

Regular readers of this blog know that I am very critical of politicians.  Truthfully I believe politicians are the lowest form of life in the universe.  My opinions about politicians have been molded by decades of observations.  In my experience very few problems are not caused by politicians.  Even problems not caused by politicians are eventually made worse by politicians.  As Ronald Reagan said government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.

It might seem odd that I disparage politicians and then quote one.  The point is that politics is not exclusive to sociopaths, in rare instances responsible reasonable people have held office.  These people are rare and in 2022 they are almost non-existent but I must give credit where credit is due.  Ron DeSantis deserves a standing ovation.

Hurricane Ian was only 2 weeks ago and the power is already back on.  Roads have been cleared and bridges have been rebuilt.  Life is quickly returning to normal in Florida.  I personally would like to thank Ron DeSantis not just for his efforts but also for proving me right.  On the day that hurricane Ian hit Florida I wrote this.

Severe events in poor countries kill thousands and take decades to recover from.  These same severe events in wealthy countries kill dozens and take weeks to recover from.  Wealth is the key so we should never do anything that destroys wealth.  Climate change policies destroy wealth.  They are the exact wrong thing to do if you want to save human life.

Because of the quick response in Florida only dozens died and essential services have returned in less than 2 weeks.  Things could have been far worse.  I know that because there are plenty of examples when they have been much worse under similar circumstances.

There is one thing I neglected on September 28th it does not just take wealth it also takes competent leadership.  Any fool can spend money.  Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden do that every day.  Wealth is useless if it is squandered.  Louisiana has comparable wealth to Florida but when Katrina hit people were stranded for more than a month and it took 40 days to restore power.  Democrat Governor Kathleen Marie Blanco, was completely unprepared to handle an emergency.

Ron DeSantis was supremely prepared.  Maybe it was his military training or maybe as a conservative he simply spends his time with reality rather than ideological visions of how the world should be.  Either way what Ron DeSantis did is certainly an anomaly by current standards.  This is the first disaster I can remember where the government helped more people than the Cajun Navy.

In previous disasters, including Katrina, the Cajun Navy was done saving people before the government even mobilized.  The Cajun Navy arrived before the useless politicians finished their press conferences.  Conferences that were called to shift the blame to anyone or anything rather than themselves.  Ass covering was prioritized over helping people.

Even though most are, politicians don’t need to be useless sociopaths.  Ron DeSantis is proof of that.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    You are so correct on all fronts. Ronald Reagan was an excellent President precisely because he understood that government was incompetent and disfunctional. And the bigger the government, the worse it gets. His biggest gift to the world was slightly reducing the size of government. Ron Desantis may make a great President.

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