The Un-jabbed are the Heroes of this Tale

A Friend sent me an article yesterday.  This video is embedded in the article.

The last data is from June because that is when government stopped tracking hospitalization, illness and deaths by vaccine status.  As I pointed out on this blog, government did this because the data was getting embarrassing.  In Dr. Hoffe’s words this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

The COVID vaccines have not just made the situation worse in Canada.  The chart below is data from New South Wales in Australia.

Dr. Hoffe pointed out that the boosters make the situation worse which is also clear from the Australian data.  Each time you get Jabbed your health deteriorates. This data is very problematic for government.  Pfizer’s kickbacks are contingent on continued use of boosters.  How do you get people to take boosters when the data shows you are far better off not being vaccinated?  The solution of course was to cover up the truth.

This truth has come to light thanks to the unvaccinated.  If everyone had complied and taken all their shots on schedule we would never know the damage the jabs have done.  This was an enormous experiment.  The only way to judge the success of an experiment is to compare to a control group.  In this case unvaccinated were the control group.

Without the unvaccinated the government could claim the vaccines still worked.  They could say things would have been worse without vaccines and it would be impossible to prove them wrong.  That was the point of vaccine mandates and passports.  Governments desperately wanted to remove the control group.  Their game plan was clear to me in August of 2021 when I said this about the real purpose of the mandates.

Instead of calling a halt to this grotesque experiment, government is trying to cover up the failure.  They are trying to eliminate the control group with Vaccine mandates and coercion.  If the control group can be eliminated their guilt cannot be proven.  Right now governments are behaving like mob bosses.  Eliminating witnesses before the trial can start.

The amount of effort governments put in to removing the control group is an indication they knew the jabs were likely harmful.  We cannot let them get away with this criminal conspiracy.