Joh Ibbitson, Climate Change Disinformation Specialist

This video clip is not new but that does not matter because the truth is timeless.


This will come as quite a surprise to most Canadians but the climate change gurus have been lying to you for decades.  The theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is not supported by either data or by 97% of scientists.  The earth has been warm at low CO2 and cold at High CO2.  In hard sciences when the data does not match the theory you change the theory.  In climate science they change the data.  The purpose of Climate science is not to advance our understanding of nature it is to manipulate public opinion.  Climate science is nothing more than political science.

The reality is that the earth is a very dynamic system.  Climate always has and always will change.  We will always have severe storms like Atlantic Canada saw this weekend and buying an EV will not change that one bit.  We need to grow up and realize that we cannot control the weather but we can control how much damage it does.

Severe events in poor countries kill thousands and take decades to recover from.  These same severe events in wealthy countries kill dozens and take weeks to recover from.  Wealth is the key so we should never do anything that destroys wealth.  Climate change policies destroy wealth.  They are the exact wrong thing to do if you want to save human life.

So why don’t Canadian’s know that climate change is normal and that poverty is the real killer?  Well the answer was in the video.  We don’t know because the media refuses to tell us.  The media likes to portray themselves as fearless truth seekers.  In reality they are just another sub-genre of political science.  Reporters, especially Canadian reporters, use their pulpits to advance the interest of politicians that the support.

John Ibbitson is a Canadian journalist.  Like most Canadian journalists he is a Trudeau fan boy.  These are uncomfortable times for Trudeau Fan Boys.  Too many people are willing to listen to Pierre Poilievre’s economic message.  Not to worry though John Ibbitson has been cultivating the climate change lie for years just such an occasion.  In the last 2 weeks this enormously dishonest man has used climate change twice to attack Pierre Poilievre.

John Ibbitson wants you to know that Pierre Poilievre is not the best choice for prime minister because he will not destroy our economy in a vain attempt to control the weather.  Humans are not gods.  We cannot control the weather by raising taxes.  We cannot control the weather but we can improve the planet.  It is not hard.  The first step is to ignore and ridicule people like John Ibbitson.