It is hard to wage war without Soldiers

Since the start of the Ukraine war Western Globalists have been itching to throw their hat in to the ring.  Up until now their involvement has been limited to sending arms to the Ukraine but make no mistake they want boots on the ground.  For months leaders in the west have been stoking hatred towards Russia to condition their citizens for a formal declaration of war.  These idiots are just itching for an excuse to send your children to die in the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is a war that should never have happened.  In 2013 the Ukraine had peace with Russia.  President Viktor Yanukovych had given Russia what they wanted; access to a naval base on the Black Sea.  In return the Ukraine would receive discounted natural gas for the duration of the lease (32 years).  Yanukovych also declined to join the EU so that the EU rules would not impinge on trading with Russia.  Russia was the Ukraine’s largest trading partner and joining the EU would have negatively impacted both economies.

All of this peace and cooperation with Russia did not sit well with western globalists.  To them Putin was the world’s boogie man.  Putin is an ardent nationalist who will not cooperate with the great reset.  You can’t have a world government in Davos when the country with the largest stock pile of nukes will not join.  The great Rest crowd wanted Putin gone and they did not care how many Ukrainians had to die for them to get what they want.  Obama’s CIA financed a Coup to get rid of Yanukovych and install a puppet that would destroy relations with Russia.

So here we are today.  The great reset crowd got the war that they wanted and this weekend we may have taken a step closer to boots on the ground.  There are rumors of a coup in China.  These Rumors have been fueled by the disappearance of president Xi.  He has not been seen since returning from a trip to Uzbekistan.  If this is true, and China gets a new leader who withdraws support for Russia, there will be Canadian troops in the Ukraine faster than you can say “Trudeau is a national embarrassment”.

There is a bit of a problem with sending troops, however.  Canada’s military is short of personnel.  Since lifting some of the COVID restrictions recruitment is way down.  Even offering signing bonuses has not been enough to fill the empty positions.  The government and the media are mystified by the sudden lack of interest in the Canadian military.  This is par for the course for both institutions.  They are always mystified about the origins of problems they cause.  To put it bluntly, Canada under Trudeau is simply not worth fighting for.

Are you surprised young people won’t fight for a country that that denied them their rights and employment opportunities for 2 years? It does not surprise me because I feel exactly the same.  I am too old for a military career but my son is not and I would not want him to join; especially if they wanted to send him to the Ukraine.

My enemies are not in the Ukraine or in Russia.  My enemies are in Davos, Ottawa, and Edmonton.  Had my enemies kept their nose out of the Ukraine’s business there would not be a war in Ukraine right now.  I have great sympathy for the people of the Ukraine.  They are suffering now because the great Reset Crowd needs them to suffer to forward their own selfish agenda.  I want no part in it and it seems young Canadians don’t either.